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Found 12 results

  1. Welcome to the PST Completionist Leaderboard! This is a leaderboard for the true completionists: those who plough through the hardest difficulties, grind out hundreds of hours online and buy rubbish/overpriced DLC just to earn that elusive 100%. If you believe that you deserve a place on the leaderboard but are not a member of the site yet, please join us here! Rules To sign up, please post both your PSN ID and automated gamercard from PSNProfiles. This is the only gamercard I will accept as it is the easiest site with which to track trophy information. Note that the completion % shown in the card is not your actual %, as PSNP's % is based on trophy values. You will need 250 posts in order to sign up to the leaderboard. This is to ensure that people don't sign up for a place on the leaderboard and then never use the site, preventing a regular user from getting on there. Hopefully it will get people more involved in the community too. You must have a completion percentage of at least 90% and have earned either 2500 total trophies or 50 to sign up for a place on the leaderboard. Furthermore, your account must be at least one year old. Regular cheating/hacking is strictly prohibited and if discovered, you will be banned indefinitely from this leaderboard. If you regretfully hacked any trophies or used save files in the past, but kept this practice to a minimum (for example, the SOCOM/FUEL hack), I will allow you to sign up but only if you explicity inform me of these trophies first. You can send this infomation to me privately in a PM. Following on from this, hidden trophies are allowed only in exceptional circumstances and have to be approved by me first. For example, as mentioned above, if you used a save file many years ago or accidentally joined a hacked online lobby and have hidden the trophies, that's OK for a maximum of two games. You must provide evidence of these before you sign up. Again, these will be accepted only for exceptional circumstances, not for games you legitimately can't complete. Shared accounts/teams are strictly prohibited from this leaderboard. If you previously had 0% games on your profile but deleted them, then this is fine as it is impossible to police. Updating I will endeavour to update the leaderboard WHENEVER I DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE IT! Because of other commitments and the way the Hall of Fame feature works, there will be no updating upon request. In the case of a tie in completion % to two decimal places, I will go by the total percentage. In the very small chance there is still a tie, or more likely with multiple people on 100%, the member with the highest number of trophies will be placed highest on the leaderboard. Inactive accounts will be removed from the leaderboard on the first update after one month without any new trophies earned has passed. If you start earning trophies again, you must sign up once more to the leaderboard. I hope you enjoy this leaderboard! If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to post them here or send me a PM Thanks and good luck to all! Darth_Krid
  2. Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you guys know that I may have encountered a glitch in SAO: Lost Song. The last Gallery CG and video I acquired both didn't show up when I'm viewing my Gallery back at the inn. Will add info in spoiler tags below about the CG and video in question. [spoiler=6969]Just after arriving in The Dark World, in Nibelheim (island number 4), I completed an event at the inn with Yui and Strea and unlocked a CG of them hugging Kirito. This CG never showed up when viewing my gallery. After this I went on to starting Nibelheim and attending one of Seven's concerts. The video of her singing her song also never showed up in my gallery afterwards. Has anyone else encountered a similar bug? Does anyone know how to fix it? Will it perhaps correct itself later on as I get more CGs, or does this mean I have to do the events again by restarting the game later? Hope this bug doesn't have any other significant effects. At the very least I hope it won't ruin any trophies. And even if it doesn't, I still would like to be able to complete the Gallery without uncertainties like this weighing themselves in. Any input you might have is welcome. Also feel free to list in this thread any other possible bugs/glitches you might encounter. Might be good to gather them all at one place to notify the devs later on for a possible patch or fix Thanks in advance! ^^ Edit: As I progressed through a few more dungeons in this area, all missing CGs and videos suddenly appeared in the gallery. I don't know what triggered it, but maybe the game somehow hadn't updated the gallery yet. At least I'm glad it resolved itself. The gallery was in fact missing 2 CGs without me knowing about the second one (didn't seem like a CG when it was shown the first time). So if anyone else is experiencing this, continue to play for a bit longer through the story and this seems to correct itself.
  3. All three sit down at the same table and order drinks. They begin talking and pose the question, who is the better gamer? They each state their case... Gamer 1: "Well I have a 99% completion ratio over 106 games, with 104 Platinum trophies." "When getting a new game, I check the trophy list first, I will also delay buying games or at least playing them until a walkthrough or guide has been released." "I use a walkthrough or guide on my first play-through sometimes, but will for sure if there are collectibles or things that can be missed." "I have played and finished lot of shitty games, and games that barely qualify as games, like visual novels, but whatever, they are easy plats." "I have played some extremely difficult and long games and obtained the plat, like, Armored Core V, Gran Turismo 5, Warhawk and Ninja Gaiden 3." "Because I have the most plats and the highest completion ratio, I am the better gamer." Gamer 2: "I have a 45% completion ratio over 275 games, with 40 Platinum trophies." "When getting a new game, I will sometimes check the trophy list first, I will delay buying some games or at least playing some of them until a walkthrough or guide has been released." "I don't use a walkthrough or guide on my first play-through for the most part, but if I really want the platinum trophy or 100% I will go back and use one to finish up the trophies" "I have played a lot of shitty games too, some are easy plats, others are difficult or time consuming, but most of my plats are from medium to hard difficulty." "I have played some extremely difficult and long games too, but never got the plat, oh well." "Because I have played more games, have a decent number of plats and the most well rounded completion ratio, I am the better gamer." Gamer 3: "I have a 25% completion ratio over 520 games, with 20 Platinum trophies." "When getting a new game, I don't check the trophy list first, I never delay buying games or playing them until a walkthrough or guide has been released." "I don't use walkthroughs or guides, if I can't do it on my own, I don't deserve the trophy." "I have played a lot of shitty games too, but if I don't enjoy them I won't go back to them to get more trophies." "I have played some extremely difficult and long games but never got the plat, when the difficulty outweighs the fun and finishing a game becomes more of a chore than being a hobby I enjoy, I move on." "Because I have the most games played, and enjoyed every moment of my gaming, I am the better gamer." So who wins? Before opening the spoiler, who would you choose? Over a couple more rounds of drinks, they declared their decision... [spoiler=ok] Gamer 1 and 2 and 3 came to the decision that no one was actually the better gamer. Only that they all had varied tastes in gaming. They also agreed on the following points - Gamer 1: Had the most plats. The lowest amount of games played. The highest average difficulty of games completed. Without guides or walkthroughs they would have either less plats or a lower completion ratio or both. The lowest number of games completed regardless of difficulty. Was a better trophy hunter (better should be replaced with dedicated), not a better gamer. Gamer 2: Had a solid number of plats. Had a great amount of games played. A middle ground of difficulty in games completed. Without guides or walkthroughs they would have either less plats or a lower completion ratio or both. The middle amount of games completed regardless of difficulty. Smelled like peperoni but had a nice car. Gamer 3: Had a decent number of plats. Had a outstanding amount of games played. A low end of difficulty in games completed. Guides or walkthroughs being used would have either given more plats or a higher completion ratio or both. The highest amount of games completed regardless of difficulty. Needed to spend less money on games That there is no "better" in being a gamer when it comes to play styles, only different. That to find out if your "better", you have to compete directly towards the same goal, and since that goal in gaming can be totally unique to the individual, it can't be done properly.
