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  1. http://i.imgur.com/3DJ2Qz6.png Overview:
 Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating) Offline: 51 (1 , 1 , 14 , 35 ) Online: 0
 Approximate amount of time to : 100+ hours (Estimated Time to Platinum) Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
 Number of missable trophies: Oblivion Walker, War Hero (potentially, see the trophy for more info), With Friends Like These..., Bound Until Death, Hail Sithis! Glitched trophies: None Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available. Do trophies stack? They sure do. The PS4 remaster is an additional trophy list. PS4 Note: Using mods on the PS4 remaster will disable trophies. Introduction/Walkthrough: Welcome to Skyrim, the biggest RPG of the year and one of the most rewarding experiences you're ever likely to have on consoles. Let’s get started! You want a Platinum Trophy from this game, huh? Prepare yourself for a long and arduous ride. It's not a hard trophy list in any way, shape or form but there are a few trophies that could take you anywhere in the region of 150-200 hours – namely the level 50 trophy. Everything else will come along the way if you do all the main questlines and visit a ton of places. So, you want two Platinum Trophies? Well aren't you in luck because there is an additional trophy list for the PS4 version. If you want to run this marathon again, have at it because you can!! Where do I start? The truth is, you can start wherever the hell you want. If you want to start by doing the main questline, go ahead. If you want to start by doing the Thieves Guild, carry on. What I would say though is that when you’re working through the game and whatever else you do around Skyrim, keep one eye on a few of the cumulative trophies (like collecting 100,000 gold, reading 50 skill books and picking 50 pockets & 50 locks), other than that, just do what you want and consult this guide when you need more guidance on how and when to do something. Oh and remember to persuade, bribe, and intimidate someone whilst in game… theoretically, if you do hundreds of quests, only sticking to one, you could miss this. Supremely unlikely, but true. NOTE: Now, I’m not sure what happens if you kill a major questline giver, like the leader of the Thieves Guild or the leader of the Dark Brotherhood or even if you can, so try not to. The Radiant Storytelling system should offer new quest givers, but we didn't find ourselves in that position. What about those missable trophies? Oblivion Walker, for getting 15 Daedric artefacts is the only one missable, which we discovered after extensive testing. This is basically because in these 16 quests you need to obtain the artefact in 15 of them, and some of them you can come away without it. So take heed and keep an eye on these artefacts - anything that involves a shrine or some other-worldly spirit of power, take heed. There are only a handful of those that result in no Daedric artefact, but you only need to get 2 wrong and you're out of luck. Additionally see the War Hero trophy for information on it being potentially missable. 4/4/2013 Update: Because of recent patches, the issue with The One With Shadows has been fixed and is no longer missable. Thanks to Xortin for the heads up. The Dark Brotherhood trophies are potentially missable if you kill Astrid in the cabin and choose to "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood." So, is there anything else about the PS3 Ultimate Edition and PS4 Remaster? Well, what do you know, there is. Here's the thing. Both of those come with the three DLC's on the disk. Unfortunately, as they tend to do, vampires really screw things up. Their indiscriminate bloodsucking can kill NPC's that may also hold questlines. Until you're level 10 though, there is smooth sailing. After that though, it's best to do Dawnguard and shut them down. While we're here, can I have links to the DLC guides? Since I'm in a giving mood, you sure can. Thanks to Darth_Krid for writing those. Dawnguard Hearthfire Dragonborn Is there anything else? Well, no, not really. The beauty with Skyrim's trophy list is that you can just enjoy your time with the game, from start to finish, without fear of missing any trophies along the way. There are a few trophies that are tricky unless you know how, things like marriage and activating the Dark Brotherhood for one. There’s also some neat tricks on how to get many of the game’s more arduous trophies and clarification on others. At the end of the day though, enjoy yourself. That level 50 trophy is going to take you some time! 
 Good luck and enjoy your time in Skyrim. It’s a blast! And if you need help finding a location, check out this reference map, courtesy of gamebanshee.com.
  2. http://i.imgur.com/CVn1Txt.png Banner by Haptism Welcome to the Battlefield: Bad Company boosting guide. This game is one of, if not the hardest FPS platinum to tackle due to the insane online requirements. It's also one of the hardest multiplayer games to boost, so yeah, you're in for one hell of a time with it. **ANNOUNCEMENT** ******************** I'm very happy to announce that the Catch the Bad Moment trophy is once again obtainable! We have no idea yet what exactly has happened, but the photo upload function works again, numerous members and myself on 2 accounts have tested it and it uploads pictures perfectly fine and unlocks the trophy, as of April 1, 2015 (yeah talk about irony...). So people that have been putting it off because of the unobtainable trophy, get boostin', it's up again! ******************** For a brief introduction about what you're looking at: Few miscellaneous, simpler online trophies, a longer one being awarded for reaching Rank 25, which you will get early while working on your awards and kills. These shouldn't take you more than 15-20 hours. 120 awards for the I am Bad Company! trophy, consisting of 42 ingame trophies, 48 patches and 30 wildcards. This is the hardest part and it'll take you at least 60-70, but rather 100+ hours to get them all. 10,002 kills online for the Beans Bullets Bandages trophy. This will be likely your last trophy and it's the longest one. Assuming you're okay at shooters, with an average of 10-15 kills per match and an average round time of 10-12 minutes, you should be looking at 150-200 hours of online gaming for this trophy. Few abbreviations that will be regularly used later on: IAR: In a round CQ: Conquest GR: Gold Rush With that being clear, let's get started. Preparation This guide is written with the assumption that you're going to boost all of the difficult awards in the game. So before anything, you should know how many boosting partners you will need for them. At least 5, but rather 9 partners for the Strike wildcard (5 kills in 2 seconds). Further explanation later in the guide. 4 partners for the Full Deck wildcard (52 kills IAR). More details in the guide. 2 partners for the Savior/Avenger kill related awards and the Squad Wildcard. 1 partner for everything else. Now for how exactly boosting works: very, very, extremely complicated. This game has no matchmaking or host settings of any kind. There are 2 modes: Gold Rush and Conquest, each with 8 maps. You can set your mode and map, and search for a game. That's as far as matching up goes. You cannot host, you cannot kick players, you cannot switch teams. The only way to boost in this game is setting up squads of up to 4 players and trying to match up with another squad of 4 players in the same server. This is already troublesome, but that's just the beginning. Empty servers are 99% impossible to create in this game at this date. It was possible in 2008/2009 when there were multiple lobbies with a lot of people so randoms coming online would always get put in those, then when those servers filled to 12v12 you'd search for a server and it'd create a new one, since you can't join the servers when they're full. But this simply doesn't happen today, from 2014 onwards. There are only 2 MP modes and both modes only have 1, max 2 lobbies going at a time. So even if you somehow manage to get an empty server, randoms fill it in minutes because there's no other lobbies for them to join in. To make things worse, today the community online consists of: 1. pros who have been playing the game for years, 2. teamkilling noobs who rage & get pissed off by the previously mentioned pros, and 3. noobs who quit after few rounds anyway. With all this being said, the awards are still completely possible to do, but very hard even if you're boosting. The ideal time to boost is from GMT 1AM until about 8-9AM, at this time the game is a little less active, giving you a chance to find smaller lobbies (in the range of 3v3 to 6v6), and have an actual chance to travel to hidden areas on maps and boost with your partners. I don't recommend boosting at any other time than this, you'll usually be put in 12v12 lobbies full of experts and you'll just waste time. Rather work on your 10,002 kills legitemately at those more active times. With everything set, you can start working on your online awards. Do not worry about the rest of the online trophies, you'll get all of them while going for the awards and later your 10,002 kills. Awards A very important basic notice: When certain awards have a cumulative and an IAR requirement, do not bother working on the IAR one before you have the cumulative. It won't register as done before you have the cumulative. For example, killing 5 helicopter IAR before having killed 25 cumulatively for the Chopper Chopper wildcard will not work. Think of the IAR requirement as the popping action for an award: there's a cumulative requirement which is the award's main part, then you have to perform the IAR requirement to actually unlock the award. This is how they work. I'm not going to list every award here as a good bit of them can be gotten by normal/legit MP playing while working on your 10,002 kills online. These include kills with certain weapons, kills with all the classes/vehicles and so on. Do not concentrate on these much as they're done naturally in your online career. I will however give boosting tips and strategies for each and every difficult award. Some are simply impossible to do in legit matches (say hi to Strike and Savior wildcards) and require 100% boosting. Here's the list of hard awards I'm going to describe. The ones I've bolded are the ones I consider impossible or nearly impossible by legit playing. Make them your #1 priority. Wildcards: 1 on 1 Sea Beat the House Cab Driver Chopper Chopper Deuces are Wild Five of a Kind (also unlocks the "Three of a Kind" wildcard.) Full Deck Full House Headshots Fly-by Santa's Little Helper Savior (you'll unlock the bronze/silver/gold saviour patches along the way to this wildcard.) Snake Eyes Squad Avenger (you'll unlock the "Avenger" wildcard on the way, and you'll also more than likely unlock the bronze/silver/gold Avenger patches.) Squad Wildcard Staying Dry Straight Flush Strike Tank Buster (you'll also get the "Armor Buster" wildcard by doing this one.) Top Squad Patches: Bronze/Silver/Gold Combat Aviator Patch (you'll get the "1 on 1 Air" wildcard by doing these patches as well.) Bronze/Silver/Gold Tank Warfare Patch (you'll get the "1 on 1 Land" wildcard by doing these patches as well.) Trophies: Clear Skies
