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  1. Overview Estimated trophy difficulty: 5.9/10 Offline: 50 (1, 2, 6, 41) *Multiple trophies can be done either online or offline. Defender is the only one that should be done online.* Online: 1 (1(B)) Downloadable Content: 2 (2(B)) Approximate amount of time to 100%: 50-60 hours with a Mass Effect 2 save, 75-100 hours without Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ (2+ without a Mass Effect 2 save) Number of missable trophies: 8; Paramour, Master and Commander, Liberator, Tunnel Rat, Saboteur, Problem Solver, Fact Finder, Hijacker Number of missable DLC trophies: 1; Freedom Fighter Glitched trophies: Potentially Insanity and Unwavering, *see the special note about the Extended Cut Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, two Insanity trophies. Is an Online Pass required? Yes “This is the end…of our elaborate plans, the end; of everything that stands, the end.” The Doors, especially a song titled “The End,” seemed appropriate considering that this is the end of the main Mass Effect trilogy. There will no doubt be more games, but what started with Shepard and the Reapers ends here. Because of importing of characters from Mass Effect 2, this is really two road maps. The destination is the same, but your starting point is different. Without a Mass Effect 2 save, the platinum time doubles. In my opinion, the only way to play this game is having the knowledge and experience from Mass Effect 2. You will get the most out of the game and enjoy it that much more. If you also have the means to do so, please play the first Mass Effect game on PC or Xbox, if you have it. You won’t be able to import your character, but you can import the main decisions from Mass Effect: Genesis. I can’t stress this enough, this game is very, very heavily story based and there is a lot that occurs in the first two games. You will still enjoy Mass Effect 3 without the past games, but your experience will be different and enriched having played at least Mass Effect 2 beforehand. With all of that being said, if you do not have a Mass Effect 2 save, skip to section [2.1] in the road map. Best of luck and enjoy the game. Note: Be sure to back up your Settings file regularly, especially if you're going to be playing online. Freezes in multiplayer have been known to wipe out all of your trophy stats. [1.0] Missable Trophies Unfortunately, there are missable trophies. Fortunately, they aren't too hard to miss. Most of them fall under the category of side missions (Liberator, Tunnel Rat, Saboteur, Problem Solver, and Fact Finder). While these can be missed easily, if you pay attention to the list of missions with Unwavering and don't progress too far through the story, you'll be ok. Just remember, Priority: Tuchanka, Priority: Rannoch, and Priority: Cerberus Headquarters are the story missions that lock out other missions. Complete everything else before beginning those. Paramour is one that you'll have to try to miss, but it is possible. If you don't interact with your squadmates at all, you may not get the opportunity for the love scene. Hijacker is luck based. It is available with every appearance of the Atlas (except for on Sur'Kesh). If you don't get it, the earliest opportunities to get it in another playthrough will be in Grissom Academy or Priority: Eden Prime. Master and Commander is less of a concern. You will most likely not get it in your first run through. Once you do complete the game though, you will be taken back to the just before Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. Simply complete Defender at that point and then begin the mission again to get the trophy. Of course, the DLC has one missable trophy as well, Freedom Fighter. The good thing about it is that once you have full control over the Normandy, you can start the mission. There are only three computers that you need to find and their locations are listed with the trophy. Fully explore the area to find all three. [1.1] Import Playthrough 1 With your Mass Effect 2 game save, import your character into ME3. You'll be able to change your class if you wish, but you can also stick with the class that you know. The best trophy wise would be Sentinel since you can use Lift Grenades for Sky High and Overload for Overload Specialist. Those trophies can also be unlocked in multiplayer though and shouldn't concern you too much. Once the game starts and you have full control of Shepard, you will automatically level up to where you left off in Mass Effect 2. If that's level 30, then you're halfway to 60 minutes into the game. By the end of the prologue, you'll have to decide which difficulty that you want to play on. You can set it to Casual or Story if you just want to enjoy the ride or set it to Insanity if you want to get that trophy out of the way. Keep in mind, that if you are going for Insanity on your first playthrough, you will also want to do Unwavering since that has to be done in one playthrough. Whichever you decide, you must set the difficulty to Insanity by the time you leave Earth if you want that trophy. Adjusting the difficulty after Earth is fine, but if you lower it from Insanity, you will lose that trophy. Simply play through the game and complete the missions. Follow along with the lists accompanying Unwavering for the more detailed quests and Master and Commander for the smaller fetch missions that increase your Overall Military Readiness. Most of the trophies should naturally unlock along the way. You'll have to keep in