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Found 13 results

  1. [ame] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoLnEWUP71s[/ame] Valkyrie Drive Is A Game & Anime Full Of Battling Girls From Senran Kagura's Producer - Siliconera
  2. Xseed Also Registered Domains For Corpse Party: Blood Drive And Trails of Cold Steel - Siliconera
  3. Drive Girls Announced As A New PS Vita Game With Transforming Car Girls - Siliconera
  4. Whenever it rains, do any of you have particular things you like to do? I like to open the windows so I can really hear the rain as I play games. I also like to go for a drive. Sometimes I'll just sit outside and observe my yard as the rain pours. How about everyone else?
  5. One of the biggest things about Twisted Metal is the huge roster of characters you`re able to choose from. I`d love to play them all, but the top 3 cars I`d want to drive are 1. Crimson Fury 2. Talon 3. Spectre If you would like to check the full available roster, go to the Twisted Metal wikia for the list.
  6. This game is great, it has so much stuff to do like find the wrecks for bonus cars or go picture hunting. I like everything in this game except the Driving schools. This fucking thing drives me crazy, i ll be doing a test and it'll be going fine then suddenly ill just spin out and go miles of the track, it happens every fucking time. Its actually making the game less enjoyable for me
  7. EDIT "I've found a Subaru Impreza WRX STI"
  8. sorry if i have repeated other threads, but im looking for a specific answer, where nobody is giving me a clear explaination. Back to the question, I have a 3rd gen 80GB PS3 and i had it for a year and a half. Today, i have played the entire last mission of Battlefield Bad Company 1. When it came to the final stages, the cutscenes were glitching and juddering until it froze. i pressed skip. The gameplay was still working, although the voices and some gunfire noises were gone. when i shot down the heli, it showed another frozen cutscene. i pressed skip this time and it lead to another one which was unskippable. At this point none of the controller commands where working, so i was forced to do a manual eject. it kept making buzzes. That left me with a reboot. While the ps3 retained normal function, the disc was no longer showing in the GAME menu. i ejected and re-inserted the game and the drive was not making any noise it is supposed to, but the prossessing logo keeps on going and going. I put in a few other games, the same thing. I have yet to try out CDs and DVDs, but i hope at least they work when BDs do not. I have read several walkthroughs and "warnings", but all it has done is furthur confuse me. I know a fault has occured in the drive (and in bad timing to do so), but what i dont know is if it is a SOFTWARE(corrupted driver) or HARDWARE(worn out mechanisms) problem with the drive, and what the best option is for either case. I request a technical but straightfoward answer if you can.
  9. hi all, as im in the UK i cant get the game till tomorrow so i was just wanting to know what u think about the Casino Pack
  10. They have put way too many tests in, i dont mind 1 or 2 but a test for every class of car is a pisstake
  11. Corpse Party Continues On PS Vita With Corpse Party: Blood Drive
  12. Yeah... basically what it says.. XD Any clue as to why it's not showing up? Thanks for any feedback in advance
  13. Hello ppl. I already game today didn't like game especially story too much hype... Anyway i trying to reach 100% just for fun. I found all vehicles except Limo i'm sure i got one because there is a mission you need to kill Quinn and you drive one Philandra but game bugged out because doesn't allow me to buy. And i've been driving crazy but can't find i think is impossible. Thans.
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