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  1. I've been pretty into Kingdom Come: Deliverance lately.. really enjoying it!
  2. Time for a dead thread update!! +63 ZJ the Ball Challenge: Level 1C Feather The Pillar: Puzzle Escape Zippy the Circle Challenge: Level 1C, 2C, 3C, 4C, 5C, 6C, 7C, 8C, 9C, 10C, 11C, 12C & 13C (5 total) Among Us *milestone #400* Bowling: Story Three (Mark Version) - Project: Summer Ice The Sheep P The Chick C The Ketchup Story Pinball: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales ZJ the Ball Challenge: Level 2C, 3C, 4C & 5C (4 total) Round Invaders Rogue Explorer Santa's Workshop Rally Racing Disco Cannon Airlines Akinofa Puzzle Frenzy Ayleouna Bowling: Story Four (Pammy Version) - Project: Summer Ice A Summer With the Shiba Inu Arkan: The Dog Adventurer Titan Chaser Mine My Mind Luckslinger The Cow G Bowling: Story Four (Jane Version) - Project: Summer Ice Aborigenus Finger on the Roof: Go! Rooftop Runner! Nextgen Sandbox Wardogs: Red's Return Moto Roader MC Mages and Treasures The Song Out of Space Ravva and the Cyclops Curse Dragons in Space Soccer: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade Hentai Vs Evil Ice Hockey: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade Active Neurons 2 Rainbow Space 2 (Challenge Mode Edition): Breakthrough Gaming Arcade Lent's Adventure (Story One) - Lent: The Easter Bunny Alienzix Heal The Pigeon P A Plague Tale: Innocence *milestone 450* Paradox Error Cybxus Heart Castle of No Escape Castle of No Escape 2 Tanks Vs Tanks PVP Get to the Top 2: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade Rock Paper Scissors: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade The Slovak Run 433 PS4
  3. Punk Rock Princess - Something Corporate
  4. Great newsletter as always @Velvet, thanks for the shout out!
  5. 1/10. Took 2 min 45 seconds, only need to blow up 20 tanks
  6. If nothing else at least the hypocrisy is a smidge amusing.. there are no shortage of games where you can commit all manner of crimes or indecent acts.. from murder to torture to theft to prostitution, but whoooaaa there fella we can't have mildly bawdy gamer tags runnin' 'round these parts all willy nilly! The world is full of double standards to say the least.
  7. Apologies @stpatty, I was forced to change my username after 15 years.. my signature has been updated and should link to it
  8. I play mine nearly everyday and sometimes it's quiet, other times it sounds like a jet engine and damn near drowns out the tv lol I didn't think too much of it but maybe a good cleaning would help? Was thinking of giving that a try myself to see if it made a difference, but I can see how it would be more alarming after it was dormant for so long.. guess I've just gotten used to it haha
  9. 1/10, took me 6 min 10 seconds only because of the "play for 5 minutes" trophy.
  10. 1/10, took me 1 minute 18 seconds going in completely blind just clicking on everything lol
  11. 1/10 as you have unlimited continues in easy mode. Took me 45 minutes 45 seconds which I'd say is more then double what it should take. I got distracted at one point for about 10 min, then I accidentally went back to main menu during a level 3 continue and had to restart from the beginning. Don't recommend doing that lol
  12. I'd say it probably took me around 12 hours over the course of a couple days
  13. Went with a 3/10, nothing hard, a few sections may take a couple tries but overall fairly straightforward
  14. +13 The Pigeon P A Plague Tale: Innocence *milestone 450* Paradox Error Cybxus Heart Castle of No Escape Castle of No Escape 2 Tanks Vs Tanks PVP Get to the Top 2: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade Rock Paper Scissors: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade The Slovak Run Welcome to the World of ZJ the Ball The Jumping Burger Steam Engine 63
  15. #450 A Plague Tale: Innocence I quite enjoyed this one, had put it off for awhile but once I picked it up it was hard to put down. Good visuals and an engaging story that flows well, The feeling of being in a situation way over your head and just trying to survive it didn't abate throughout and was actually pretty welcoming after so many games of being OP and damn near untouchable by the end. Only missed 2 collectibles on initial playthrough so cleanup wasn't bad thanks to chapter select. Same with the event trophies in levels, a few I discovered naturally and the rest were easy to polish up with chapter select. All in all I'd give it a 3/10 in difficulty and an 8/10 for enjoyment.
  16. Jan - 38 (1 ) Feb - 127 (7 ) March - 667 (30 ) Added another 270 (18 ) in April, now up to 1102 with 56 so far this year
  17. Cracked 79% over the weekend, now up to 79.04%
  18. A 3'fer! Your Own Worst Enemy - Bruce Springsteen
  19. 1/10 with a solution guide, took 56 min 39 seconds using one.
  20. 1/10 with the cheat code, took a whopping 38 seconds lol
  21. 1/10 and even that's a stretch, literally just identifying colors. Took just over a minute to complete.
  22. Probably around 2-3 hours if played straight through.. my time was pretty skewed since I played around half of it then put it down for over a year LOL
  23. Tempted to say 2.5/10, but because of the game giving you the solution penalty free it knocks it down to a 2.
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