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  1. Looking for two boosting partners to hammer out the online trophies. I have a mic, eastern standard time. PSN: Jigga82
  2. Epic screw up on my behalf. I never replayed the prologue on Survivor and just continued from 20 years later on Survivor. Am I to assume I need to do another run to get survivor and survivor+?
  3. I started my first game on Expert and have enjoyed the challenge. Enemies are accurate and you will perish quickly if you choose to engage multiple targets. NCPs and guards are fairly attentive but most can easily be snuck past. If you favor a stealhy and methodical style of play you will find it quite rewarding. Those who choose to go loud could be in for a lot of checkpoint restarting.
  4. Ahh, to be 9 years old again! Very simple trophies Nukes. The only one that will take time )if you even want to call it that) is the Funk Lord rank. You earn points by clearing map squares and opening presents. I can recall watching my dad beat this game over the course of an afternoon.
  5. Still looking for a partner to boost online journeyman. East Coast Days and nights PSN: Jigga82
  6. I'm looking for a boosting partner to finish my last 390 online fights. East coast, have a mic on day and night. psn name: Jigga82
  7. First game I attempt to enter post patch ends up resetting my PS3... I have had this problem since day one and it looks like I'm stuck with it.
  8. Good to know as I just finished chapter 6 on mercenary and didn't get the trophy for finishing all levels on merc. Stupid game!
  9. I'm also looking for a team to bang out this trophy list. I have a mic and limitless patience. My thoughts are to start on easy and learn the maps and build teamwork then progress fowards as we rank up. Location: East Coast PSN: Jigga82 Please include Payday in your message title!
  10. I am looking for a partner to finish up bombing run. I have the rest of the online trophies but random noobs keep f'ing up my game! Please include sniper elite in the message title.
  11. Slapped the shit out of Uthergerd the Unbroken in a bar fight. Later, we reconciled and exchanged vows on a beautiful Sundas afternoon. We couldn't be more in love! Unfortunately my Khajiit Farty pants has a temper. After long days of slaying dragons and running endless errands it doesn't seem to be too much to expect a damn sweet roll and maybe some mead at home waiting... Growing frustrated at the lack of my wifes dutys, we took a retreat to the country side to work out our issues. Finding a pillar that asked for a "sacrifice ", and seeing how love needs sacrifices to succeed I asked her to touch said pillar. Unfortunately, it killed her . Now, whenever I am bored I head back to the countryside and reanimate her dead corpse.
  12. Thanks for the help with ME3 earlier!

  13. I'm looking for help on my last 2 Gold levels. Somehow I managed to bang out 4 of them with randoms. I roll with a lvl 20 Salarian Engineer, setting decoys and securing flanks. Please include PS3trophies in the header of your measage. Edit: I now only need to finish Firebase Glacier for the trophy.
  14. I need help getting all gold on mp maps. If you have a mic and are interested send me a message.
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