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  1. I've currently read that there are numerous issues with the online trophies, but what about the offline ones? The acolyte trophy would not pop up for me no matter how many times I did it, the same for the Wanted: Alive or Alive trophy. Alternatively, the 2nd story line trophy that can not be missed also did not pop for me when I finished robbing the store. I manged to solve the acolyte and wanted trophy by turning off my internet and re-doing the criteria again. However, this is ridiculous if I have to stay offline to do this. I looked in the forum to see if anyone else was having this problem but didn't find anything (that or I didn't look hard enough). Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it just me? If it isn't just me, is this platinum even worth the headache as it stands?
  2. I beat the game and didn't get the trophy. So far I erased my data and tried again to get it and nothing again! My next attempt will be to beat it on a different ps3 without the DLC. Unless there is a way to erase update data and DLC?
  3. Purchased this game earlier today for a quick little game to play over the weekend and have been following a guide when getting stuck. But I don't know whether my game has glitched or something isn't right :/ Basically I've got the other two drill parts from the other chests but when it comes to the Bible puzzle on floor 420F I completed the projector puzzle and listened to the dialogue after but the chest hasn't opened for me to progress. Now I've gone to countless videos and all of theirs have opened at the exact part I'm on. I reloaded my save and now I can't even access the candles and pedestals to put the bible on?? The top of the stairs has a black wall in the way? Is my game glitched? Or am I just being retarded? Hopefully someone can help, it's majorly frustrating. I would have thought after a 3GB patch, it would have ironed out all of the glitches but obviously not
  4. Hi, i know there are a few threads on the Enforcer Syndicate glitch (the requirements showing up as ???) i have checked battlelog on my PC and when checking the assignment it says i haven't completed the pre-requirements and they show as ??? although on the playstation they show as complete. has anybody found a way to sync battlelog on PS4 to the battlelog website as this seems to be the problem. i have tried playing a few games unlocking the next level hoping this would activate the sync but no such luck. thanks
  5. I recently started NG+ and the only hunter tool I missed in the first run was the Madaras Whistle. So I killed Valtr and the other hunter to get the tool asap to get the trophy, but when I got the item, nothing popped up. I had all the other 8 tools and yet nothing, I even checked every last one of 'em following the wiki. Luckily I copyied the save just before these fights, but now I need to be sure: there is something else I have to do in order to make the trophy to pop out? Like getting the 5 Vermins and sparing Valtr or something like that? I REALLY don't want to complete the game again just for this one.... EDIt: Problem solved. I bypassed the glitch getting again all the tools, and the trophy popped up.
  6. did they fix the glitched trophies on the ps4 remastered?
  7. Are the trophies in the PS4 version buggy / glitched like they were in the PS3 version?
  8. Ok, I've only just started the challenges but I think I might have discovered what the glitch is and how it is caused. I started a challenge, and replayed it several times until I got gold (one of the races), then I got gold on my second challenge and the trophy for getting the gold "Gold Medalist" popped up. Now I looked at the list to see what the trophy is, and that was when I first realised that perhaps there had been a glitch. Now I checked the trophy guide here and discovered that there is indeed a glitch with all the gold trophies not popping. But this means that right from the start my save is potentially glitched. But I think I know what might have happened. For whatever reason my first gold didn't pop, and what I did was keep playing the same stage over and over, I got bronze, then silver and then finally gold. But I suspect the fact that I kept clicking "continue" was maybe the problem. Not only that, I kept pausing the stage, putting the Vita into standby. So I personally think that each time you get a new rank on a particular stage, you should IMMEDIATELY leave the challenge, so your Vita saves, and then go back in and try for the gold. If you get gold on your first go then great. But I think if you get silver, keep playing and then get gold, that it only saves the silver in that particular challenge. So right now I have 2 golds but only 1 saved. This probably gives some hope for people who still have glitched data. What I am going to do on my save if keep playing and get all the golds, if the trophy pops then great, but if it doesn't I am going to try the first challenge I got gold on and try a few things (Of course no way of knowing whether another challenge or not, but hey, worth a try) So when I complete the game and if it glitches I will go back to my first challenge. And firstly 2) Complete the challenge with any ranking 3) Get another gold ranking No 1 will be to get a another gold on any challenge that I found easy. See if the trophy pops Anyone who has a glitched file should try the following. 1) Get a gold on any challenge beating your the previous challenge score, alerting the game once again that you have all golds 2) Go through all the challenges one by one and just ranking in a time at all, refreshing the gold you have on every stage. 3) Sadly, making a list of all challenges and going or gold on them again, one by one until you find the gold that glitched on you. If anyone who has a glitched file and has a recollection of repeatedly trying the same challenge over and over again without quitting back to the main menu should post if that happened to them. It might also be recommended for any person about to start these challenges to make sure they don't use the "Continue" option at all, and to make sure they don't pause, upgrade abilities, power down the Vita when you have ANy challenge under way. Hope this helps. I will post back later in a few weeks and let you know what happens to my save.
