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  1. Mine was lots of hours, lots of games, lots of shit and plenty of shiny pots and plats! Fin.
  2. Im currently playing offline so I havent synced. Dont get excited. You think i'm giving up my streak that easily!
  3. Agree Ash. The club music is so out of place for Star Wars and these new cyberpunk kids just don't work for me. The whole series so far has had some ok moments, but it feels slow and laboured with lots of negatives that outweigh the positives. Half way through now though, so i'll see it out and hope the 2nd half gets better.
  4. Don't know what was better, the 3pts or Thomas Frank's post match saltiness! 🀣 Best interview in a good while.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the bday wishes, for the Events team for setting up the QTE and to everyone who took part! You are a good bunch here at PST! Will read through the subs and post back my reactions to them. Stay real people, love ya! X
  6. There are plenty of party/celebration themed goings on in Astro (PS5) so go wild!
  7. Happy birthday mate. Any big plans made since it’s the big 40?

  8. Happy B'day mate :)!

    1. Ashbo


      Cheers buddy! πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. Get creative my fellow PSTers! Best one wins! πŸ‘€
  10. Weren't they just shite!!! Their bikes looked like fucking hipster styled irons, just needed one to fly around on a fekkin ironing board!! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Also the chase sequence with them, everything looked slow as fuck! When Lek crashes its at like 3mph! 🀣 Not the best scene or character selections tbf. Episode overall was ok in parts, but could have been better.
  11. Good job it was singing she heard! πŸ™ƒ
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