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  1. PSN: C_Y_P_H_E_R Please don't send me blank friend requests
  2. I think you may be missing a kill on the list. Slamming a head on the side of a porch. I think it's in higgin's haven. So it may be Higgins Haven Barn Fence?
  3. How long does it take to get all collectibles?
  4. I'm thinking about playing this again. I see the ps store says the digital version of dead island definitive is 15gb. The retail version says 20gb. Can somebody tell me how many gb both versions (retail and digital) use on ps4? It's on sale with ps plus so I'm trying to decide.
  5. If you dismiss your companion after you have unlocked the companion perk, will that get rid of the perk? I'm thinking codsworth is probably the best to have (mostly because of the perk) though I want to try having others. Can I switch companions and then back again without having to earn the perk again?
  6. I need all online trophies including the dlc trophies. I have all five dlc packs downloaded and ready. I have both PS4 and PS3 versions though I'm doing PS4 first. I'll have to plan it around my work hours though. PSN: C_Y_P_H_E_R
  7. I'd like to boost the mp trophies soon. Don't send me a blank friend request if you want me to add you. PSN: C_Y_P_H_E_R
  8. Alright so, just to bring you an update on a friend of mine. On those days you are free, he will only be available by 10:00 PM those days unfortunately. No idea how this will work out real well.

  9. Hey..never bought riptide Japan.. But I still have dead island Japan two copies in wrapper

  10. Yeah, damnit all. I have to be back at work at midnight tonight. Let me know when for sure when you know what days you will have off.

  11. Yeah no problem im online just fine on all platforms i know most people i have spoken to cannot get online. I have the platinum but like i said i will help you out no problem just message me nearer the time you are thinking of doing it :D

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