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  1. Plugging away at The Division 2 with some Dragon: Marked for Death (Switch) on the side.
  2. I'm giving The Division 2 a go while waiting on Anthem to be fixed.
  3. Picked up Anthem to play in between Assassin's Creeds. A few hours in and it seems like some of the complaints from the beta have been rectified.
  4. That's pretty much how i ended up with 3 nearly identical Masterpiece Optimus molds (2012 TRU, 2014 Year of the Horse, & 2017 MP-10)
  5. AC: Bloodlines (PSP) finished. AC: Altair's Chronicles on the Nintendo DS up next!
  6. Taking a moment from Assassin's Creed to *hopefully* play the Anthem demo. Last night was pretty bad with "can't connect" errors and constant game freezes turning it basically into a PS4 screen saver.
  7. After fighting through the flu/cold/sinus infection, Assassin's Creed 1 is finally finished. Now that I sourced a new charging cable for the PSP, Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines is next!
  8. Though I do have the Ezio Collection as well as the season pass for Odyssey, I think I'm gonna stick to the original versions of those games first. My masochistic side thinks it's a sound idea to try and finish all versions of the AC's on each system (I just might not do them all in one push but once I set my mind to something, it's nigh impossible to convince me otherwise).
  9. Indeed. I'm torn about AC1 as it doesn't have trophies so I can just play that one for the story, but I also like having something to show for my efforts. The primary decision I've been mulling over is if I should initially go through each title just for story purposes, or plat each as I go. The time investment for the few that have multiplayer may be the deciding factor.
  10. Took me around 7 hours to finish, with only one restart.
  11. I gave it a 1. Simple game but very enjoyable story.
  12. With the guide, it felt like a Tell Tale game so I gave it a 1.
  13. Thanks to the guide, it took under 3 hours to plat.
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