  3. As you play, you'll find a guide isn't really necessary. In case you need one, I wrote it as I platted this game. Good hunting! Sparkplug Locations: Sprint 1: Impossible to miss, all are in the middle of the track. Academy Challenge 1: Again, you can't miss them. They were made to be found. Hudson Student Run: The first one is somewhat hidden, in the first area where there are directional arrows, to the right. The last two are on the left side of the raceway, you'll see them and have both by lap 2 or 3 Smash Up 1: The spark plugs will require you to jump to get them. Use the left joystick, hold it down then flip it up. Timing right, you will get these easily. Road Race 1: One plug is just after the tunnel, one is on the right path when you have the choice of it or the large ramp, and one you must jump to get near the end of the lap as you ramp up in the air. Road Race 2: 5 laps, all three plugs are easy to get and with 5 chances, you'll have them with no effort. Academy Challenge 2: The first plug is simple, the second is in an alternate route through the city area, where you go over green safety cones. The third sparkplug is on the boardwalk at the beach, an alternate route too. Candice's Glam Tour: The first two are in detours in the canyon, with green safety cones. The third requires you to jump while ramping onto the beach. Trophies (In the order I got them) Monster Truck Mayhem 2: The first two require you to jump, the third requires you to be very close to the left side during a sharp turn. Smash Up 2: Hit the ramp for the first, jump off of another ramp for the second and the third, which is on the ground, will probably require a slight jump to get too. Off Road Race: Plug 2 requires you to jump before the edge of the drop-off, but the other two are on the track and can't be missed. Off Road Race 2: The only hidden one is inside of the gate. The other two are on the track. Academy Challenge 3: The ones you don't get on the first lap, you will see and can take alternate routes to get the second play through. Match Up: One you have to jump to get at the large ramp at the beginning, one is in the gated area, one is on the far left steep ramp when there are three paths right before the finish line. Monster Truck Mayhem 3: Easy track, all three spark plugs are in the open and virtually can't be missed. Road Race 3: The first is to an alternate path right after you begin, on the left. The second is an alternate path midway in the track and the third requires you to jump over a ramp near the finish line. The first requires you to take an alternate path marked with green cones to the left, the second requires you to jump at a hill. The third is a bit more tricky, you must ramp at an angle to a small platform with a fence and the plug in front of it. Jumping may not be necessary, just hug the left side of the road right up until you are about to get air, then aim right. Academy Challenge 4: The first two you must jump on hills to get, the third is an alternate path through green cones. All easy. Stinger's Stir Up: One is on the roof tops you must take the steep ramp to get on top of, one is on the raised concrete in the tunnel (jump on it to get), and the third is to the left of an intersection when you must go right. An alternate route may put it in your path, but I just drove through it and rejoined the race. Bubba's Bucket Bash: Since this level can be a bit of a pain, you may want to get the plugs, restart from the start menu, and do the race. All three, however, are in the open and easy to get. Sprint 2: Easy plugs, all out in the open. Reunion Rundown: All are easy, as is the race. None are hidden.
  4. Death By Disco Use the Groovitron on every type of enemy. THIS TROPHY IS HIGHLY MISSABLE! Most enemies don't respawn and there's only one single specimen of some of them in the entire game (such as bosses). Throw the Groovitron at EVERY enemy group you encounter. If you die use the Groovitron again to be safe. There are multiple versions of some enemies (for example 4 different Warbots that have only visual differences). There is no way to get this trophy on the first playthrough because you get the Groovitron too late in the game. You will have to go into Challenge Mode (essentially New Game+) and use the Groovitron from the start. You keep your weapons when starting challenge mode. You may also enable cheats. Cheats are unlocked by finding all the Gold Bolts and can be turned on in the Extras menu. I enabled all of them and got the trophy anyway. The game doesn't tell you which enemies you have found. So you need to be very careful not to miss anything. If you don't get the trophy you must do another challenge mode run. Your progress carries over to challenge mode (thanks for whatnow for confirming this). So if you know which enemy you missed you only need to disco that one. #1 - Veldin: Honry Toad #2 - Veldin: Flamethrower Robot #3 - Veldin: Glowing Slug #4 - Veldin: Small Blarg Shooter #5 - Veldin: Dropship #6 - Veldin: Warbot (Version 1) #7 - Novalis: Robot Bird (Peckbot) #8 - Novalis: Yellow Grenade Launcher Robot #9 - Kerwan: Robot Dog (Kerwan Version) #10 - Kerwan: Big Blarg Shooter #11 - Kerwan: Helicopter #12 - Kerwan: Green Tentacle on Train #13 - Aridia: Sandshark #14 - Aridia: Sandshark Nest (Green Plant) #15 - Aridia: Constructobot #16 - Rilgar: Extermibot #17 - Rilgar: Tank (Rilgar Version) #18 - Rilgar: Large Amoeboid #19 - Rilgar: Medium Amoeboid #20 - Rilgar: Small Amoieboid #21 - Rilgar: Pool Shark (On Floor / Not Swimming) #22 - Rilgar: Pool Shark (Swimming) #23 - Nebula G34: Green Horned Toad #24 - Nebula G34: Alien Shooter #25 - Nebula G34: Brown Lizard (Snapper Version 1) #26 - Nebula G34: Alien Lizard (Snapper Version 2) #27 - Nebula G34: Snagglebeast (Boss) #28 - Gaspar: Robot Dogs (Gaspar Version) #29 - Gaspar: Turret Shooter #30 - Gaspar: Flying Dinosaur #31 - Gaspar: Small Red Robot with Blades #32 - Gaspar: Robot Assembly Bot #33 - Gaspar: Warbot (Version 2 with Jetpack) #34 - Gaspar: Killer Crab #35 - Gaspar: Telepathropus (Gaspar Version) #36 - Batalia: Blarg Bomb Thrower #37 - Batalia: Tank (Batalia Version) #38 - Quartu: Zurkon #39 - Quartu: Mrs. Zurkon (Boss) #40 - Pokitaru: Puffer Fish #41 - Pokitaru: Telepathopus (Pokitaru Version) #42 - Deplanetizer: Blarg Jetpack Shooter #43 - Deplanetizer: Dog with Glowing Eyes #44 - Deplanetizer: Tank (Deplanetizer Version) #45 - Kalebo III: Warbot (Version 3, Red Color with Jetpack) #46 - Deplanetizer: Warbot (Version 4, Yellow Color) #47 - Deplanetizer: Qwark (Boss) #48 - Deplanetizer: Dr. Nefarious
  5. Header Image By Savenger Overview: Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 4.1/10 Offline: 57 (1, 2, 4, 50) Online: 0 Missable trophies: None Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+ Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 15-20 hours. Do the trophies stack? Yes, the PS4 version has a separate trophy list. Introduction - Please Read this First As I'm sure everyone is now aware, Heavy Rain is not your typical game. The story is driven and changed by the choices that you make, resulting in a myriad of different scenes and endings, which makes collecting trophies a complicated affair. Having said that, this is not a game that should be played solely for trophies. As a result, if you have not played the game through to the end yet, I'll ask that you only read Step 1 of this road map. Once you have played through the game and received whatever trophies and ending you have earned, come back here and continue through the road map and guide for the rest of the trophies. There are a couple things to keep in mind before reading either the road map or the guide: 1. There are no missable trophies. Every chapter can be replayed in order to unlock the different endings and individual trophies. That being said, don't worry about going back and replaying chapters until you have beaten the game once. 2. The trophies aren't glitched. Of course there are exceptions, but for nearly everyone who plays the game, the trophies work fine. Some of the requirements for the trophies are complicated, the controls can be finicky at times, and the trophies don't unlock until the end of the chapter. Before you come in here crying glitch, make absolutely sure you've tried everything, and you've checked to see if other people have had the same problem. The Kamikaze trophy is a perfect example of a trophy that, while tricky, is not glitched. Step 1 - If you haven't played the game yet, only read this step This step is simple; all you need to do is go play the game. Experience the story however it unfolds, and make whichever choices that seem right to you. If something goes wrong, keep playing, rather than replaying the chapter. No matter how the game ends, you will unlock certain trophies, so just enjoy the game. If you want to focus on something, you can try to keep all the main characters alive, but if you don't, it can easily be fixed after the fact. Once you've played through to the credits, you can come back here for Step 2. Step 2 - Four Heroes/The Perfect Crime The first thing to do is to get the Four Heroes trophy if you haven't already. Provided your first playthrough wasn't a complete catastrophe, this won't take long to get. By following the guide, you'll need to make sure everyone makes it to the final scene alive. Once that's done, you can focus on getting the Perfect Crime trophy, and along the way, the Nerd trophy and the Trial Master trophy, if you haven't already done it. To do this, you'll need to replay the Crime Scene chapter to find all the clues with ARI (make sure you have auto save on here), and then play through the game again, starting at the Hassan's Shop chapter. Follow all of the steps in the Perfect Crime walkthrough, and for each of the Trials, be sure to complete them, if you haven't already, for the Trial Master trophy. When you reach the Mad Jack and Fish Tank scenes, follow the guide to find all the evidence needed, and in Solving the Puzzle, solve the mystery with the evidence in ARI. Once you complete the game after following the steps for The Perfect Crime, those three trophies should unlock. Step 3 - Missing Individual Trophies The next thing to take care of are any of the individual scene trophies you may have missed. In a lot of cases, you'll need to just replay a scene and make the opposite choice you did the first time around, or finding something in the scene you missed. In other cases, you'll need to complete a sequence perfectly, like Kamikaze, Ludwig Von, and Invincible Scott. There are two trophies you might want to get out of the way first: Happy Birthday and Kamikaze. In both cases, the scenes are fairly long, and they've given people some trouble. Check the trophy guide for both, but please keep in mind that Happy Birthday will not unlock until the beginning of Scott's chapter. Step 4 - The Rest of the Endings At this point, all you should be missing is the All Endings trophy. With the exception of a couple endings, you will only have to replay the game from the Killer's Place chapter onwards to see the rest of the endings. Check the guide for the criteria for each ending.