  9. I've been attempting to do the trophy where you are drugged and electrocuted and then successfully perform the operation. At the start, I immediately drug myself, quickly shock myself (at least with in 10 seconds of the drugging), and then attempt to perform the brain surgery. Twice now I've done it successfully and the trophy hasn't popped. Am I doing something wrong, or is it glitched for me? EDIT: I just now tried to do the heart surgery while drugged/electrocuted and the trophy still didn't pop. EDIT2: So I attempted the brain surgery again, drugged and electrocuted and it finally gave me the trophy. I'm not sure if it was glitched the previous times, or because I had to have a higher grade (the previous attempts I had gained a C and D, but this time when I got it I achieved a B, though the trophy doesn't mention any required grades). Anyone else had trouble like this?
  10. No matter what I do I can't get the happiness level of my settlements to rise to 100. I have done all the different ways I've seen to do it online, yet nothing works. The up arrow is always there but it never goes up. Can anyone help me out with this?
  11. I made the mistake of starting off with the co-op championship without any track experience and with Auto Brakes on. Big mistake yes.. I know... I was too eager to get this out of the way ... But today, I was in 4th place in the Drivers Championship and was having a hard time... then all of a sudden, after the Suzuka race I got the trophy .. Even though I was clearly in 4th place.. Did anybody experience this?? Did it pop for some reason I did not understand??
  12. Just after your opinions guys. With a few games being released on PS3 with some bugs and glitches. I would like to know what game you think is the most broken on PS3? Granted the glitches and bugs I have encountered seem to happen on the huge rpg games like fallout 3 , LOTR, (Skyrim and New Vegas which I haven't played). My vote goes to LOTR, I started playing it after the initial patch release and was quite happy with it although I was sure I had completed more quests than it says. (I never studied the problems with this game before my purchase). I could live with the lost quests, then I hit mirkwood. I can't go any further. The game is completely broken. Now I don't usually play these kind of games so don't have much experience with these kind of glitches and don't know how prevalent they are. I have played fallout 3, which I went through with no problems and have platinumed it. I have read online about problems with new vegas, which has put me off from purchasing, and also skyrim. Although these seem minor compared to mirkwood where you can't proceed any further. I have completed Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust and platinumed it, the lowliest ranked game on ps3, without a problem. And in my eyes gets a 10 score compared to this steaming fart in a jar (I'm looking at you LOTR). So my vote goes for LOTR worst game on ps3 due to glitches and bugs. Screw you snowblind, never again. Give me your votes guys?
  13. Hi guys, first of all let me ask you this: is it ok to post this kind of question here? I'm not fond of forums and I don't want to mess things up! Anyway, currently I'm playing MW3 and I have problems with Defense Spending (Buy all items from the Survival Equipment Armory.); I met the requirements for the trophy but it does not unlock! I have even tried to buy all the items in the same round, still nothing. Any ideas? Mind that I bought every item while playing online with a friend of mine, but I got the last one (bulletproof shield) while playing split screen offline; maybe it has nothing to do with the problem, but who knows. Thanks for your support
  14. I wondered if any one else has had trouble with top the midnight club trophy? I have won all 20 races and double checked my stats to make sure I have and I have!! but no trophy?! This also makes me think I may have some trouble getting the AWP trophy? Anyone any tips or ideas? I apologise if i have missed a post about this already?
  15. I've been working on my Veteran Run of the game for a while now. I was up to the mission where you play as Reznov in 1945, when I saved & quit. First and foremost, I want to say Saving & Quitting is okay. I've done it on multiple times and I still got all the Veteran Trophies (up to the point where I played to, that is). Prior to that, I had gone to play some Zombies, and I still got my trophies as well. So, Playing Zombies is okay. Now, when I got an invite to a game, I thought it was for some Zombies, but it ended up being Multiplayer. I went ahead and joined and played for a bit. When I return to my Single Player Campaign, I notice something: it's incredibly easy. I only died once throughout the entire mission (and that was because of a Red Barrel). Similarly, when I got off the ship with 2:25 left on the timer, I didn't get my Light Foot Trophy. With all of this, I came up with a theory... Playing Multiplayer lowers the Single-Player Difficulty. Keep in mind, it's only a theory, but a valid one at that. So it isn't exactly the Veteran Trophies that are glitched, but something that causes the difficulty to lower when you head into multiplayer. In conclusion: How to Safely Get the Veteran Trophies Do I have to do it all in one sitting? No. Is Saving and quitting the game okay? Yes. Is playing Zombies mode okay? Yes. Is playing Dead Ops Arcade okay? Unknown. I'll check my trophies to see if I got a Veteran Trophy after getting my 'Insert Coin' Trophy. Is Playing Multiplayer okay? No. It seems that this lowers the difficulty level and therefore "glitches" the trophies when you return to them. Avoid playing multiplayer while doing your Veteran Run. If you feel the need to, quit at the beginning of the mission. Then when you start playing the Single-Player again, instead of choosing to Continue Campaign, select the level you left off on and select Veteran from there. I figure the reason people thought 'Saving & Quitting' was bad was because they did so to go play Multiplayer afterward. I'm going to replay the snow level through Chapter Select and select Veteran to see if the difficulty increases, which might prove my theory. I hope this information proves useful to people going for their Veteran Trophies.
