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Found 1 result

  1. http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m499/MFVillin/3DGOLF2.png Not yet a member of ps3trophies.org? If you find this guide helpful or if you have any feedback, click here to sign up and then leave a message in this thread. Overview: Estimated Trophy Difficulty: Difficulty Rating Thread Total Trophies: 12 Offline: 9 (5 (B)/ 3 (S)/ 1 ) Online: 3 (2 (B)/ 1 ) Approximate time to 100%: 10-15+ hours Depending on Skill Minimum Playthroughs required: 1 Missable Trophies: None Glitched Trophies: None Do Cheats Disable Trophies?: No Cheats Available Does difficulty affect trophies?: No Introduction: 3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures allows you to play as four different customizable characters while you make your way across three different 18 hole courses. The game also gives you the ability to design your own custom holes with the Map Editor feature. Each hole has several "power-ups" scattered around that do everything from allow you to make the ball jump into the air, to dropping a path of glue behind your ball to mess with the opposition. Overall, the game is decent if you like golf games, but not as well done as others in the genre in my opinion. This is mostly due to the design of the swing meter. It makes it very difficult to reproduce shots, which is what scoring in a mini-golf game is all about. The low end of the meter is also somewhat touchy on short putts, making this game a little challenging due to it's control issues. It can be pretty fun exploring the holes for shortcuts and watching the ball go through one when you do find it though, so the game does have some bright spots. Walkthrough: There's not really a campaign in the traditional sense for this game. You will, however, need to win on each of the three courses at least once. When you complete a full round on the first course, the second will unlock and when you complete the second course, the third will unlock. Step 1: Single Player Trophies The first step will be to win a tournament on each of the three default courses. The computer opponents usually stay somewhere between even and 5 under throughout the match, so you will need to be under par to win most of the time. Winning a match on each course will net you Haunted Manor Champion, Manic Museum Champion, and Winter Wonderland Champion. You will also unlock Rookie during the course of normal play. You may unlock Hot Streak without trying during this step, but if not, don't worry as it should come naturally later on when you go for 10 hole-in-one's in a single round. There a couple of things you should keep in mind during this step: Try to win each tournament with a score of 5 under par or better. This will unlock Grand Slam Champion. Use a different character for each tournament and fully customize that character before starting. You will then have 3 of the 4 wins needed for Fashionista after this step. Step 2: Create a hole in the map editor This is a short step and will only get you one trophy, Budding Designer. However, the custom hole you create here will be useful for the online trophies in the next step. Step 3: Online trophies During this step you will be unlocking all trophies that require online play. I was unable to find anyone playing this game online, so you'll probably need to use the boosting thread to find a partner. Trophy Boosting Thread (Read First Post!) - PlaystationTrophies.org I'd recommend alternating with your boosting partner on each of the following steps: Host a private match and set it up for one of the three default courses. Also make sure to use the one character you have remaining for Fashionista. Win the tournament and it will net you Online Champion. Again, host a private match, but this time make a custom course that just has 1 hole. Use the custom hole you created in step 2 of this roadmap. Friendly Neighbor will unlock while the game is loading. You don't need to finish the hole if you don't want to. Now repeat step 2. You will get Online Journeyman since this was the third game you hosted. Again, you don't need to finish the hole if you don't want to. Thanks to leantr00 for helping me test this method. Step 4: Become an Ace and cleanup (if necessary) At this point, you should still have Ace left (along with any trophies you missed in part 1). There is a hole-in-one guide below to help you on your quest for 10 hole-in-ones in a single tournament. If you have any other trophies remaining, get them now and then enjoy your new 100%. Gameplay Notes: Many of the trophies for this game mention that they must be done "in tournament". What this really means is that you must complete those trophies while playing 18 holes on one of the three default courses. Completing the requirements on an 18 hole custom course will not unlock trophies. A trick you can use for the single player tournaments is "restarting" the current hole. You can do this by selecting Exit Tournament from the pause menu at any time during a hole. Then just go to Single Player > Tournament > Load Tournament and select the first game in the list. This will put you back on the same hole as before, and back on your first shot. Note that this will not work for Ace and Hot Streak. Thanks to comegetakuma for discovering this technique. In Practice mode, there will be a sparkling area somewhere on almost every hole. This is usually a shortcut that will result in the ball going straight into the hole if you hit it correctly. The sparkles are only visible in practice mode, so try to note where they are before you play a course in tournament. As previously mentioned, the swing meter makes this game more difficult than it should be. The only "markers" I could find on it are the letters in your name and the end of the green line below the meter. Just try to figure out a way that works for you which will allow you to identify the same markers on the meter over and over again. That way, when you're practicing a hole, you can note the correct distance on the meter and reproduce the shot by hitting the same distance mark every time.
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