  6. Welcome to my Collectibles Guide for Axiom Verge 2! This guide goes hand-in-hand with my Trophy Guide HERE! This guide will detail the locations of all Lore, Health Nodes, Apocalypse Flasks, Arms, Weapons, and Items. For the Lore, I will list their locations and also the name of each note, so if you're unsure if you have the one listed or not, you can verify by checking the name. Health Nodes come in 2 forms: a Large Health Node and a Small Health Fragment. The large Nodes give you an extra health bar whereas the fragments need 5 collected to add a health bar. In this guide, the nodes are listed as "Health Node" and the fragments are listed as just "Health." Apocalypse Flasks come in 2 sizes: Small and Medium. They are abbreviated in the guide as "Flask Sm" and "Flask Md." The Small ones give you 1 skill point, and the Medium gives you 2. These are used to upgrade your character, and you will need some upgrades to access every collectible. More on that below. For the Arms, Weapons, and Items, these are listed by their name in the guide, but I will highlight them by type. Skill Upgrades: You will need to upgrade some skills in order to reach everything. The only skills you need to have upgraded are in the Infection Section. You will need to upgrade the Infection Level to the max, as well as the Infection Range. You can spend the rest of your Skill points however you want. I would highly suggest maxing out all Infection Skills and Drone Skills first though, as you probably won't even use the human form much after unlocking the drone! Note that some collectibles may be unattainable when you first enter an area, so if you're finding that you see a collectible but can't reach it, that's normal! Once you get the Upgrade "Tilhar" (the Phasing ability), everything will be obtainable at that point. I've tried writing the guide in a way so that the collectibles can be earned in that order while playing through the game, and each area is separated by name to make finding things easier. The Map has coordinates in place, making it very easy for me to detail where items are! The only exception is Antarctica (very beginning of the game), and The Emergence. Luckily there are only a couple collectibles in each area so they won't be hard to find. There are 4 areas that have collectibles: Antarctica Main Map The Breach The Emergence As such, the guide is split into 2 posts. The first is for Antarctica and the Main Map, the second is for The Breach and The Emergence. There is also a one-time area you go to called The Filter. It has no collectibles and is only used for story progression, so there is no section for it. One important note: There is a Lore entry in Antarctica. If you fail to collect it during that point, it will respawn in the Main Map at (42,8). So with that being the case, none of the collectibles are missable (Huge thanks to Optinooby on PSNP for clarifying this for me)! Please enjoy the guide and if there's anything out of place, please let me know so I can fix it!
  7. This Secret Locations Guide is the property of the writer and PST.org. This work and its contents cannot/may not be used anywhere else without written permission from the aforementioned parties. If you have found this guide or any other threads that I maintain useful and are compelled to join this forum as a consequence, please give me a referral upon signing up here! If you prefer a video guide, please check out Fivetin’s playlist: However, there will be direct video links to each Secret with the following image: Special thanks to Fivetin for allowing me to add his videos in the guide. There are a total of 34 Secret Areas to find throughout the game. Most missions contain at least 1 Secret. If you miss one Secret, you’ll have to play again, so it is important to play through and ensure you find each Secret. Be careful if you decide to use cheats, as there is a high probability of messing up and causing one of the Secrets to not count. It’s also important to note that there is a Secrets Save file, so be VERY careful not to delete it when you are making space for more saves. If you delete it, you’ll have to start all over again. If you have any questions about the trophy requirements, please refer to my Trophy Guide for more information. Following this guide will net you the following trophies: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/9388/9c2.jpg What's behind this door? Discover your first secret http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/9388/cf4.jpg Hide and secret Discover 10 secrets http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/9388/d71.jpg Force Sight Discover all secrets Table of Contents: Mission 1 – Kejim Post: 2 Secrets Mission 2 – Kejim Base: 3 Secrets Mission 3 – Artus Mine: 1 Secret Mission 4 – Artus Detention: 1 Secret Mission 5 – Artus Topside: 1 Secret Mission 7 – Yavin Trial: 1 Secret Mission 8 – Nar Shaddaa Streets: 6 Secrets Mission 9 – Nar Shaddaa Hideout: 7 Secrets Mission 10 – Nar Shaddaa Starpad: 3 Secrets Mission 11 – Bespin Undercity: 3 Secrets Mission 12 – Bespin Streets: 3 Secrets Mission 13 – Bespin Platform: 1 Secret Mission 14 – Cairn Bay: 1 Secret Mission 15 – Cairn Assembly: 1 Secret Mission 16 – Cairn Reactor: 1 Secret Mission 17 – Cairn Dock 1: 1 Secret Mission 18 – Doomgiver Communications: 3 Secrets Mission 19 – Doomgiver Detention: 3 Secrets Mission 20 – Doomgiver Shields: 1 Secret Mission 21 – Yavin Swamp: 2 Secrets Mission 22 – Yavin Canyon: 3 Secrets
  8. Not a member of the forum and found this guide useful? Why not sign up! If you do, please give ggamer15 or Vo1cl a referral. This guide may not be reproduced, copied, or posted on another site without the express permission of the guide author. If you find this guide posted on another site then please let the guide author or a playstationtrophies.org staff member know. Thank you. Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Personal), 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread) Offline trophies: 34 (17(B), 12(S), 4(G), 1(P)) Online trophies: 0 Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10 - 15 hours Minimum number of playthroughs: 2+ Number of missable trophies: None as you are required to play through the game twice. Glitched trophies: None Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings available Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No known cheats Introduction Welcome to Transistor, the new game from Supergiant Games, who previously developed Bastion. Transistor is a science-fiction based action-RPG, with a deep skill system that allows for a very varied customization of your battle style. This game features real time battles, but also includes a feature that allows you to cue up movement and attacks during fights, similar to VATS in the two newest Fallout games. Most of the trophies in Transistor are very straightforward, and will be earned just from playing through the game and using different variations of equipped function files. You must complete two full playthroughs of the game to get all the trophies, as there is one for completing a playthrough of the game in New Game +. Step 1: Complete the Story Run through the game for the first time and experience the story. While you are going through the game your first time, you want to make sure that you use each Function at least once in each of the active, upgrade, and passive slots (see Reveal() for more information). Makes sure to also use your limiters in at least one encounter once you unlock them so that you can get the information on them filled out. Depending on how comfortable you are with the game you can leave them on or go through the 5 encounters with 1 and 5 each equipped, but it isn’t necessary right away. Try to do each of the tests as well as they are unlocked for you, but if you don’t feel like doing them all or cannot beat some of them you can leave them for New Game + since not all of them are available until then anyway. At this end of this step you should earn: Drive() Reisz() Spine() Kendrell() Bracket() Anything() Everything() Bye() Bet() Dare() Search() Find() News() Stack() Align() Step 2: Recurse the Story (New Game+), complete all tests, reach level 24. Recursion is Transistor’s name for New Game +. You start from the very beginning of the game again but with the same level and unlocks. All previously completed tests are still complete, and you will also be able to complete the Agency tests after you beat the first boss again. In this playthrough you should be worrying about leveling up as much as possible, as well as completing the rest of the tests and completing 5 encounters with all 10 limiters equipped once you unlock them all. During this playthrough you should also leave all limiters on that you are comfortable using through the game so that you can boost your xp gain, which will prevent you from needing to grind more levels after the end of NG+. At the end of this step you should earn (if you haven’t already): Sandbox() Speed() Stability() Planning() Performance() Agency() Contest() Goodbye() Risk() Reveal() Process() Function() Limiter() User() Memory() Self() Focus() One() Step 3: Continue the story to clean up any trophies you might have missed If for whatever reason you have finished your Recurse run and still have not obtained the platinum, start a third playthrough to clean up any missing trophies. If you miss a trophy it will most likely be the one for reaching level 24, depending on how many limiters you use through your playthroughs. At the end of this step you will earn (if you haven’t already): Plat() Roadmap by ggamer15
