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  1. This game is impressive to watch and look at plus the music is really good but I don't think I'll be getting this one. Seeing all the rage fits online by countless individuals who struggled with the strenuous challenges made me realize long ago that this title would be too tough for me. As a more casual gamer, I know when something is above my skill set.
  2. Well to be honest, I think COD got dethroned by Fortnite as most overrated. Just like how COD once dethroned Halo.
  3. I've been cooking a lot more, it's not bad. Made myself some good dishes recently like prime rib, chicken drumsticks in steakhouse sauce, and more. Learning such things is definitely beneficial I'll say that much.
  4. I have to admit that the game's always needing to be online to play is stupid, MK11 has similar restrictions which seriously turned me off. Single player sections being online too is absolutely unnecessary, I tried to play this yesterday but the servers were down for several hours. Hopefully down servers aren't a regular thing with Warhammer.
  5. There was a recent 2.11 update added too, quite a list of things added it seems. Amazed how much they still work on this.
  6. Really? Guess they were a lot luckier than me then. Nevertheless I'm glad I got the 100% and deleted this game off my hard drive.
  7. So I'm being accused of being a troll in this thread for voicing my opinions? That's pretty much the equivalent of a slut calling a virgin a whore. And to be attacked for rightfully putting someone in their place earlier, that's just equally sad and pathetic. Like anyone else here would do anything differently. A lot of people including myself are worried for both themselves and others in this crisis, it's even worse in parts of the world where the virus has a stranglehold on a country's population like the US, Brazil, and India. Comments made criticizing bad leadership and people not taking proper precautions in the worst spots of the world are going to happen, as long as it's not too severe I don't see an issue with it. There's some royal screw ups making this crisis far worse than it needs to be, so they deserve to be criticized for it.
  8. Another remaster as a Plus offering, it's deja vu all over again.
  9. Those portals are random as hell in terms of when and where they spawn, some games they don'teven appear at all. After several attempts, the 100% is still obtainable though.
  10. If you'd even bothered to read my previous posts, and judging by your holier than thou arrogance and talking down demeanor it's clear that you haven't, I have mentioned my concern for other individuals in this crisis. One more recent one involves being worried for someone I know who recently went to LA, which is the hot zone for the virus in my state. The person in question is my former fiancee, we're trying to work on getting back together. I also have family that's laying low in another part of the state, including my 14 year old niece who I worry about daily. There's also several friends I'm concerned about both locally and out of state, including some in hot spots like Texas and Florida. It's not just me, I get it. I don't need to be lectured by someone as blatantly oblivious as you are on something I've known since Day One. You know, I've noticed you yourself have a history of an attitude where you think you're right and everyone else is wrong. Something I certainly noticed in topics regarding The Last of Us 2 controversy. People have differences of opinions sometimes and you might want to sit down for this because I know it'll be a shock to you and your overblown ego, but not everyone is going to think like you do or have the same opinion as you. That's called life, time to put on the big boy pants and get used to it because that's a part of the real world. Furthermore, you mentioned that one post I'd made which was inappropriate but of course given your divaish mannerisms, you left out the most important part. That I admitted I was wrong and apologized, something I doubt you yourself are capable of. It's there in the past posts too, funny how you failed to mention that. It seems you like to leave out certain facts if they're not convenient for yourself. As for remarks like Adolf Benedict Trump and United States of Covid, there's good reason for both but once again you leave out info that's inconvenient to you and goes against your trolling, er I mean arguing. The US leads the world in deaths and infections because of way too much irresponsible behavior, and we've got the worst President in its history presiding over matters in full blown IDGAF mode. It's because of things like that remarks are being made. This is a scary time to be a US citizen, we've got too many fools not playing it safe while a pro-virus dictator is insanely trying to cling to power. A lot of countries out there have had their scary times in their history including now, but this treacherous double whammy just makes it a lot worse here than it needs to be. But whatever, you do you sport and keep on trolling.
  11. Yeah, it was just odd. I eventually got the platinum though.
  12. Yeah, that happened to me too recently. Exiting the game after whatever you're doing and reloading is the only way to fix that, reminds me of another game called Necropolis that does that sometimes too.
  13. I had to create my own cabal too, kind of annoying how that was set up in the game.
  14. Sometimes certain choices wouldn't appear when I was following a guide (not yours though, two others I tried to use before yours was up and running). Choices being places to go to or the ability to talk to some individuals. Also, I had to make multiple attempts to get that Not Proven Innocent trophy too before it finally popped.
  15. Killed by a swarm of creatures in Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor Martyr.
  16. Now up to 948, getting about 1000 a year is my standard average but I don't think I've ever been this close to that number so early.
  17. Old school Transformers Generation 1 cartoons
  18. Okay, so there's still time perhaps. Not sure what I'll do with my $10 if I get it, maybe a Ratalika game or two perhaps.
  19. That's a lot easier to preach while living in a much safer country isn't it? I must admit, Agolf is an amusing nickname though because golfing's pretty much the only thing the Assclown-in-Chief has put some actual effort into this year.
  20. My exfiancee got a kitten recently, and under some unusual circumstances at that. Found the poor thing on the highway in the middle of nowhere a couple of days ago and decided to keep her right away, she's wanted to get a pet for awhile now.
  21. Which is why checkers will have to wait until after the apocalypse.
  22. They'd be wise not to make it debut at $600, after all that didn't work out too well over a decade ago.
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