  4. Getting near 100% and the only character I don't have yet is Archangel. I remember doing the 'quest' but I do not have the token and I can't purchase the character (still locked). When going back to the area, there's just a blue stud upon completion even though it shows the character token spinning as I'm doing the task. If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it.
  5. I have been playing Crash Bandicoot like an obsessed since the release. Today I got the last time trial relics in Crash Bandicoot Warped. However the counter in the pause menu only shows 28 of these. 4 Sapphire, 23 gold and 1 platinum. When I stand on the button for each level, I can see that I have earned the Time Trial Relics (All of them) but the counter has stopped ad 28. Anyone else seen this?
  6. Does the speed in which you obtain a platinum matter to you? What is your opinion? Personally I'm happy as long as I get the platinum.
  7. Hey guys, so I just beat infamous 2 on Hard difficulty and chose to do my Evil play through first. I've also beaten all side missions, collected all drops and shards etc. But, since I played on hard I didn't get as much as xp as needed for all powers. I need an ~11,000 more for all powers. What should I do?
  8. What are completionists? They are trophy hunters that complete their games fully (albeit a few exceptions like when some completionists do not buy some of the DLCs). I have been thinking about making this thread for a while now and I finally got around creating it. I am really interested by how completionists approach their games and so I found the replies to be a solid read. I also aspire to be a completionist! Please, do enjoy the read and let me know if there are any completionists that you think I should interview. Keep in mind that the interviewees were completionists the moment they were interviewed, but they might have stopped by the time you read the interviews. If you can make an appropriate banner, please do so and you will be credited.
  9. Like any trophy collector, I would like to have 100% on all of the games on my collection. The thing is that if I find that a certain game's platinum trophy is too time consuming and simply not fun to get, I just set it aside. I feel like it will make me miss out on other games. That's why I have left a few games incomplete. The problem with leaving a game incomplete is that I think that it decreases my motivation to plat a new game (that is mainly time consuming) because I constantly remember how I failed to plat the previous one. I think like, "If I didn't bother with the previous time-consuming game, then why bother with this one?" Currently, I am missing 100% for 7 games in total. You can check them by clicking on my trophy card. Trying to get 100% on all of those will take hundreds of hours and I will have to miss out on a lot of games meanwhile. Is it actually worth it to get 100% on them all just to have 100% average completion and an overall good feeling of satisfaction? Also, does having 100% average completion have any interference to your approach to trophies in general? It will be very rewarding if I can have a 100% average completion and then I would just play game by game and add on to the 100%s. P.S.: I'm sorry if I made it seem too dramatic. It's just that I think about these things sometimes and I feel like sharing. EDIT: BTW, I didn't mean that I would 'dodge' games just because I don't feel like getting their platinum trophies. I only dodge platinum trophies for games that I already have if I think they're too time consuming and/or just not fun etc.
  10. Lately I've been thinking about DLC trophies and how they set the bar for 100% further and further away. I'm curious to know what the general consensus on getting 100% with DLC trophies. Does it seem incomplete if you don't get the DLC trophies and thus don't technically get 100%? Or is platinum trophy enough to count as 100% seeing as how you got all the trophies the developers originally put in? One of my reasons behind asking is for games like Killzone 2 whose DLC adds 32 trophies onto of its already daunting 52 trohies
  11. Recently, I've been wondering what matters more. As my game collection grows and I know I won't be able to platinum a certain game, I wonder if I should still put it in my main account or a dummy. This brought up an interesting question: Is it more important to have a high completion percentage with a dummy account for games you won't play? or Is it more important to have one account with as many trophies as you can get, without thinking of the trophy percentage. I would have picked the first one, as I would love having a 100% profile, but I'm thinking a percentage is not really what I want, but I want the highest amount of trophies possible, even if that means games that I don't platinum. Thoughts?
  12. I just finished the game and I have made a separate save file for backtracking. I pretty much have to do everything, except for the audio diaries which I'm sure I collected almost 80% of. How much time will that take in hours? I am just curious.
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