mind that certain story missions will lock you out of the side missions and smaller fetch missions if you progress too far. The best thing to do is to complete as many active quests as possible before taking on any missions labeled "Priority." Completing the main story missions will make available new side missions. Again, complete those first in case your progression through the story locks you out of them. I need to make a quick mention of the first DLC, From Ashes. You will get the mission in your email box after leaving the Citadel and can complete it at any time before Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. While you're on the mission, be sure to fully explore the buildings to ensure that you get Freedom Fighter. Depending on who you chose to romance in Mass Effect 2 or in Mass Effect: Genesis, then the time when you can romance him or her will come at different times. In the case of Ashley/Kaiden or the new characters, it won't be until you cross the point of no return and begin Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. If it is someone like Tali, you will be able to continue the romance shortly after she comes aboard the Normandy. As with the other Mass Effect games, there is a point of no return and that is Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. Once you start this mission, there is no turning back until the game ends. Before starting this mission, check your overall military readiness (OMR) and your effective military readiness (EMR). If your EMR is over 4000, then you will unlock Master and Commander without any trouble. The easiest way to increase the EMR is by playing the online multiplayer. Each mission that you either complete or reach a later wave will add to your galactic readiness rating (GRR). The EMR is calculated by a simple formula (OMR * GRR% = EMR). If your OMR is 6000 and your GRR is 50%, then your EMR will be 3000. Playing random missions with random enemies on Bronze difficulty is the quickest and easiest way to increase your GRR. If you don't happen to have to an EMR over 4000 when you start Priority: Cerberus Headquarters, then don't worry. When you complete the game, you will be sent back to just before the point of no return. Go online and work on Defender. By the time you get to 100% GRR, then you will be well over 4000. Simply start Priority: Cerberus Headquarters again and the trophy will unlock right away. One last thing to consider with your first playthrough is what level you will reach. If you started with an imported character at level 30, you should end up between level 55 and 58 by the end of your first playthrough. Your choice at this point is to either import your ME3 character into a New Game or play online. Skip to the appropriate section (1.2 for importing or 3.1 for Multiplayer) depending on which you want to do. You will need to play a bit with an imported character to fully upgrade a gun to level 10 though.
  2. Are you going to buy the DLC's? Theres been so many detractors on Destiny's up coming DLC's... why are areas already on disc, why did the campaign story seem so choppy as if its been broken up to be sold later, why bother with new crucible maps just for the same bland & repetitive 2 or 3 pvp modes, why is it so expensive (almost same price as the full game again) All I know is for all its flaws I've really enjoyed playing Destiny (I've the platinum, grimoire score of 2500, lvl30 warlock, lvl30 hunter, lvl29 titan and more exotics than Tony Montana). But I've been totally bored with game for weeks and severely need new content and challenges... only does giving BUNGiE/Hacktivision my money encourage AAA studios to breakup potentially amazing games just to create more profit in the long term. P.S. Do you find it sucks the PlayStation DLC gets an extra strike? when M$ players are paying the same.
  3. Sleeping dogs for ps4 required all dlc content trophies to platinum. What about saints row 4 reelected?
  4. So Havoc has been released on PS4 but it comes in three parts (different language ones) I really wish it would just state: Havoc DLC - Russian, Havoc DLC - English instead of us having to download all of them :/ My internet isnt the best and it sucks that I have to download all of them to find out. Sizes are: 5.62GB, 5.42GB Aand 5.43GB. 16GB+ in total. Anyone with better internet downloaded already and can confirm which one is English? Always hated that they do this. EDIT: Confirmed sizes for EU: PS3 1174 PS4 5.62GB Thanks all for confirmation!
  5. Hey, is the DLC a best way to earn 100 million gold. My current level I think is 30 and I gave Fang the Goddess Blessing ability through weapon boost.
  6. Hey, guys, I bought the DLC back in the day from a Spain PSN account, which I never used because I live in North America and my version of the game (USA) isn't compatible with the DLC I got. Found out the hard way after wasting my money... However, now I want to play the DLC and get my deserved trophies, but I have a question. Would the DLC work on any Europe Region disc? (UK, Spain, Germany, Australia) Or I need specifically the Spain disc? I would guess that it works the former way, because I can use DLC from USA PSN on Mexican game discs (makes sense, both US and MX are in the North America region). But I would like a confirmation before spending more money. Also, even though I already found the game on Amazon UK and ES, these stores don't seem to send stuff to North America, I would gladly look into recommendations of other online stores. Thanks in advance.