  16. Right after I make the moral choice, the game freezes and only the Heartless trophy pops up. I beat the last checkpoint again and the same thing happens. Anyone know of a cure?
  17. I have multiple times now completed everything there is to do in South Central but I never get the 2 missions from Raymond. All that is left is doing the tournament again (done the ballerz tournament too) a best of 3 series from Sissie & a wager mission from Carl to win 3. I got the goal attacks no problem. I just keep getting the same missions repeating over & over. every time I use a new save & get the South Central garage call at around 10%. Need a solution.
  18. Hey guys, so i 100%'d Skate 3 the other day after buying danny ways hawaiian dream DLC and went to mark off my success on the my trophie feature only to find some trophies had 'unmarked' themselves and ones i hadnt had marked themselves. I tried to re-mark them all but everytime i press save changes, it refreshes and leaves me with the same trophies unmarked? Anyone else having this problem? Help is appreciated (: thankyou
  19. Hey everyone, just registered on here but have been following these guides for a while now. I am stuck on the Western Collector star, I've gone through the checklist three times now and have spent a lot of time in this Toybox mode and I am missing just one collectible which is the Blue Tree Man Hair. The checklist guide I've been using says you get it from the Candy shop although I have hit that button millions of times and all I get is coins (I've got the others)....?? Is this game glitched or am I missing something here ? Thanks in advance, Jamie.
  20. Something happened :S. When I beat Assassin's Creed 2 just minutes ago, no trophie popped out, so I went to the trophy list, and turns out I didn't get the "Complete sequence 11"; "Complete sequence 14" and the last story related trophy. That's 3 story related trophies I didn't get. What happened? How can I get the trophies? Has this happened to any of you? :S
  21. Hello, I tried several times to spot the geeze like in the video and still no trophy. I tried to return to the bridge multiples times. Is anyone having the same problem ?
  22. I've done this mission several times now, i go to all the chest locations and the one on the bench, there's nothing there. When i finish the chapter its says 4 of 5. Anyone know how to fix this?
  23. Hi all, you may remember me as the person who confirmed the 'All Sales Are Final' clock-changing glitch years ago on this forum. After re-visiting this game to get those elusive "glitched" online trophies, today I finally got my platinum trophy, woohoo! Okay, here's EXACTLY what I did... (I combined every possible piece of advice online): 1. DELETE ALL SAVE DATA & GAME DATA. All of it. 2. Created several new accounts (running 3 PS3's at the same time, 2 people logged in each via splitscreen). 3. HOST a new game using the main account (only the HOST gets the trophies!!) Everything unlocked PERFECTLY on time (I was tallying in a notepad as I went along). Handy tips: - Name your match something "PRIVATE" so people know they shouldn't join, because if they do it makes things ten times harder. If someone DOES join, ask them POLITELY to leave! Saying "PLEASE LEAVE, PRIVATE GAME" will not work! Say "Hey Example123, please could you leave & join a different game? Private match. Thanks man." - Not sure if this affects anything, but I made sure I pressed a few buttons on each controller in EVERY match, just in case the game saw them as fake/idle/dead/etc. Takes 2 seconds per controller per match, but might be a life saver. - Axel does NOT count, even if installed. - The ONLY missiles that count are Fire, Homing, Power, Swarmer and Stalker. MANY people online STILL don't realise that you need to HOST games to get the trophies, so spread the word. NEVER EVER EVER swap between joining & hosting, otherwise it destroys your chances of getting the four main online trophies! Any questions, fire away!! [ATTACH]9302[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]9303[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]9304[/ATTACH]
  24. I thought it would be beneficial for a thread to be made, where people can warn others about certain trophies (which despite maybe having a vague or easy description), really ruined their experience of a game. This could be because it was hard, grindy, misleading, confusing, glitchy or any other reason that you wish to warn the community about! For example: I'm starting off with... MouseCraft Gold Digger Expert This trophy required you to get a perfect score in every level, and while I enjoyed the game at the start I ended up having to follow a video guide for hours to do this and it really sucked the fun out of the game. The trophy wasn't hard (while following a guide), nor was the game in-general, but these requirements were a bit above and beyond I thought.
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