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  1. Plugging away at The Division 2 with some Dragon: Marked for Death (Switch) on the side.
  2. I'm giving The Division 2 a go while waiting on Anthem to be fixed.
  3. Picked up Anthem to play in between Assassin's Creeds. A few hours in and it seems like some of the complaints from the beta have been rectified.
  4. That's pretty much how i ended up with 3 nearly identical Masterpiece Optimus molds (2012 TRU, 2014 Year of the Horse, & 2017 MP-10)
  5. AC: Bloodlines (PSP) finished. AC: Altair's Chronicles on the Nintendo DS up next!
  6. Taking a moment from Assassin's Creed to *hopefully* play the Anthem demo. Last night was pretty bad with "can't connect" errors and constant game freezes turning it basically into a PS4 screen saver.
  7. After fighting through the flu/cold/sinus infection, Assassin's Creed 1 is finally finished. Now that I sourced a new charging cable for the PSP, Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines is next!
  8. Though I do have the Ezio Collection as well as the season pass for Odyssey, I think I'm gonna stick to the original versions of those games first. My masochistic side thinks it's a sound idea to try and finish all versions of the AC's on each system (I just might not do them all in one push but once I set my mind to something, it's nigh impossible to convince me otherwise).
  9. Indeed. I'm torn about AC1 as it doesn't have trophies so I can just play that one for the story, but I also like having something to show for my efforts. The primary decision I've been mulling over is if I should initially go through each title just for story purposes, or plat each as I go. The time investment for the few that have multiplayer may be the deciding factor.
  10. Took me around 7 hours to finish, with only one restart.
  11. I gave it a 1. Simple game but very enjoyable story.
  12. With the guide, it felt like a Tell Tale game so I gave it a 1.
  13. Thanks to the guide, it took under 3 hours to plat.
  14. Thanks to some of the random easier layouts, it took no more than an hour to finish. Results can and will vary for others due to the aforementioned random nature of levels.
  15. I gave it a 3. You could have a few rough runs and then a real easy run afterwards thanks to the random nature of each level, but once you learn to navigate each section, runs become more manageable.
  16. It's time I finally started the Assassin's Creed series, so I'll be kicking things off with the first game in the series. Sidenote: In comparison to the later collector's edition statues, the "action figure" in AC1's collector's edition is hilarious.
  17. Thank you for the guide, as well as everyone else's tips.
  18. I gave it a 3. Explorer didn't pop until I restarted the game and finished the last level again. Every other trophy popped when it was supposed to.
  19. It took me right around 10 hours to finish everything.
  20. It took me about 20 minutes as I made the mistake of racing the initial track 2 additional times instead of reading the complete guide before starting
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