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  1. Happy belated 40th. Gutted that I missed this because of how screwed up work is. My gaming and participation on here sure has taken a hit since November.
  2. Very interesting read. I'm sure Krid will knock the retired Neah Crow from the top trophy earner leaderboard next time, if there is a next time. Belated thanks for the update Slamzini.
  3. Finished FF8 last night, could have completed it days ago but my 4th week in a row where I've worked 60+ hours grrrrr! Read Velvets Chronos: Before the Ashes trophy guide so that's what I'll begin later today. Vikings I'll get back to at some point, it's a bit grindy because of the challenges trophy.
  4. Yeah, if I attempted that it would easily go tits up. There's ALWAYS something that happens in real life or work that would inevitably cock this right up for me. Any interesting stories regarding keeping the streak going? Similar to my driving to Dover and back to get a ps vita charger from Cex for THL otherwise I couldn't earn any trophies while away for a weekend?
  5. All done with Triple Triad, it's the longest part of the game for sure. Random and Plus rule suck and trying to win/lose cards to the Queen AND trying to get her to move to a favourable location were annoying. Never did get her to go between Dollet and Balamb like every walk-through says, even by save scumming. She ALWAYS went to Deling City lol! Edit: Just have Story, Ultima Weapon and Omega Weapon left to do. Next port of call is the Lunatic Pandora at the end of disc 3.
  6. FF8 towards the end of disc 3. Going to do Obel Lake/PuPu/Heaven and Hell draw point farming and win my last card back from QoC. Getting there.
  7. Elex, Chronos, Pillars of Destiny II, Marvel Avengers(unobtainable ffs!), Ni No Kuni Remastered, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Gonna be busy!
  8. I've primarily used eBay but since the UK left the EU I only sell domestically. Also don't use standard postage as people have tried it on with 'missing' items. FB Marketplace can be toxic, I think you can set your posts so no one can comment on them so would have to pm you for details. I've seen so many negative comments from people on other people's items. Pretty disgusting comments as well. Also people try to knock you down on items like a car boot sale which is fine for items you definitely want rid of. Put your premium items on eBay though or a similar auction site.
  9. FF8. Got the Ragnarok this evening. Cleaning up the Chocobo Quest and Queen of Cards Quest for a full deck. Probably hit the rest of the story tomorrow.
  10. What's Middle Earth: Shadow of War like? Is the online trophy easy and still achievable? I've got £40 to spend at Amazon and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is in the basket which leaves about £10 and I've just spotted Middle Earth. Thoughts/Opinions?
  11. Can't really keep up with these studio and developer buyouts. I clearly don't do my research lol!
  12. I've tried Moxxi's twice on the larger arenas. Sadly I don't have the time to have multiple stabs at this as it's a couple of hours per arena for repetitive killing of mobs which is soul destroying when you blue screen 5 rounds from completion. It's a blot on the profile but I can live with it when it's 'kind of' out of my control and the bigger issue being with 2K and their lack of a patch for a handful of trophy hunters (or not so much of a hunter these days). Same as patching the Japanese PS3 version of Borderlands and adding the Claptrap DLC to the trophy list when the DLC was never released in Japan. 😕 Edit: Ah Man, just read the main thread and saw Marvel Avengers. FFS, got that for Xmas as I missed it for free on PS Now. So the love for PS4 versions of games is dying. The Two Towers 'And So It Begins' meme springs to mind.
  13. Had a feeling I worded it wrong with remaster. It's on the list to play but I can wait for a fix if it ever materialises. Still waiting for Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome to be patched on PS4....haven't checked if it has. Think that game works better on a PS4 Pro but don't quote me on it.
  14. Thanks Slamma, don't use the thread that much so forgot to look at that part of it. Damn, how can they screw up the remaster of the most recent Mafia game? Glad I haven't started it yet!
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