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  1. I'm not sure if is the last mission, but what happen in my second run is that I killed Hank and after that my Ps4 crash, when I enter the game the next mission doesn't appear, is like I already complete it but at the same time don't. Basically I'm stuck.
  2. So I was playing TRU in treasure hunt mode and I followed a video guide so I wouldn't miss any treasures. At the end of the level, I realised that I had "missed" one. I then realised that this god damn glitch had happened. I deleted the treasure hunt SAVE file and then started a new game. (DO NOT DELETE Progress and Settings!) I followed a video guide again and when I came to the one that had glitched it suddenly re-appeared and it registered. So basically, if this glitch happens to you. Delete the treasure hunt save file (NOT THE PROGRESS AND SETTINGS), and start new game. The glitched treasure should re-appear. I hope this has helped.
  3. I've almost done all of the trophies apart from one (find all moments) but It seems I cannot do some of the momemts I've even watched youtube videos on how to do the ones I'm struggling with and nothing works. Also I no longer have access to the waterway, the grate is sealed. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?
  4. I completed the game and was collecting riddler trophies and I got to the one in Amusement Mile that I need the grapple boost. I went and pulled up my side missions and it just says mission not started. Ive completed all the side missions except enigma conundrum and have one more act of violence, but the ar missions is just completely gone and I cant start it. The red bat symbol is not at the starting point for it. Is there a fix to this or am i forced to delete my saves and start completely over? This is on my regular play through and was cleaning up. I apologize if there is a post about this, I was googling this and I wasn't finding anything on it.
  5. Did anyone experienced a glitch where you did all of the challenges and you still was missing an upgrade points? Any Ideas how to fix this? I will try to copy my save file to USB and reinstall the game... I will update you if this method helped but if you have any other ideas, or you experienced it as well please let me know. <EDIT> I have changed the name of the thread as glitch is related to Unleashed trophy and not to Perfectionist.
  6. Long story short. I needed to climb one more kilometre to get the "Mount Everest" trophy, which is also my last trophy for the platinum (PS4). They release a new patch and it wipes all of my statistics. This is the second time all of my stats have been wiped, so I decided to contact customer service. They basically said I needed to start from scratch and grind it out. Repetitively climbing almost nine kilometres in-game would take about six hours. Six hours of doing one thing over and over. Almost a full work day! No thanks. Techland has lost me as a customer. I'm not one to make a big stink about things like this, I usually keep my comments to myself, but over the last few years we've seen some of the shoddiest and most broken games ever put out. I'm over this trend and a simple "sorry" doesn't cut it in this instance. I know other people are in a similar boat and I don't think it's right that the customer gets shafted. Anyway, after a two week long conversation and sending them captured video of my game, this was their final response. Techland response: "Dear SynthR, In that case, you would need to complete that particular trophy one more time. Once more, we are sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards Grzegorz Krawczyk, TECHLAND Ticket: http://en.support.te.../tickets/11014" My Response: "I appreciate the help over the past two weeks, but that response is unreal. You're asking me to grind out a trophy that will take at least six hours of doing the same repetitive action without offering any other form of compensation? I'm sorry, but I won't be supporting Techland in the future. Your company has released two patches that have ruined my Dying Light experience. That's a huge inconvenience and blunder on Techland's part, not mine. Good night and good luck with future games."
  7. [spoiler=1234]I am at level 18 now on hard mode, going for one shot and prudence trophies when I am now getting 2 aliens chasing me around before the nest cut scene. I understand there are 2 aliens after the nest facehugger scene, but i cant get to the airlock because I have both coming at me before I can even reach the airlock cut scene. I havent seen any lets play vids or youtube walkthroughs that show this behavior yet. Am i bugged? I don't know if i can do this again. This game is giving me PTSD.
