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  1. Not that anyone cares since the game and guide are so old. But minor improvement for the bayk 90 hit atleast for me Instead of doing 66c then 236a 3 times for combo start. just do 5a for the first 20 hits of the combo. Not a major change or anything just easier start personally.
  2. Have a nice summer my man

  3. Probably a lost cause as this post is old but im pretty confused as to how this game works tbh. So you say 1/2 XP on SH EQ below 55? Is there such a thing? right now im doing a SH EQ thats 55 and up. Might be a language barrier thing that makes me not get it, since im a scrub Murican who doesnt really know a lick of japanese. but please explain if you see this my guy.
  4. Can confirm that plat with DLC is possible. I actually got the weapon trophy earlier, more then likely for doing training. Obv all medals is impossible atm, so the game probably has a similar trophy check to games like Just Cause 2, where the trophy pops on a weapon count rather then obtaining certain weapons. So get your hundies boiz
  5. What training would you say is the hardest? I was working on all medals (save for the glitched medals of course) and ive done all but T6 missions 5-6. Those hard as butts? E:Practice makes perfect, they really arent that bad. just a matter of rerunning until it works in your favor lol. good luck Term if you havent finished them already.
  6. Yeah its a sure thing getting 180 medals gives you a weapon and i unfortantly have never played an EDF but i thought Term said DLC weapons have counted in the past?
  7. Im interested in starting it soon personally. And have been curious if it really takes as long as people say. Saw 1 post from a guy who said it only took him like 150 hours which isnt to bad, but hes probably a pro at the games and his list most likely is nothing but EDF lol

  8. Think i might have hit a snag in my quest for all weapons. (If DLC doesn't count, which is still up in the air this could be a non-issue) Training level-4 Adversity 2 wants you to kill 80 enemies in 15 seconds for a medal. Seems to be glitched and doesnt want to count as clear even though i've finished it anywhere between 12-14 seconds. Seems the mission right after it also has a glitched time medal, "Clear in 15 seconds" easily done in less than 10. Seems Level 2 mission 2 also has a "clear without overheat" medal as well Might as well make a list.
  9. I got the (P) for Wing Diver the Shooter but not the original game of EDF 4.1 - I've been chipping away at it for years, though haven't made much progress.

  10. You already do EDF 4.1?

  11. Hopefully ill be able to answer the question myself in the coming days, the only people that have done the DLC already had plat from the looks of it and the game is basically a secret to 99.99999999999999999999% of the world. Can confirm however that if training does count for weapons the plat just got a whole lot harder. Some of the training medals are pretty nutz for noobs like me that arent very good at the genre.
  12. I'm sorry, but for some reason I never saw this message until now. I don't play the game anymore. I hope you were able to achieve what you wanted to in it.

  13. Sorry to bother you, But if you find the time would you be willing to help a chump like myself with ReRev PS4?

  14. Not sure if that offer was for more then Sellers, but id appreciate the carry if your back doesnt hurt to much.
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