  9. Overview Estimated trophy difficulty: 5.9/10 Offline: 50 (1, 2, 6, 41) *Multiple trophies can be done either online or offline. Defender is the only one that should be done online.* Online: 1 (1(B)) Downloadable Content: 2 (2(B)) Approximate amount of time to 100%: 50-60 hours with a Mass Effect 2 save, 75-100 hours without Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ (2+ without a Mass Effect 2 save) Number of missable trophies: 8; Paramour, Master and Commander, Liberator, Tunnel Rat, Saboteur, Problem Solver, Fact Finder, Hijacker Number of missable DLC trophies: 1; Freedom Fighter Glitched trophies: Potentially Insanity and Unwavering, *see the special note about the Extended Cut Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, two Insanity trophies. Is an Online Pass required? Yes “This is the end…of our elaborate plans, the end; of everything that stands, the end.” The Doors, especially a song titled “The End,” seemed appropriate considering that this is the end of the main Mass Effect trilogy. There will no doubt be more games, but what started with Shepard and the Reapers ends here. Because of importing of characters from Mass Effect 2, this is really two road maps. The destination is the same, but your starting point is different. Without a Mass Effect 2 save, the platinum time doubles. In my opinion, the only way to play this game is having the knowledge and experience from Mass Effect 2. You will get the most out of the game and enjoy it that much more. If you also have the means to do so, please play the first Mass Effect game on PC or Xbox, if you have it. You won’t be able to import your character, but you can import the main decisions from Mass Effect: Genesis. I can’t stress this enough, this game is very, very heavily story based and there is a lot that occurs in the first two games. You will still enjoy Mass Effect 3 without the past games, but your experience will be different and enriched having played at least Mass Effect 2 beforehand. With all of that being said, if you do not have a Mass Effect 2 save, skip to section [2.1] in the road map. Best of luck and enjoy the game. Note: Be sure to back up your Settings file regularly, especially if you're going to be playing online. Freezes in multiplayer have been known to wipe out all of your trophy stats. [1.0] Missable Trophies Unfortunately, there are missable trophies. Fortunately, they aren't too hard to miss. Most of them fall under the category of side missions (Liberator, Tunnel Rat, Saboteur, Problem Solver, and Fact Finder). While these can be missed easily, if you pay attention to the list of missions with Unwavering and don't progress too far through the story, you'll be ok. Just remember, Priority: Tuchanka, Priority: Rannoch, and Priority: Cerberus Headquarters are the story missions that lock out other missions. Complete everything else before beginning those. Paramour is one that you'll have to try to miss, but it is possible. If you don't interact with your squadmates at all, you may not get the opportunity for the love scene. Hijacker is luck based. It is available with every appearance of the Atlas (except for on Sur'Kesh). If you don't get it, the earliest opportunities to get it in another playthrough will be in Grissom Academy or Priority: Eden Prime. Master and Commander is less of a concern. You will most likely not get it in your first run through. Once you do complete the game though, you will be taken back to the just before Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. Simply complete Defender at that point and then begin the mission again to get the trophy. Of course, the DLC has one missable trophy as well, Freedom Fighter. The good thing about it is that once you have full control over the Normandy, you can start the mission. There are only three computers that you need to find and their locations are listed with the trophy. Fully explore the area to find all three. [1.1] Import Playthrough 1 With your Mass Effect 2 game save, import your character into ME3. You'll be able to change your class if you wish, but you can also stick with the class that you know. The best trophy wise would be Sentinel since you can use Lift Grenades for Sky High and Overload for Overload Specialist. Those trophies can also be unlocked in multiplayer though and shouldn't concern you too much. Once the game starts and you have full control of Shepard, you will automatically level up to where you left off in Mass Effect 2. If that's level 30, then you're halfway to 60 minutes into the game. By the end of the prologue, you'll have to decide which difficulty that you want to play on. You can set it to Casual or Story if you just want to enjoy the ride or set it to Insanity if you want to get that trophy out of the way. Keep in mind, that if you are going for Insanity on your first playthrough, you will also want to do Unwavering since that has to be done in one playthrough. Whichever you decide, you must set the difficulty to Insanity by the time you leave Earth if you want that trophy. Adjusting the difficulty after Earth is fine, but if you lower it from Insanity, you will lose that trophy. Simply play through the game and complete the missions. Follow along with the lists accompanying Unwavering for the more detailed quests and Master and Commander for the smaller fetch missions that increase your Overall Military Readiness. Most of the trophies should naturally unlock along the way. You'll have to keep in mind that certain story missions will lock you out of the side missions and smaller fetch missions if you progress too far. The best thing to do is to complete as many active quests as possible before taking on any missions labeled "Priority." Completing the main story missions will make available new side missions. Again, complete those first in case your progression through the story locks you out of them. I need to make a quick mention of the first DLC, From Ashes. You will get the mission in your email box after leaving the Citadel and can complete it at any time before Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. While you're on the mission, be sure to fully explore the buildings to ensure that you get Freedom Fighter. Depending on who you chose to romance in Mass Effect 2 or in Mass Effect: Genesis, then the time when you can romance him or her will come at different times. In the case of Ashley/Kaiden or the new characters, it won't be until you cross the point of no return and begin Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. If it is someone like Tali, you will be able to continue the romance shortly after she comes aboard the Normandy. As with the other Mass Effect games, there is a point of no return and that is Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. Once you start this mission, there is no turning back until the game ends. Before starting this mission, check your overall military readiness (OMR) and your effective military readiness (EMR). If your EMR is over 4000, then you will unlock Master and Commander without any trouble. The easiest way to increase the EMR is by playing the online multiplayer. Each mission that you either complete or reach a later wave will add to your galactic readiness rating (GRR). The EMR is calculated by a simple formula (OMR * GRR% = EMR). If your OMR is 6000 and your GRR is 50%, then your EMR will be 3000. Playing random missions with random enemies on Bronze difficulty is the quickest and easiest way to increase your GRR. If you don't happen to have to an EMR over 4000 when you start Priority: Cerberus Headquarters, then don't worry. When you complete the game, you will be sent back to just before the point of no return. Go online and work on Defender. By the time you get to 100% GRR, then you will be well over 4000. Simply start Priority: Cerberus Headquarters again and the trophy will unlock right away. One last thing to consider with your first playthrough is what level you will reach. If you started with an imported character at level 30, you should end up between level 55 and 58 by the end of your first playthrough. Your choice at this point is to either import your ME3 character into a New Game or play online. Skip to the appropriate section (1.2 for importing or 3.1 for Multiplayer) depending on which you want to do. You will need to play a bit with an imported character to fully upgrade a gun to level 10 though.
