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    I'm a tiger
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    The Rockies
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    Cooking, Games, Movies, Skiing, Hiking, Photography, Nagging
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  1. Thanks for the notice, I was too late anyway. :(

  2. You have been knocked of the top spot man.

    Just giving you a head up man. :cool:

  3. Hope I can stay up there in the lead by the end of this content.
  4. I'm wonder what the movie you are talking about is titled. The only other poop movie that sticks out in my head is Salo and Human Centipede, lol.
  5. Aww man, I gotta wait a whole week for the Shiny Userbar?
  6. When people I meet in an online game add me and keep asking if I'm a dude or a chick. Does it matter in an online game? And isn't my PSN ID obviously female-ish?
  7. you have a huge muscular arm but you already know that (just saw your tattoo pic)

  8. I have had some game dreams but I can't remember a specific one at the moment. Last night I dreamed that I got 2 playstation move controllers in the mail and it was packed all weird. I was wondering why I got controllers in the dream because I already have 4 of them.
  9. Do you mean "portrayal"? I might be wrong here...
  10. Fun gaming machine Best controller size (works great for my small hands) Doesn't auto sync Big Time Leech Blu-ray is best
  11. Hey, Rezillo and I were doing some timed challenges, you need to do 10 for the trophy. We'll be on tonight just like last night if you want to join.

  12. The reason I thought you can is because only test kits can. So if you can manage to get your hands on one somehow, it solves one problem... lol
  13. Some DLC was free and downloaded automatically, that is how you are getting the other online trophies that are not part of the main game. The other paid DLC trophies still show up on your trophy list even if you didn't buy the DLC yet.
  14. For all the people saying Delete trophies, I thought that you CAN delete it. Isn't it an option when you press triangle when you have the game highlighted in the trophy section?
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