  7. Dear all, I have the Borderlands season pass, however when I went on the PSN store on my console or on the PC it said I had to rebuy the DLC, even though I knew it should be included. This is a bug with the store which 2K has recognised as a problem, however when I searched there was no public answer to the question. After talking to 2K support this issue was resolved by going into the "downloadable content" option from the title menu of the Borderlands game itself where it showed The Holodome Onslaught as "purchased" unlike on the main store. I then clicked on download from the in-game menu and it brought me to what looked like an older version of the PSN store where I could download the DLC free of charge. Hope this helps some people .
  8. Sorry if there is already a thread for this, I looked but couldn't see one! Got a problem accessing the Dead Kings DLC. When I go to the carriage sat outside the café, the only option given is "Store"; when I selected this it took me to Ubi's eStore screen and the only option there is "Download"; this then takes me to the PSN store which just says "Installed" (which I was pretty sure I had done anyway). I've tried deleting and reinstalling the game. I've tried restore the licences (XMB>Settings>PSN/Account Management/Restore Licences). I've even tried looking on the Ubi forums and so far no one seems to've offered any other solutions and neither of the ones I've tried have done anything. I know I'm a bit late to the party here but normally that doesn't cause too many issues. At least, not with DLC! Anyone have any clues or ideas, other than deleting everything including the save data and trying again - which I don't really want to do having just completed the game and got most if the collectibles?
  9. Hello, Since Gladio's DLC has been set for March (Pretty sure Prompto's is in June, not sure of Ignis's), I've been trying to think of what trophies there would be. Do you think there will be trophies? Do you think they will just be story related, or will there be exploration ones like in the main game?
  10. Can anyone with the 100% do a little guides for DLC events? I mean recommendable cars for events and maybe some tips for the tracks. I'm sure it would help many of us =)
  11. I can't find it on the EU store as of today. Was it taken off? Or is it just me? Edit: Nevermind, I found that it comes bundled with Enemy Within. Update: But Enemy Within doesn't let you unlock dlc trophies for Enemy Unknown. They're both treated as separate games.
  12. Remember that epic cinematic "A night to remember" which was released at launch of Witcher 3? Well, it seems that Beauclair was already shown there [ame] [/ame]
  13. I have just finished the whole season and the kill grind, and saw that there was a final season 5 which it says is coming soon? Do you think this will ever happen? Do you want it to happen? Also if it does do you think there will be extra trophies for completing it, or more kill related ones for a new enemy type (I hope it isn't 500 of the new ones that's for sure though!)
  14. I myself am so excited for this: [ame] [/ame] http://www.destructoid.com/armello-dlc-and-xbox-one-release-scheduled-for-august-30-379570.phtml It's adding new heroes for all the clans and more items! Although as others have said I would love to see a new "map" (so set of tiles) to play on along with the initial one, despite the fact that the original is actually randomised. It's currently out in the US, but not for EU players yet, can't wait .
  15. Not sure if its on all stores but I can confirm both dlcs are on sale in the EU store at 7,99€ each instead of 19,99€ each.
  16. Heya, I am almost at the end of the game on my first playthrough and I have some questions about my Speedrun kit DLC and the Grade Shop bonuses. If I raise all Lords of the Land to 20 (The Max level possibly for all Lords of the Land) and purchased either the double thrice Skill grade bonus and other bonuses like triple EXP and double item drop, will my DLC I used on my first playthrough carry over to my second playthrough so the DLC which are Grade Shop bonuses that appeared after you beat your first playthrough can be used with the other Grade Shop bonuses? If so, will the Speedrun kit DLC help me almost purchase everyone on the Grade shop after I beat the game for the first time?
  17. I don't know if this is just a problem with me or not, but for some reason the mileage that I do in a private 'friends' game by myself on DLC cars doesn't seem to save to autolog servers, and if I quit the game and enter back into it all the mileage is reset. The weirdest thing about this is that it will keep the mods I have unlocked on the car, but under autolog it will say they are still locked, and the mileage will have decreased to whatever it was before playing solo multiplayer. I also found that everytime I quit I had to redo some of the DLC licence plates such as super natural every time . The only way round this was to join a public game, or create a friends game and ask a partner to join me. Is this normal since a patch or is there something wrong, since I remember before this method of grinding the cars mods solo worked?