  10. Introduction There are 8 types of challenges: 27 Wingsuit Courses, 18 Land Races, 4 Scrapyard Scrambles, 12 Crash Bombs, 5 Shooting Galleries, 25 Destruction Frenzies, 9 Sea Races, 12 Air Races. That's a total of 112 challenges and you must get 5 gears in each one of them for 100% completion and for the following trophies: MOD Specialist - Unlock every Gear MOD in a single category. MOD Tinkerer - Have every Gear MOD active for at least 1 minute each. All the Gears - Earn 5 Gears in every Challenge. Takes All, Again - 100% Just Cause 3. To unlock challenges you must liberate settlements. Only after liberating all settlements you will have access to every challenge. You must also progress in the story far enough to disable the FOWs, otherwise it's impossible to complete some of the challenges. Complete Challenge Playlist: Wingsuit Courses (27 Challenges - 135 Gears) [ame] [/ame] - There is no time limit so use the "Wingsuit Air Brake" Gear Mod to go as slow as you want. Especially in the challenges where you have to glide downhill it is super useful (don't activate "Wingsuit Quick Close" Gear Mod for this!). - Shoot tethers on the ground to gain speed when needed. - Try to hit the smaller targets inside the big circles for perfect scores. You are usually allowed to miss 1-2 of these per challenge. - The hardest challenges are #23, 24, 25, 26. Take a look at those if you want to know what to expect. #1 - Sirocco Skies Tour - #2 - Manea Tour - #3 - Cavern Tour - #4 - Tunnel Tour - #5 - Fonte Grande Tour - #6 - Le Gratia Tour - #7 - Via Campania Tour - #8 - Rondella Tour - #9 - Puncta Tour - #10 - Olivo Bassa Tour - #11 - Pirate Tour - #12 - Darsena Dive Tour - #13 - Hilltop Tour - #14 - Monte Dracon Tour - #15 - Undertwon Tour - #16 - Metropolis Tour - #17 - Vista Plunge Tour - #18 - Canyon Tour - #19 - Badlands Tour - #20 - Aeroporto Tour - #21 - Dragline Dive Tour - #22 - Hayfield Tour - #23 - Maxime Tour - #24 - Mountain Marathon Tour - #25 - Snowy Slopes Tour - #26 - Cloudy Crevasse Tour - #27 - Griphon Tour - Shooting Galleries (5 Challenges - 25 Gears) [ame] [/ame] - Remember the target order and locations, they are always the same. - Shotgun: Spray & Pray, shoot as quickly as you can and hit many targets at once for bonus points. - Handgun: Be quick and aim for the Bullseye. - Machine Gun: Use Weapon Zoom and shoot the bullseye. - Burst Rifle: Use Weapon Zoom, shoot bullseye and be quick. - Revolver: Use Weapon Zoom, instead of aiming around wait for the target to cross your aim. #1 - Shotgun Training Course - #2 - Handgun Training Course - #3 - Machine Gun Training Course - #4 - Burst Training Course - #5 - Revolver Training Course - Scrapyard Scrambles (4 Challenges - 20 Gears) [ame] [/ame] - Start by tethering the Bavarium attractor to the car and enable it. - Attach the attractor closer to the car so it doesn't wobble around as much. This way you have more control and the Bavarium won't fly off as easily (thanks to Gho-Zti for this tip). - Drive slow to attract more Bavarium - Only make large delivieries of 5000-10,000 Bavarium. Small deliveries aren't worth it and take up too much time. - Don't forget that you get time bonuses after delivering a certain amount of Bavarium. - Light blue Bavarium gives more points than the dark green one. #1 - Seaport Scramble - #2 - Stockpile Scramble - #3 - Seismic Scramble - #4 - Secunde Scramble -
  11. Banner by Ryukori I really hope this guide will help you on your quest to obtain the trophies you need for this game. Remember to join us at PST to become a part of our awesome community! COPYRIGHT/TERMS OF USE This guide may not be re-produced outside of PlaystationTrophies.org without written permission by the author(s). If given permission to use any information from the guide, please supply proper credits to its original poster. Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 6.5/10 (Personal opinion; Platinum Difficulty Rating) Offline trophies: 34 (27(B), 6(S), 1(G)) Online trophies: 16 (9(B), 5(S), 1(G), 1(P)) Approximate amount of time to platinum: 36-50 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum) Minimum number of playthroughs: A lot of Arcade Mode / Single Player and Online FB missions for each difficulty / 100 Online Matches / 1 Boss Rush mode playthrough Number of missable trophies: None Glitched trophies: None Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, certain missions require you to unlock skills and figurines depending on the difficulty Do trophies stack?: No Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats Online pass needed?: Yes Welcome to Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme vs. Full Boost! This installment of the Gundam vs. series was originally released in Japanese arcades on April 5, 2012 and was recently released for PS3 owners on January 30, 2014. Gameplay-wise, the game plays identically like its predecessor but with the addition of two types of Extreme Bursts: Assault Burst and Blast Burst, among many minor gameplay changes. Assault Burst boosts attack strength, better movement on melee attacks, and does not deplete your entire EX Burst gauge whenever you use an EX Burst attack. Good for mobile suits that have great melee capabilities like Wing Zero TV, The O, and God Gundam. Blast Burst increases defense, has better boost consumption, faster reload speed, and improved red-lock range. Good for mobile suits that have a better range tactics like Unicorn Gundam, 00 Qan[T], and Full Armor ZZ Gundam. However, unlike Assault Burst, using an EX Burst attack will completely deplete your EX Burst gauge in Blast Burst. Trophy-wise, the game is more or less difficult than the original Extreme vs., since the majority of the time you'll spend collecting trophies for the game will be spent on the FB Mission mode; where you'll be farming for SP points and collecting figurines to strengthen your mobile suit of choice to clear missions faster. However, unlike its predecessor, Full Boost does not have a trophy for clocking 100 hours of total game time, making it easier for you to get the in a faster pace than in the original. To learn more on how to play the game and/or the changes between the original game and Full Boost, go to Unlimited Brett Works' guide on the game. Online Pass Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme vs. Full Boost requires an online pass for all online-related modes (Online arcade and FB Mission; player and ranked matches) and trophies in the game. As with other games, the retail disc version of the game comes with a redeemable ticket that comes with a code that can only be registered on your Japanese or Hong Kong PSN account depending on what region your retail copy of the game comes from. If you choose to buy the game digitally through the PlayStation Store, the online pass will automatically be registered to the account it was purchased on. However, if you want to play the game on another Japanese or Hong Kong PSN account, you need to buy an online pass separately for that account in either one of these two regions. For more information on creating a Japanese account and/or buying Japanese PSN cards for DLC and the online pass, refer to Kurushii's Importing 101 guide. To learn more about Gundam Extreme vs. Full Boost, check out NeoGAF's official thread for the game.
  12. Not a member of this site? Click here to sign up! Be sure and say I referred you! Oveview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (personal opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating) Offline trophies: 10 (4(B), 5(S), 1(G)) Online trophies: 0 Approximate amount of time to 100%: 15-30 minutes (personal opinion) (Estimated Time to 100%) Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Number of missable trophies: Most of them Glitched trophies: No Does difficulty affect trophies?: No Do trophies stack?: Yes, there are 4 stacks: EU PS4, EU Vita, NA PS4 and NA Vita Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available. Additional peripherals required?: No Walkthrough: In NORTH, you play a man who applies for asylum in a city filled with strange creatures and strange customs. Dealing with the issue of the contemporary refugee crisis while at the same time being deeply rooted in a classical cyberpunk atmosphere à la Blade Runner, NORTH features a dark synthpop soundtrack, a sprawling mega-city and weird monster-like inhabitants. Walkthrough: Step 1: Beat the game If you are playing without a guide, you will have to explore and interact with everything to get the missable trophies. If you are following a guide, you can get all the trophies in one playthrough. An awesome video guide done by iBaddriveri can be found here. By the end of this step, you will have earned (in likely order): Job description Burned out at work Good worker This door will open later Police test Prayer Listener Special pills The doctors test The last letter Step 2: Cleanup If you missed any trophies, start a new game and focus on them individually.
