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  1. Finished this a couple of days ago. Can't believe I did the whole thing, but this guide definitely helped. Never wanna do another trophy like this. Thanks for the help!
  2. Looking for someone or someones to play this with. I am near the end of hardmode, have much of the armor and a few pets. I can also help with any of the earlier trophies you may need. PSN: dirk510 Be sure to include "terraria" in the request
  3. Just got the platinum for this game, but it was so much fun I'll probably revisit it.
  4. Voted a 3. I didn't use the tutorial methods though.
  5. I voted a 4. Nothing too difficult, just required some patience and getting used to the game. Once you beat story mode, it becomes much easier.
  6. For intermediate, I found the flying missions to be slightly easier than the rest. The grappling missions too once you get the hang of them. But I like the glider and the grappler anyway.
  7. At this point, I only really need to boost Nemesis. We can actually try to do this with just 2 people as long as we have a plan to meet up at some place on the map, so if anybody wants to focus on this with me, let me know.
  8. A bunch of us were trying to do this yesterday and it was difficult with all the random players that would join. There are a few factors that should help though, even with randoms. Most importantly, you can still be killed by a different player than the person who you are trying to nemesis. So it should still be possible for a dedicated pair to slowly rack these up. I would like to propose that we find a remote area on each map where we are less likely to encounter random (fighting usually occurs near the center of each map). We can also make use of ninja smoke bombs to avoid interference from other players. Finally, we decided that bounty hunter was the best mode for boosting. So what do we think. Can anybody pick out some good map locations? For example, on 25th floor, one of the balconies behind the building would probably suffice.
  9. I was wondering this as well. I really hope they're still available since they will be somewhat time-consuming and I'd rather be working on the online ones for now.
  10. I need to boost most of the online trophies. I'd like to 100% this while I still can.
  11. Just got the platinum! Thanks for the guide, it helped me out in a few spots.
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