  8. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me with the GeoLocated Trophy on WatchDogs for PS4. Basically on the in-game mobile app it says I have visited 100/100 of the hotspots and I've got the badge for this but on the progression wheel it says I've visited 99/100. I've checked the map and I can't find another hotspot anywhere. I've completed all criminal convoys and all other side activities and all other investigations so I'm guessing it's a glitch or something. However, it's blocking me from getting the GeoLocated trophy, the trophy for all investigations and the platinum trophy. Typically, this was the first game I've decided to try and get a platinum trophy for. Just my luck! graaannt
  9. Just to let everyone know that the exploit still works after the 1.03 patch. This is NOT my video,just the one I followed,all credit goes to PS4Trophies. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zinhcYnANxk] [/ame]
  10. Hello, I had a problem with this trophy, because it did not appear after I found all of them, I even get the More Popular than John Lennon trophy (and that means that I befriended the Chinpokomon Toy Corporation, meaning that I found all 30 chinpokomon) but the Chipokolypse trophy is missing Does anybody knows a solution for this? I don't want to play all the game again just for this trophy (and the platinum). Thank you and sorry if my english is not cleat enough LOL
  11. So I've got all 48 skills, including the 4 boosts at 10/10 however in my progress tab it is saying I only have 44/48 preventing me from getting the Fully Loaded trophy and in turn my platinum. I've sunk a lot of hours into this game and have no inclination to start over and hope for the best the second time around, so I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue? Or even better been able to fix it? Thanks in advanced.
  12. Hi, folks: I got the Hellbreath at the Armory and went to the Frontline mission where I've been all evening killing Nazis with it, and the damned trophy won't pop. I've now killed more than a hundred, and no trophy. I've googled all over the place, and can't find where it's glitched. Does anyone have a suggestion how to rectify this? There WAS an instance during the evening, perhaps prior to my hitting thirty kills (I'm unsure) where the game quit with an error that I reported to Sony. It was along the lines of "CE-####." Nothing out of the ordinary happened; the mission had just started, when suddenly, I was told an error had occurred, and I was given the option to report it to Sony. I was able to restart the game and pick up where I'd left off as if nothing had happened. I'm worried about corruption of my save file, obviously, but the game's been playing just fine ever since. I've gotten other trophies, but not "Shocking." I'd be really grateful for a tip. Binky
  13. Hey guys, my first post here, on an issue that nobody else seems to have been affected by (that I can see?). Anyway, here's the gist: After weeks of grinding, new save slots etc. I finally defeated The Fountain within 15 deaths, without using the architect. Go me! Then, the trophy didn't pop, after killing The Fountain, credits etc., so I started getting worried, and I took the screenshot you can see attached. Then I'm at the New Game + screen, and at this stage I'm pretty sure that I just got ripped off from earning one of the hardest trophies I've ever had to work for. So: the point of this post (aside from whining about my bad luck), has anybody else been cheated out of their Thanatophobia Trophy?? Okay, luckily I had backed-up my save (right before the final boss) to Sony's cloud, so I downloaded that save and defeated Johannes/The Fountain again. And the trophy popped! Finally got my Ergophobia and now I can move on to another game!
  14. I keep re applying the trophies that I've earned, but it's just not saving. I've attempted this five times now
  15. Hi everyone! I'm really in need of help and not sure if my copy has bugged out. I'm missing one gold brick in the entire game. On the Galaxy Map it shows Starkiller as having 49/50 gold bricks collected. I have all of the gold bricks in all the story levels and I have completed all of the side missions in the hub area. Even with the collectable locator red brick turned on I cannot find this last gold brick anywhere! Help me please! You're my only hope!