  13. Just Got The Trophy And Wanted To Share The List Of Things I Used The Spoon On Since I Had A lot Of Trouble With It. Warning: The Following List Contains Spoilers! One Of The Responses On The List Doesn't Count, So Please Do All 33 Just in Case! ~ Act 1 ~ 1. I'm Up For Anything (Use The Spoon on Shay) 2. Suicide Mission (Use The Spoon on Bridge Man) 3. Spit-Shined and Ready (Use The Spoon on Shay's Bed) 4. Shut Up Whom? (Use The Spoon on The Inhibitor) (Credits go to Bucket for pointing out the wrong item name.) 5. We Don't Work Well Together (Use The Spoon on The Knife) 6. Everything's More Sanitary With A Spoon! (Use The Spoon on The Whipped Cream Gun BEFORE Taking it) 7. Too Fat (Use The Spoon on The Lock That You Have To Use The Knife on) 8. Always, Sir! (Use The Spoon on Itself) (Credits go to Leonheart_88) ~ Act 2 ~ 9. In My Heart I Am! (Use The Spoon on Your Dad After Getting Up) 10. I Shall Still.. (Use The Spoon on The Destroyed Mog Chothra) 11. I Hope You're Kidding. (Use The Spoon on Car'l) 12. Past It's Prime (Use The Spoon on The Chum BEFORE Visiting Alex) 13. Force Object Down (Use The Spoon on The Choking Mayor) 14. Needs Recharging (Use The Spoon on The Broken Hexipal After Picking it Up) 15. It's A Wonder (Use The Spoon on Alex) 16. Old Fashioned Charging (Use The Spoon on The Charging Station) 17. Survival (Use The Spoon on Dad When He's Standing Next To The Chum) 18. Unchokable (Use The Spoon on The Talking Tree) 19. What's Wrong With You! (Use The Spoon on The Snake After Picking it Up) 20. Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me? (Use The Spoon on Curtis After He Reveals The Cat Mold) 21. Started His Day (Use The Spoon on F'Ther While You're On Lightbeard's Ladder) 22. Loyalty (Use The Spoon on Vella's Dad) 23. Only Small Ones! (Use The Spoon on Jessie) 24. You Could Do Worse! (Use The Spoon On The Dead Eye God's 'Bodyguards') 25. Inedible (Use The Spoon on The Schematic Alex Gives You) 26. From A Replicator (Use The Spoon On A Piece Of Fruit After Picking it Up) 27. Sir! (Use The Spoon on Rocky and M'ggie) 28. Never Listened (Use The Spoon on Vella's Grandfather) 29. Wouldn't Recommend Eating it. (Use The Spoon on The Eggshells) 30. What Kind Of Monster... (Use The Spoon on The Cupcake After You Buy It) 31. Nothing Left (Use The Spoon on Vella's Grandfather's Cane) 32. ??? (Use The Spoon On Vella's Mother/The Meriloft Maiden BEFORE Getting The Dress From Her) (Credits Go To travla) 33. ??? (Use The Spoon on Vella's Mother/The Meriloft Maiden AFTER Getting The Dress From Her) (Credits Go To skazzzz4)
  14. GameFAQs has published my FAQ for EDF 2017 Portable, The purpose of the FAQ is mainly to help with mission preparation (knowing which enemies will be in the mission so you can select appropriate equipment) and help with various trophies. You can grind for enemy and vehicle kills more efficiently because I list (most) of the stages that contain those things. EDF 2017 Portable FAQ/Guide The FAQ is not done yet, and I could still use help with filling it out. Things it still needs: Enemy and vehicle info for missions that are missing that data Vehicle health for various difficulties Weapon list that is not typed in all caps Please submit your info in this thread, and any suggestions you might have. This guide will not have individual mission walkthroughs.
  15. It would be pretty useful if trophy guides have a show/hide dlc button like secret and completed trophies have, it's pretty annoying in games that have a lot of dlc trophies like skyrim, FO3/NV, battlefield 3/4 and burnout paradise were you have to scroll all the way down to save changes you made. Right now i'm going for the Fallout 3 plat and i'm only getting 1 trophy per session and after i check the box i have to scroll thru all the dlc trophies just to save my progress
  16. Hi All, You may know about this, but GAME are offering a CE of the survival guide in the UK which is on sale atm. You get bonus items and content for all of your fallout exploring goodness Buy Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition | Free UK Delivery | GAME
  17. Hi. As you all should know by now, you can get the " Jack of all trades " trophy in Online botzone. Since I found no good guide on how to obtain the trophy efficiently in botzone, I decided to put together one. I don't claim that these are the best methods, however they are all decent. If you have a more efficient method please share it. Hope it will help. Basic settings. Use these as a general rule of thumb when creating a warzone. Mission: Beacon safeguard Time: 60min Score cap: 1000 Health: low Health Reg: low Friendly fire: On Time before match: Off Spawn timer: 1 Number of bots: 11 Bot difficulty: easy Turn OFF all weapons and explosives. Turn OFF abilities that you not using at the moment to prevent annoyance. (mostly the drones, turret and chock, but most important the 2 teleports, always leave spawn beacon ON as it will help the bots reach the Killzone faster.) Note, all methods are based under the assumption that you are the holder of the beacon. Scout. Tactical echo. This one should come natural. Use whenever off cool down, while going for the gun kills and the other two abilities. If your still missing some tags, go to the location for Air Support and ping from there. Cloak. Not much to say as you can only get one kill per use. Play the penthouse level as its the smallest. Make sure to turn off all drones as they see thru your camouflage. Also don't activate the ability right as you spawn as it may wear off before you find a target. Stun drone. Stand on the cliff below the platform mentioned in the Air drone chapter. It is directly in front of the ledge your standing on. There is also a wire to the cliff from another tower. The bots will start fighting beneath you. Keep sending out the drone. It should get 2+ hits per drone. The reason for standing on the cliff and not the tower is the drone will spawn on top of the platform and thus will not be able to reach any opponents. Assault class. Nano Shield. Use in conjunction with the buddy drone. Stand in the same location as the Air support. (play as helghast) Position the shield on the ledge and then stand just behind it, also you want to crouch. Your drone will shoot through the shield and rack up points for both the shield and drone. Stun blast. Same location as the turret. You should get 2+ hits per activation. Drone buddy. Use in conjunction with the Nano shield. Stand in the same location as the Air support. (play as helghast) Position the shield on the ledge and then stand just behind it, also you want to crouch. Your drone will shoot through the shield and rack up points for both the shield and drone. Support. Revive drone. Turn to the dark side and kill your teammates and then revive them. Put the spawn delay to 3-4 sec to give the bot time to response to your drone. Beware: Every teamkill gives you -200 points so you should do this after the 1'000'000 points trophy. Spawn beacon. Use while going for gun kills. Still missing a few? Do the Stun drone method. Get to the cliff and put down the beacon. The bots will clash and when they die, use your beacon to respawn . Turret. Choose the Station map. Move to the opposite spawn. There will be a train cart on an edge with one side up towards the air. Get on top of the cart and place your turret about midway up, facing the enemy spawn. Don't place it to far up, it won't get a good angle if you do. Now place yourself at the highest point an watch your turret go to town. Air support. This method was not found by me but another forum user called "King_Ubu". Follow the link for a more precise explanation , There is also 2 great pictures in one of the posts showing the location. Pick the Forest map and after you grab the beacon head to the center of the map (South gate approach) there is a climbable tower there. Climb up to the platform and stand on the barbwire. (Opposite side of the ladder, see picture in the link) You want to stand on the ledge closest the enemy spawn. Your team will join you on the platform and not attack the enemy most of the time. Supply box. Bots ignore the box so this must be done either legit or boosting with a partner. Find a partner here.