  18. http://i.imgur.com/pr6BMun.png If you are not a registered member of the site yet and found this guide helpful, please consider joining the forums! Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 3 (Personal estimate) Offline trophies: 0 Online trophies: 5 (3 , 2 ) Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6+ hours (highly skill and luck based) Minimum number of playthroughs: Several multi-player matches Number of missable trophies: None Glitched trophies: N/A Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available Introduction: Naval Strike is the third DLC pack for Battlefield 4 and it includes 4 maps, set in the South China Sea, focusing on water-based combat. The trophy pack also includes additional guns, assignments to complete and Carrier Assault game-mode. Walkthrough: Step 1: Carrier Assault and the DLC map-related trophies Start off by playing on Carrier Assault to obtain The Big Leagues trophy. After that, you can either continue playing Carrier Assault or switch to another game-mode of your choice. *Optional* Step 2: Clean-up If Carrier Assault is not your cup of tea you can get the rest of the DLC trophies in other game-modes, such as Conquest. All DLC trophies can only be obtained on the Naval Strike DLC maps except the Fly Swatter which can be done on Vanilla or other DLC maps as well.
  19. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace's Western Release to Include Most Crossover DLC - News - Anime News Network
  20. We have been on the last level or next to it 5 times and the host gets kicked. Is this a normal problem with this dlc? Only need the professional play through for 100% on this dlc. We have put so many damn hours into this I've lost track for one piece of shit dlc trophy.
  21. If u know that ur not going to finish a game to maximum completion would u still buy DLC for it?. I'm interested in the AC4 story DLC but I know for a fact I ain't gonna plat the game because of those boring mp trophies .
  22. I read about people complaining that the trophies\achievements in the dlc not unlocking properly but i can't even start the dlc. 2/3 times i tried it frooze my ps3 on the mission loadingscreen and the third time i couldn't see the map at all. So hopefully they patch the dlc soon so i can play it.
  23. Patch came out revealing trophies. Riders of the Rustlands Trophies: - 1 Beat level -1 in 'The Magnetic 10' challenge on 'Junkyard Funk' Ticket Out of Here Complete the 'Slumdog Billionaire' challenge on 'Rags to Riches' -Swallowed Whole Complete the 'Wormfood' challenge on 'Gone to Waste' Squirrel Scavengers Find all 3 squirrels on Riders of the Rustlands Top Dog of the Turf Pass all tracks on Riders of the Rustlands Empire of the Sky Trophies: Super Trials Gatecrash an apartment on 'Winter Getaway' and complete their arcade game Three Birds, One Stone Complete all 3 challenges on 'Stratosphere' in a single run, with less than 15 faults Global Sizzling Destroy all the ecosystems on 'Eden' in a single run Silver Spoon Squirrels Find all 3 squirrels on Empire of the Sky Lobster and Caviar Pass all tracks on Empire of the Sky I for one am looking forward to the new DLC, I always enjoy a good challenge! Opinion on the trophies?, Season pass in general? feel free to discuss them here. P.S First time posting one of these, so sorry if the format is wrong.
  24. I'll get straight to the point here, I'm so glad AK has been developed by Rocksteady otherwise this would have been the last of the Arkham series I purchase. I enjoyed the single-player despite Warner playing it 'safe' and going with the same old. It's the multiplayer that is the biggest bugbear. I played the game when it was first released and decided to return once the MP was more stable thus making the trophies seem more manageable. The DLC was released so I thought I'd give it another go in the hopes something had changed. Well nothing has. I spend 1/2 the time looking for matches, the player base is rife with different people however, connecting to them and staying connected is almost impossible for the servers. I spend another 1/4 of that time getting d/c'd mid-game. So where is the responsibility held when it comes to Warner, isn't this classed as mis-sold product/services, they released the game with MP yet it is rare to even get to play it. The rumour is, they wanted to complete the DLC (more £££) before they addressed these issues, yet they still remain. WB Montreal is a relatively new company, so it's library of games for PS3/PS4 is pretty much non-existant atm but it now joins the club of developers/publishers I won't buy games from alongside EA. Rant over
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