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Found 23 results

  1. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/news/boosting2.png Coop Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone Please keep all discussions and planning in the coop boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner. __________________________________________________ PSN ID: SolidSquirrel22 TimeZone: CST Time I Can Play: Usually on weekdays I'm on early in the morning or late at night (work). I have most weekends off, so I'm free to play then. Mic: Yes Trophies: Got the plat (Please say you're from PST when sending a friend request)
  2. I know it's gonna be hard to Plat because I don't have 3 friends to play
  3. I figured this would be a good place to share each others usernames so we can play some games with each other (if anyone plays on this site other than me). I'm always looking for more people to play. Mine is of course, like all my other usernames, PainOfDemise. I would consider myself an average player and I play casually, usually when I'm at work.
  4. Hello friends, Hloody here. So, How much money do You spend on the Ps Store per month? Myself, I get Most from Ps+ for free, But I might buy A game or avatar on occasion, but in average, Just A few "bucks" per month. You?
  5. I need help getting the party person trophy. Any day is fine for me, but I live on the east coast, so as i write this, it's 12:06 AM, Monday morning, so take that into consideration when we meet up. PSN ID - Mikey_Filth When adding me/each other, messasge with the body of PS3trophies forums Also note that once i get the trophy, I will delete you. Nothing personal, so please don't get offended, it's just that I barely play online with others. As for the 50 plays trophy, just make a duplicate account on your system, and have that account play one of your levels by hitting replay in the start menu. I don't know if after the recent updates, which included MGS DLC related trophies will allow you to replay your level by hitting restart in the start menu, but it doesn't hurt to try.
  6. (THIS THREAD IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS) Recommended Co-op Games for PS3 So recently I've been seeing the question up alot "What is a great co-op game my friends and I would enjoy?" It's a pretty common question and at times I even find myself asking the same thing. So I thought I would put together a thread based on great co-op games to help you guys out on your future purchases or rentals. Notes: - If you don't like certain games on the list please don't rant about it let people decide on what they like. - I do not like adding games that do not have the option to play co-op offline, so don’t expect to see many online only co-op games on this list. - If I don’t think the game requires a summary I will not include one, but if you request a summary for a specific game I will write one up. - Please feel free to leave your requests, but if you are going to be mean about it I will completely ignore you. - As it says on the top of the page this thread is a work on progress and I plan on adding more games to the list whether it be a new release or any other game that I have not added yet. - If this thread has helped you in any way please leave a comment to help me keep this thread alive. Thanks guys and enjoy! *Summaries are based on my opinion* *The following list is in no particular order* *If (PSN Store) is under the game’s title it can only be purchased from the PSN Store online*
  7. Saw the thread about the amount of people on your blocked list and it got me thinking; how many are on your friends list? I personally don't like to see random people on my list and will delete them soon after our boosting is done. I have my 4 real life friends added at all times and 1 other fps buddy and that's it.
  8. Hi, Hloody here. I have now Reached 1000 friends Here, and What happened Was that in my profile, it says "Showing 1 of 1000 friends" instead of "Showing 6 of 1000 friends." Also, I can't View all my Friends in my "Friends" column in my Profile. 11anthony, alphanbetically the First on my Friends list, is the only person there. Why is it like this?
  9. Thought it would be fun to see, who's on the PSVita, and add people to play, talk etc. - and there's nothing wrong in adding prior to the Vita release. Sooo... PSN ID: LordZef - had to start over, due to hack on my old PSN ID. Current Games: Disgaea 3, FIFA Football, Lord of Apocalypse, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Little Deviants, Tournament Golf, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, Army Corps of Hell, Blazblue, Dungeon Hunter, Unit 13, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout, Modation Racers, Reality Fighters, Plants vs Zombies, Hustle King, Dart, Escape Plan & Super Stardust.
  10. http://www.bigredbarrel.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/driveclub-banner.png I've noticed there is a thread dedicated to Club Recruitment. So I figured let's use this topic if you are wanting some extra people on your friends list, for some friendly competition on the in-game Leaderboards. Just post your PSN ID and then members can add as they please.
  11. Hey guys, so now that the advent is upon us and I've received my godly ps4, I've also received a new friend cap of 2000, so I can start building up my community again! I'm a trophy whore and play all sorts of stuff and am on a lot, looking to meet some more awesome people out there on the new platform, if you want feel free to add me, my tag is Orange-Vision or drop a post with your tag and i'll get you when I get the chance, thanks and happy gaming!!
  12. I assumed that when the PS4 came out that their would be a notification or some kind of banner against my PSN friends, telling me if they were online on PS4 or not, if I looked at my friends list on my PS3. However a friend messaged me today while on his new shiny PS4 and it seems that it just displays them as offline, even though I can send them messages and things as per normal. Unlike with the vita where it seems to display them as offline, but not give a signout timestamp (so put them at the very bottom of the friends list). I thought this was kinda odd, and hope that it will be fixed with later patches, because its quite annoying to not know which friends are online or not Don't know what you guys think of this?
  13. I'm looking for people to play bf4 with !! I'm only looking to play casually and not competitive I'm on PS4, my PSN is Tubelessmonk .. Just send me a MSG on PSN if u want to play I'm not amazing at the game but feel I would benefit playing this game with other people
  14. As the title suggests, is this trophy still easy to boost? (i.e. you can make your own lobby called "AIR DRONE KILLS" or whatever and then your friends join and you boost) or has something been done about this in the game to prevent it? Many thanks.
  15. vava

    Keys To Kyrat

    Glad we can "share" the game with 10 friends!
  16. And none of my friends on my friends list have it or any friends in real life, which is already limited seeing as they are converting to xbox . Was just looking for a few people that would want to play it tonight? i live in the uk and i'm currently on my easter break so i have a lot of free time to play it PSN: Downesy
  17. i try to find games alot but i rarely find any one. Can someone friend me on psn. u have to have a mic and be young. and play this often. please dont close this thread. PSN:MAXPOWER2010
  18. Hello! I need help with the winning the 25 online trophies, the 4 against 4 in the household one, the invites, etc. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to help me/we could help each other. Thanks!! Add me: Staci (Motorboat8)
  19. This is my first post, yay!!! Dunno why I never bothered signing up after using this site for a few months..... Anyway I always have problems joining a game with my brother. We live in Canada, in the same province and we can see each other in the game lobby, but it always says 'game not available at this time'. Tried forwarding ports, DMZ, enabling PnP, nothing works! I think it's the crappy EA servers! They spend so much money in advertisement(did you guys see they were giving away free gas?) and making the game(as crappy as it is) on every possible console and neglect their hardware O.o WTF? I had the same problem with Army of Two! I bought that game to play coop and I was never able to connect with my brother. He came down for Christmas one year and we beat it split screen in a few hours(lame). I don't think I will ever buy a game endorsed by EA ever again!
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