  18. Another guide has been chosen as the preferred guide for this game: Link http://i.imgur.com/NpeDBe8.jpg Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: no difficulty thread yet (personal estimiate: 7/10) Offline trophies: 34 (20(B), 7(S), 6(G), 1(P)) Online trophies: 0 Approximate amount of time to platinum: 35 - 60 hours Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 if you back up your save file right before the end of the game, 3 otherwise Number of missable trophies: 2 (Hunter's Essence and Childhood's Beginning ), plus a few more if you trigger the game's ending Glitched trophies: none that I know of http://i.imgur.com/LhWpKeJ.png Bloodborne is an action role-playing game (RPG) that is spiritually part of the Souls series of video games (consisting of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2). It has a unique Victorian Gothic setting, and it is known for having a steep learning curve and being quite challenging in general. It normally requires three playthroughs to platinum, but it can be platinumed in just one playthrough if the player backs up their save file to a USB stick or via PlayStation Plus cloud saves at a certain point in the game. The game features a large online component that can be used to play either co-operatively with other players or to play PVP multiplayer with them, but players can play completely offline if they prefer, and no trophies require the online components of the game. The game also features a new "chalice dungeon" system, where players can use items that they find in the game to create new randomly-generated dungeons to explore. These dungeons are extremely difficult, have dozens of new bosses not found anywhere else in the game, and also contain items and weapons not found in the main game world. http://i.imgur.com/H1zhlDT.png Before you begin, you should know that the game auto-saves at all times, and only lets you keep one save file. Since there are three ending trophies for the game (Yharnam Sunrise , Honouring Wishes , and Childhood's Beginning ), the platinum normally requires three full playthroughs of the game. It is fairly natural to play through the game anyway, since it (just like the Souls games) has a very well-integrated New Game Plus mode that lets you carry over all items and experience that you earned in previous playthroughs. However, if you backup your save file (either on a USB stick or via PlayStation Plus cloud saves) just before the end of the game, it is possible to obtain every trophy in just one playthrough (plus some reloading). Whichever route you plan to take to the platinum, the following roadmap will guide you. This guide will contain minor location and boss name spoilers, but will be as spoiler-free as possible other than that. Step 1: Play through the game up until the point of no return First, play through the game up until and including when you kill the "Mergo's Wet Nurse" boss (see Mergo's Wet Nurse ). After you defeat this boss the iron gate in Hunter's Dream will open, and you will be able to talk to the man in the wheelchair on the other side of that gate. Do not talk to him: talking to him is the point of no return. First, take care of things in Steps 2 and 3 (below). An item needed for Childhood's Beginning is missable, but fairly spoiler-y. You can read that trophy for details, or just note this: there is a hidden path behind the dog cages in the Forbidden Woods that leads into a cavern. Do not take this path until after you have defeated Mergo's Wet Nurse. As long as you follow this advice, you will not miss the trophy. There is also one weapon in the game that is missable, but it is missable so early in the game that you can earn it within about 20 minutes of starting New Game Plus, so do not worry about it. In this step, you will earn at least the following trophies: Father Gascoigne Vicar Amelia Shadow of Yharnam Rom, the Vacuous Spider The One Reborn Nightmare Lecture Building Micolash, Host of the Nightmare Mergo's Wet Nurse Blood Gem Contact Rune Contact Step 2: First playthrough cleanup Now we will take care of some trophies before the game's point of no return. Look at the individual trophy guides for each of the following trophies (you very well may have already unlocked at least a few of these): Weapon Master Rune Master Cainhurst The Choir The Source of the Dream Cleric Beast Blood-starved Beast The Witch of Hemwick Darkbeast Paarl Amygdala Martyr Logarius Celestial Emissary Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos Chalice of Pthumeru Chalice of Ailing Loran Chalice of Isz Hunter's Craft In this step, you will also want to get all weapons except the Beast Claw and Burial Blade (and also except the Blade of Mercy, if you missed it). See Hunter's Essence for a list of weapons. Step 3: Chalice dungeon runs This is the hardest part of the game, and it is the longest time investment in the game required for a single trophy, so brace yourself. You now have to go through several chalice dungeons (the only chalices that you really need are the Chalice of Pthumeru, which you earned by killing the Blood-starved Beast, and the Chalice of Ailing Loran, which you earned by killing Amygdala). Chalice dungeons are randomly-generated dungeons that you can create with chalices plus some other items (most commonly, Ritual Blood). Once you defeat the final boss of the fifth Pthumeru chalice dungeon, you will earn Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen (see that trophy's guide for more detailed information about how to create chalice dungeons and which dungeons you need to enter). You will also want to find a "Beast Claw" weapon (required for Hunter's Essence ) and a precious blood gem (for Blood Gem Master ) in a chalice dungeon during this step. Alternatively, you can leave this step until after you have completed Step 4, since chalice dungeons do not get harder in New Game Plus, and chalice dungeon progress carries over. Just make sure that you get the Living String and Red Jelly items before starting New Game Plus (see the Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen trophy for their locations), since they are found very late in the game. Step 4: Earn the ending trophies Once you have completed the previous steps and earned every weapon other than the Burial Blade, you can proceed with earning the ending trophies (Yharnam Sunrise , Honouring Wishes , and Childhood's Beginning ). If you are planning on platinuming the game in just one playthrough, backup your save file now. Then earn all three ending trophies (see the individual trophy guides below for details about how to obtain them). When you earn your third ending trophy, do not quit out of the game, but instead actually carry on to New Game Plus (we will need to buy the Burial Blade in New Game Plus for Hunter's Essence ). Make sure that you do not earn the Yharnam Sunrise ending trophy last. It can be first or second, but not last (i.e., it can't be the ending that you carry through to New Game Plus), since only the other two endings will let you buy the Burial Blade in New Game Plus. If you are doing a full three-playthrough platinum, you should earn the "true" ending (see Childhood's Beginning ) first, or else you will have to re-play some (relatively minor) optional content on your future playthroughs. Then simply do a second and third playthrough (it does not matter which ending you get second and which one you get third). After you get your third ending trophy (and buy the Burial Blade in New Game Plus to get Hunter's Essence ), you should have your shiny new platinum: Bloodborne .
  19. Sony lost 1bn today & as usual the news wasn't reported, instead the media focused on the ps4's sales. I'm only 1 years old but I'm not blind to their difficulties. Its surreal to me that sony owns all these wonderful studios & has arguably the best gaming tv out right now in the Sony w905 & yet their stock is relegated to 'Junk status' . I hate uncertainty in life, uncertainty makes me stressed & I don't handle stress well . Will Sony recover or are they in too deep? .
  20. When u've nothing to show for it? Some people actually have the MGS4 platinum (8 playthroughs), how sad is that . If their was an actual incentive I can justify it but their isn't. A digital picture that no one will likely see or care about. Woop-dee-doo. If anything i'd be embarrassed not proud of that achievement . That time could be invested more meaningfully. A hard platinum is a fuckin degree in itself. Easy trophies I can understand 'caus they're no real trouble. I'm just curious is all..
  21. Sorry but this has the potential to completely ruin the Vita version.. It looks absolutely stupid seeing enemies explode into a squirt of blood each time u get a kill . I understand y they did it but its gonna take me out of the game. It looks so cheap & tacky. When I headshot some1 I wanna see their carcus drop to the floor. What a shame 'caus I was lookin forward to this on the Vita ..
  22. If you are not a registered member of PS3Trophies.org yet and have found this guide helpful, please join the forums! If you do so, it would be greatly appreciated if you would give me, wout, a referral. Road Map Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 4.5/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating) Offline trophies: 8 (3(B), 3(S), 2(G)) Online trophies: 0 Approximate amount of time to 100%: 50-55 hours Minimum number of playthroughs: N/A, see below Number of missable trophies: None Glitched trophies: None Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A Do trophies stack?: N/A Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A Introduction: Welcome to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap for Hungry Giraffe! Hungry Giraffe is a basic PSN mini-game which was originally created for the iOS and Android systems, then ported to the PSP. Now it is also out for the PS Vita with additional trophies. Please note that so far you can only get this game in the EU Store. The objective in Hungry Giraffe is simple, just try to climb as high as possible into the sky. In Hungry Giraffe you'll control a hungry giraffe and you have to defy gravity by keeping eating food. For each thing you eat, you will get a little boost and you will climb a little higher but when you fail the objective and you cannot reach the food, you'll immediately fall down to earth by the law of gravity and the game is over. When you reach certain heights, new levels will unlock. Most trophies are fairly easy and you will get them during your playthroughs but please note, Hungry Giraffe is not a quick and easy 100% game, since you have to collect an astonishing amount of 3,000,000 calories. This will take you approximately 50 hours. By the time you have the three million calories, you will most likely have all other trophies. Another thing to add is that there are micro-transactions available for some quick but expensive calories. However, all the bought calories do not contribute to the Supersize Me trophy! Thanks to Cissamannen and dc1972 for clearing that up. Walkthrough: Step 0: Change the controls This step is optional but highly recommended. The default controls make use of some unique features of the PS Vita; you tilt the screen to steer you character and you can touch the screen to use some power ups (if you have them available). This may sound cool at first and feel free to try these controls out but tilting the Vita makes steering highly inaccurate in my experience. Therefore I would just use the joystick and buttons to play this game: and to move your character to the left and the right, respectively - Use Angel Feather (this can only be used when you're falling) - Use Hard Hat (this can only be used when you have a Hard Hat stored) You can change the controls by clicking on 'Toggle Touch/Tilt Controls ON/OFF' at the options menu (tap on the gear wheel in the start menu). Step 1: Play the game and don't spend any calories Now it is actually time to play the game and you'll play it a lot! You can just restart the game over and over again and work your way to the 3,000,000 calories needed for Supersize Me. When going for this trophy, you'll most likely achieve all other trophies too (with the possible exception of Circumnavigation and Daedalus Award). I recommend not spending any calories on upgrades and costumes, because you need to spent at least 500,000 calories for Daedalus Award. See Step 3. Step 2: Play the game until you've at least 500,000 calories Now that you have 500,000 calories you have enough to buy 100 Angel Feathers. When you have used all 100, you'll earn Daedalus Award. Step 3: Complete level 10 by using chapter select For Circumnavigation you need to complete the first 10 levels. The trophy description is a bit misleading here, since you don't have to complete them in one run! When going for this trophy, start from level 1 and try to get as far as possible. If you fail and you didn't reach level 10, use chapter select to start in the level where you had left. Apply this method and work you way towards completing the first 10 levels. This will unlock Circumnavigation. To make life easier, you can also use your Angel Feathers (if you have any available). Step 4: Clean up Now that Circumnavigation is out of the way and you have enough Angel Feathers, it is time to play the game over and over again until you have earned a total of 3,000,000 calories. Along the way keep an eye out for the other trophies so e.g. don't forget to use the Hard Hats (yellow helmets) when available use the Angel Feathers, eat enough Poisons etc.