  16. By the fact that the jump missing needs you to land on a train that passes by the same exact bridge that the that get blown by Trevor, I can't even see the chopper neither the jump icon. I'm already 71% and 46/69 story missions. Will, later, when I finish the story, that train be removed for me to complete the last jump, or will need to restart the game. I only have a save with 30%
  17. Hi all! Given that I found this glitch elsewhere on the internet, I thought that I could post a new thread about it here as well. As of today, 21 july 2017, it works on PS4, and with internet activated! I don't know if on mobile could, if you want, go ahead and try! It is basically a good way to farm money, and it has some pros and cons. IT AFFECTS TROPHIES, so check the side-effects before testing it! How to trigger it: While playing the game on non-boss levels: Press PS one time to get into your PS4 main menu Get to date and time settings, and set it manually back by 1 month, leaving everything else as it is, and confirm. Double-press PS to get right back into the game, and it will give you a month-worth ton of money! IMPORTANT STEP: Get back to settings, restore the clock (best if with internet time) and re-enter the game with the double-press PS, or you will incur into a very bad side-effect on trophies. Repeat from step 1 if you so wish. Known side-effects: If you do this from step 1 during a boss level, you will INSTANTLY KILL IT despite his level (I'm not entirely sure if it can really kill ALL bosses this way, I managed to get it to work at least with my ighest zone, that's 500 or so), but it's 99% possible that you're NOT GETTING SOULS this way. Doing this while having active skills COULD activate them forever: this ends when you close the game or change hour/date. Not entirely sure if it ends when you leave the game idle,being in the main ps4 menu for a while. Obviously you won't get the idle bonus DPS if a click skill is active. I don't know if this applies only to the skills that were active at the moment of the glitch triggering or if it involves all of them everytime. It WILL affect trophies and MAKE SOME MISSABLE: to avoid this, restore the clock BEFORE earning them, otherwise YOU WON'T GET THEM. I found this out because my relic trophy didn't pop... so it's SUPER IMPORTANT. If you miss a trophy anyway, you'll get it by doing what it takes with the restored date and clock. I managed to get the ascension trophy that I missed by ascending a second time with everything done correctly. This glitch doesn't get along well with mercenaries, as it will break them and force you to dismiss them, even if you only had to collect the reward. If you want to speed up mercenaries that are already on a quest, simply forward the clock by the amount required: You will then have to wait for a few seconds and then collect the reward. If you do this when the reward has to be collected you'll break it, forcing you to dismiss the poor guy, so be extra-careful. If you happen to find other effects or infos please post them here! Have fun!
  18. When I got my Chocobo it would let me hit square to sprint a few times. Now the button is always greyed out. Is this a glitch that Square Enix needs to fix or do I need some special type of gysahl green? I did a Chocobo race the button works there just not on the world map. Anyone else have this issue?
  19. Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you guys know that I may have encountered a glitch in SAO: Lost Song. The last Gallery CG and video I acquired both didn't show up when I'm viewing my Gallery back at the inn. Will add info in spoiler tags below about the CG and video in question. [spoiler=6969]Just after arriving in The Dark World, in Nibelheim (island number 4), I completed an event at the inn with Yui and Strea and unlocked a CG of them hugging Kirito. This CG never showed up when viewing my gallery. After this I went on to starting Nibelheim and attending one of Seven's concerts. The video of her singing her song also never showed up in my gallery afterwards. Has anyone else encountered a similar bug? Does anyone know how to fix it? Will it perhaps correct itself later on as I get more CGs, or does this mean I have to do the events again by restarting the game later? Hope this bug doesn't have any other significant effects. At the very least I hope it won't ruin any trophies. And even if it doesn't, I still would like to be able to complete the Gallery without uncertainties like this weighing themselves in. Any input you might have is welcome. Also feel free to list in this thread any other possible bugs/glitches you might encounter. Might be good to gather them all at one place to notify the devs later on for a possible patch or fix Thanks in advance! ^^ Edit: As I progressed through a few more dungeons in this area, all missing CGs and videos suddenly appeared in the gallery. I don't know what triggered it, but maybe the game somehow hadn't updated the gallery yet. At least I'm glad it resolved itself. The gallery was in fact missing 2 CGs without me knowing about the second one (didn't seem like a CG when it was shown the first time). So if anyone else is experiencing this, continue to play for a bit longer through the story and this seems to correct itself.
  20. So I got Cait's affinity high enough for her to tell me about her chem addiction but once the convo finished, it didn't give me the quest. I even went to Vault 95 and nothing activated. Has anyone else had this issue? My last manual save is way to far back to reload. If anyone has a solution or fix it'd be greatly appreciated!
  21. Hello all, I just finished the Showdown Tour. I got the Bronze, Silver and GOLD trophies, but no Legend trophy!!!! (for having a podium finish on Legend tier). Does anyone know a way to get this trophy? without the need of playing the whole campaign again!! Thanks!
  22. While doing the projector quest in the pub in Pinwheel Harbour i can no longer teleport back to the case. After sending Jean's boat down the river my screen glitches and the teleport function is not possible. Has anyone come across this, and if so were you able to fix it?
  23. As per this thread about using chapter select and choosing "uber" difficulty to get the Trophy, I found this "glitch" to beat the boss without taking any damage, enjoy [ame] [/ame]
  24. I have 2 missing agent quests that I'm trying to find but they require meto ride an elevator up by pressing square. Everytime I do this, it loads then sends me back to a safe house. This happens for the 2 missing agent missions that I have left...Anyone know what gives?
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