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  1. Is there any way to level "fast"? I got all other trophies but have not even reached Level 30 Bronze ...
  2. Maybe a dumb Question, but has anyone tried this: After beating Yozora you have a file with Pro and EZ Codes. If you load this file to repeat the DLC, maybe you can do the DLC with all Pro Codes and the one hit kill EZ Code and earn all Points for the trophy this way?
  3. "Welcome to the Chips" ruins the Plat for me the second time (and makes me remembering MLB 16 with its with 20 in a row in DD...) I don´t think it´s boostable, because the probability to meet each other every time is very low. Also the loser of the game loses points so you will reach a gap in rang which will prevent playing against each other at all. What makes me mad is that this is a hidden pay-to-win trophy. With the cards you get in the beginning you won´t stand a chance at all. I started with 60-65 average and you don´t have any chance against a team with eg 80 average. Of course you could play for 20-30 hours just to get a good team and start your try then - but I don´t want to waste that much time. I will definitely not go after the trophy. And this is definitely the last time I spend so much money on an "yearly update" in which I even cannot get the Plat.
  4. Is there a way to advance in game time? Waiting for 20 minutes doing nothing only to reach the time for the next story event is killing the fun for me ...
  5. If you have completed a scarab, does it disappear? I am checking what I am missing with the map by IGN and often there are two or three scarabs on their map but when I play I see only one in this place. So did the other ones disappear because I have already done them? Thanks in advance!
  6. I read a few reviews and comments from users and almost all of them stated that .) controls are bad, you don´t have a feeling where you hit the ball to, sometimes your player makes a slice although you pressed top spin, etc. .) the AI is totally unbalanced and against the top players, no matter how good you play, you don´t stand a chance. Since I hate frustration from video games I would ask you what your opinion is. I don´t care much about graphics and sound (of course it should be at a certain standard but I don´t care how detailled it is), my main issue is playability and "fairness of AI". Thanks for opinions!
  7. We are done with boosting, so regard this as irrelevant.
  8. I would like to organise a session to get the 10 MP wins and 100 kills in MP. Possible boosting time frames: .) Thursday (today) 7 pm CET to 11 pm CET .) Friday 7 pm CET to 11 pm CET .) Saturday from 2 pm CET If you would like to join please add your name and which time you can boost. I will try to find an optimal time for all six of us: 1. Berny18 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  9. Thanks for the advice. After watching videos I decided to skip this since it seems too complicated. At least atm, since I got flooded with other games (Monster Hunter, Dissidia, Shadow of the Colossus, ...).
  10. The trophy description is wrong. You just need to eat 100 times. NOT 100 DIFFERENT food. So basically you could eat the same food 100 times. The artifact that you can buy everything at any shop is indeed on the island in the very south - east; but the artifact appears only, if you have access to the moon.
  11. Thanks for explaining the scan kills! Got the trophy yesterday. About Paradigmas: I found a list on gamesfaq and it seems its like 6 - 10 Paradigmas per character. Unfortunately I cannot buy some of the skills by now so I cannot say if the list is right / complete. Anyway we are looking at about 50 Paradigmas ...
  12. Maybe this post can be used for general questions ... Anyway I would have two short questions: 1) How do I do scan kills? Is this a special kill acquired later? Is it an artifact? 2) How many paradigms are in the game? Is it just one per character? How many characters are there in total? Thanks for short answers!
  13. How is the game? Would you recommend this also to a player who doesn´t play strategy games often (because most strategy games are too detailed and overwhelming ...)?
  14. Never mind, got it. "Bobsleigh" counted as invitational although it has a "normal" icon ... Now it is even more painful that I cannot complete the last two wingsuit challenges ... Anyway, post can be deleted (if possible).
  15. I have only 7 challenges in the Alps left and those left are normal challenges. Could it be the trophy is messed up due to DLCs? Do I need to play invitationals in the DLCs? If so, which DLC "confuses" the trophy? Anyone else had problems getting the trophy?
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