  23. http://i.imgur.com/bGKJFwn.png Special Thanks to ESYLD for the amazingbanner! This 100% Sync Guide is the property of the writer and PST.org. This work and its contents cannot/may not be used anywhere else without written permission from the aforementioned parties. If you have found this guide or any other threads that I maintain useful and are compelled to join this forum as a consequence, please give me a referral upon signing up here! Following this guide should net you: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2277/b4b.jpgComplete 100% of all Mission Constraints Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences Note: Sequence trophy images are just for show and for markers (to help the Sequences stand out) Glitch Warning: The trophy may not pop once you complete your final memory needed. Just replay a mission (you don't even need to get 100% of the constraints) and the trophy should pop: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2277/028.jpgSequence 1 Memory 1: Only a Nightmare No mission constraints Memory 2: New Orleans by Night No mission constraints Memory 3: A Slave in Trouble No mission constraints Memory 4: The Safe House No mission constraints Memory 5: Taking Care of Business Avoid killing anyone After you tail Gérard, you’ll need to talk to Capitàn Dominguez, but you need to get past the guards first. Go down the docks towards the four guards, then bribe them by pressing . Once you bribe the guard, he will let you walk by, and you can speak to Capitàn Dominguez without killing anyone. Memory 6: Father’s Troubles Charm at least one guard Easy. In order to get to the second clue in tracking down what happened to the shipment, you need to get in a fenced up warehouse. There is a guard blocking your path. Go up to him and charm him by pressing . After that, you can proceed with the mission. (You can kill him once he follows you inside as it makes things easier). Memory 7: The Key to the Problem No mission constraints Memory 8: The Colony’s Good Enter the mansion dressed in the Lady or Slave Guise Once the memory starts, enter the Dressing Chamber on the eastern side of the mansion (purchase it if you haven’t already). Put on the Slave persona (as it is better for this mission) and climb the tree right in front of the Dressing Chamber. Once you drop down inside the mansion grounds, there will be a door you can enter immediately in front of you. Enter it by pressing . Kill the governor using a musket. You should already have the your fists equipped, but if not, do this now. After the cut-scene, and you enter into the governor’s room, block the first attack with , then disarm the guard’s musket with . Now equipped with the musket, just wait until the governor attacks you himself, block with , then counter with . Cue cut-scene. Memory 9: The Escape No mission constraints http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/2277/c57.jpgSequence 2 Memory 1: The Loas Guide You No mission costraints Memory 2: The False Mackandal Complete the mission in under 2 minutes. Once Agaté gives you the blowpipe, equip the blowpipe using , then immediately shoot the highlighted target dummy by holding until the line is focused, then release . Run up the tree to the right using the vines. At the top, quickly hold and release to shoot the dummy, then eagle dive into the haystack down below. This should have taken you no more than 1 minute. Memory 3: Meet the Smugglers Kill 1 guard using fast poison. At the start of the memory, equip the blowpipe using , if it is not equipped already. After you reach the smuggler hideout, and subsequent cut-scene, shoot the first guard right in front of you with the blowpipe. (You can use the blowpipe on all the others as well). Memory 4: A Faithful Acolyte Kill the followers in 3 minutes Once you kill the alligator and take the egg, free-run on the tree right in front of you until you reach a guard on a lookout in the trees. Kill him quietly, then wait for one guard to walk over next to the guard nearest the wrecked ship. Double assassinate them both with your hidden blades. Once you kill those two, two guards will come at you, press to activate Chain Kill and kill those two. Three more will come at you, just block with and counter with on the first attacker, then chain attack the others (just press with your aimed at the target). This should have taken you 1 minute. Note: If you have already collected all Alligator eggs, have the Traveler’s Hat equipped, and are trying to do this post-game, make sure to equip a different hat (you need to go to a Tailor Shop to do this). Otherwise, the alligator in the memory won’t attack you, and you cannot move forward. Memory 5: The Second Camp Kill only the Acolyte After following Élise, go to the marker and go up the tree path. Don’t alert any of the guards. Keep following the tree path until you reach a haystack. Jump in the haystack and wait for the Acolyte to stop near the back of the camp. Once he is stopped, leave the haystack and sneak up behind him to kill him quietly. Memory 6: Eye of Saint John Perform a double assassination Another simple one. Once you get off the canoes, follow the tree path right in front of you. Kill the first guard in the trees quietly, then move to the next guard in the tree. Kill him quietly as well. After the second guard, drop down to the lower tree stump above two guards. Equip your blades. At the opportune time, double assassinate them with . (You can rush to a haystack nearby to not garner attention). Memory 7: The Whole Truth No mission constraints http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/1155/A00.jpgSequence 3 Memory 1: At the Pub No mission constraints Memory 2: Prelude to Rebellion Beat enemies with your fists One of the easy ones. Just equip your fists. Once the rioters get attacked, immediately block an attack by one of the guards using , then counter with , and immediately attack the other two before they kill the rioters by aiming your towards them and pressing . Memory 3: Elegant and Deadly No mission constraints Memory 4: Vanishing Slaves Race through the checkpoints faster than your opponent All you need to do is run towards the checkpoint (there is only one). Élise is not that fast. Just cut through the bushes if you need to. Memory 5: Storming the Fort No mission constraints Memory 6: In Vino Veritas Don’t increase your notoriety All you have to do is follow Gérald and not draw attention to yourself by climbing or hitting anyone. Carriage must retain at least 50% health Once you steal the carriage, and you're riding it, try to look ahead and see what blocks your path, turn in the opposite direction with . Sometimes Gérard is mixed up and says, “Turn left! No wait… Turn right!”, so try not to rely on him so much. If you failed to stay above 50% health, just restart from checkpoint and try again. Here is a description of turns and maneuvers needed: Turn Right Turn Right, then immediate left (it’s a bend) Stay on right side to avoid barrels Turn right (and stay on right side to avoid barrels) Turn right again (stay on left side to avoid barrels) Go straight (and try to stay on left side as 3 barrel bunches are in the middle) Turn left (stay on left side, then maneuver to right side, then maneuver to left side – like a snake) Turn left (and stay on left side) Go straight towards Place D’Armes and you’re done Kill all targets in 1 minute As soon as the tutorial to block comes up, block by pressing then press to kill the guard. Rinse and repeat till the four guards are all killed. Run up the stairs and quietly go behind the last guard and assassinate him. Memory 7: Getting Ulloa’s Attention No mission constraints Memory 8: A Governor no More Set up the ambush in under 4 minutes As soon as it starts, quickly kill the guards (do so without alerting them). Use your blowpipe to speed it up and assassinate any lingering guard who’s alone. Once the guards are all killed, go to the water tower on the roof (noted with a green marker), and press to initiate sabotage. Rush to the powder keg and pick it up, then carry it to the marked spot and drop it. That’s it. Shouldn’t take you too long to do this.
  24. http://i.imgur.com/pr6BMun.png If you are not a registered member of the site yet and found this guide helpful, please consider joining the forums! Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 3 (Personal estimate) Offline trophies: 0 Online trophies: 5 (3 , 2 ) Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6+ hours (highly skill and luck based) Minimum number of playthroughs: Several multi-player matches Number of missable trophies: None Glitched trophies: N/A Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available Introduction: Naval Strike is the third DLC pack for Battlefield 4 and it includes 4 maps, set in the South China Sea, focusing on water-based combat. The trophy pack also includes additional guns, assignments to complete and Carrier Assault game-mode. Walkthrough: Step 1: Carrier Assault and the DLC map-related trophies Start off by playing on Carrier Assault to obtain The Big Leagues trophy. After that, you can either continue playing Carrier Assault or switch to another game-mode of your choice. *Optional* Step 2: Clean-up If Carrier Assault is not your cup of tea you can get the rest of the DLC trophies in other game-modes, such as Conquest. All DLC trophies can only be obtained on the Naval Strike DLC maps except the Fly Swatter which can be done on Vanilla or other DLC maps as well.
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