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Found 11 results

  1. This will include my life. Posting about games, trips that I take. My wonderful time with my son among other things. Spent the day with my son watch NCAA basketball games. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing how well my son turned out. He is a big fan of March Madness. We have 3 screens in the man cave to watch multiple games. Still workin on 7 more clean up games that were added to my account. Will be down to 5 in another week or so. Tomorrow is some girlfriend time with some gaming mixed in. So nice she enjoys watching the trophy journey.
  2. It says in the guide that if your lucky you can get a bounty from a NPC from stealing a car I got it and received a $1000 bounty on me. Yet I never got a call from Lester (unless I did 1st time round as this is 3rd time I've had it on me) and I've drove around for 30 real life mins so far and nothing no one comes after me at all and still hasn't unlocked I'm level 29 as well.
  3. Hi guys, I understand everyone's life isnt perfect, so I decided to start this thread. Do you have a problem in life? I am sure a member has experienced the same problem here, and we are all a community so lets share! By posting, another member will be kind enough to solve it for you! EDIT: Some people were wondering the size of the problems to post here. If it's troubling you, you post it. The problem can be big or small. Because the problems may be big or small, please don't poke fun at any of them. If people post it on here, they want some sort of advice, or they think posting it would help. Writing it out helps and maybe someone reading it halfway across the world reading it helps. I'll start: I have a crush on this popular girl at my school (I am kinda in the middle for popularity) and to add to that, my friend likes the same person, also. I have no athletic ability whatsoever (I do own games like FN tho) but my friend is a little better than me. I know that girl drools over that guy that shows off at sports stuff. That guy isn't me. Anyway, I have 3 super great advantages: 1) My friend is moving to France 2) My locker is next to hers 3) I am a super genius at school stuff (Straight As) What should I do?? Oh and I am in middle school BTW
  4. Hi. I just finished warrior and i'm going to begin mentor. During warrior I upgraded all the weapons till level 3 except the Tonfa and the Scythe. What would happen in chapter challenge if I upgrade now those two weapons and leave the Claws and Vigorian Flail at level 2? Could I get all the weapons to level 3? by the way I have only found 17 LOTG and 9 LOTTG. I'm missing one LOTG? and; Could it be that the last LOTTG did not upgrade my life bar? Is this OK? Thanks in advance
  5. I know this is already been done but it's cool. (B)Lover-Get Your First Girlfriend/Boyfriend. (B)Look What I Can Do.-Learn To Swim 25 Meters. (B)Blondes Are Fit-Snog a Blonde Girl/Boy. (B)I Love Video Games-Play 50 Video Games. (B)Music Lover-Listen To 100 Songs (Start To Finish) (B)Sport Lover-Participate In 5 Races. (B)Friendly-Make Someone Bleed. (B)True Friend-Make Your First Best Friend. (B)I LOVE BEER-Get Drunk 5 Times. (B)Watch Your Language-Swear At A Teacher. (B)Independent-Move Out Of Your Parents House. (B)It's A Thingy-Buy A Car You Don't Know The Name Of. (B)Sat The SATS-Take Your SATS Test. (B)I'm Big Now-Start High School. (B)Manners First-Say Please/Thank You 50 Times. (B)Speachless-Get Flashed. (B)Now Who's Speachless-Flash Someone. (B)Can We Go Now?-Walk 5 Miles In 1 Go. (B)My Bum's Num-Ride 10 Miles On A Bicycle. (B)Awww Congrats-Atend A Wedding. (B)Intresting-Atend A Court Case. (B)Good Bye-Atend A Family Mamber's Funeral. (B)Man's Best Buddy-Get Your First Dog. (B)Pussy-Get Your First Cat. (B)A War-Have Both A Cat And A Dog At Once. Silvers (S)Naughty-Be Pulled Over By The Police 5 Times. (S)Traveller-Go Abroad. (S)Next Big Step-Ask Your Girlfriend To Move In With You. (S)Virgin No More-Have Sex For The First Time. (S)Uh Oh-Get Your Partner Pregnant. (S)Oh Man-Crash Your Car. (S)Drugee-Take Drugs For The 1st Time. (S)GTA-Join The Police Force. (S)Big Owner-Own Your Own Business. Golds (G)A Boy-Have A Son. (G)A Girl-Have A Daughter. (G)Welcome To Marriage-Get Married. Platinum. (P)Life-Earn Every Other Trophy.
  6. Tell us what you do for a living. Anything from white collar to big baller. And if your not afraid, post up the numbers it brings. I myself, expand and mold styrofoam. Been doing it for a year and a half now. Currently making $11.85 an hour, started at $10. Next raise coming in Feburary. I get all my health benefits paid for by the company with "Benefit Dollars" they give me every 2 weeks (tax free). I also get a monthly bonus that is based on how well I and 3 other workers in my department do our job. I'm sure you think making styrofoam sounds boring but it pays the bills. I take care of my woman, a 4 year old girl, 3 year old girl and a 14 month old baby. I'm only 23.
  7. I tried to search for a thread about this, but I couldn't any, so I'll just continue. So while I was just playing my PS3 as usual, I thought about one thing: Is this what I should really be doing now and in the future? What is my true purpose in this world? What is my role? Do I enjoy my life as it is and live it up, or do I help others in their struggle? All these questions have suddenly just been popping out of my mind while I thought about this. In fact, what should we really be doing with only temporary lives that we have? Already, humanity is still fighting with itself, so is it pointless to do anything, or is it best to create peace, balance, and harmony? To sum it up, what is the meaning of life? Since I couldn't truly think of some sort of simple answer, I wanted to know what you guys thought about this.
  8. When I say Daily Life I mean what's the everyday thing you do apart from brushing teeth and cleaning habits. Like do you usually take a jog or walk the dog? Mines would have to be studying, I usually waste most of my life studying or playing video games lol if I'm not doing neither I'm either sleep.
  9. 5pb. Games Develops Re:Zero Video Game - News - Anime News Network
  10. It's like the complete opposite of Otoboku Hakuoki Spinoff For Vita Is Set In High School - Siliconera
  11. Wouldn't it be awesome if we got trophies in real life for doing random things, like getting a bronze called "99 more left to go" for drinking a beer, or a silver for learning to tie our shoes as a kid, or getting a gold for going to the gym every weekday without missing a day for a year or getting a plat called "College Conqueror" for getting all trophies while attending college.
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