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  1. I did just that, and I just ended up getting it. I went and set up a couple more port crystals and completed a Suppression quest, and followed up on the last part of a quest I could do before I had to see the Duke. When I came back to Gran Soren, I checked the map and the Abandoned House title was gone off the building. Thank you for your help. I hope this helps someone else out when they have problems with this quest as well.
  2. I searched around the forums and with all I have found I have came to this conclusion: I have successfully completed 1. A Rude Awakening 2. A Matter of Myrmidons and 3. Chasing Shadows. With all of those quests having been finished, I still cannot get the Abandoned House to change over to Madeleine's Shop. I have tried staying the night at the Inn close to ten times now, and still no dice. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to throw them my way. Thank you in advance!! Just further information, I have not met up with the Duke yet, I have completed 3 of the 4 quests that Ser Max has offered me, but I have not went and actually met him. He offered it to me, but I told him no not right now, I was not ready. This is also my second play-through, New Game+.
  3. Tonight if anyone's interested. I need a majority of all the the Spec Ops missions. Add me, my PSN ID is b_84. I took the night off work (3rd shift) so tonight would be ideal if anyone else has nothing better to do or has no life, heh. Thanks. P.S. I have a mic and it is fully charged, would prefer someone to have one as well.
  4. I'm currently doing a final quick run on the last levels I have to do for Compass Points and Minikits, while I am thinking about it, I will hit R1/L1 to cycle through the levels. My question is, say by the time I am done doing my final run through the levels and game, when I go back to the first levels to cycle through the toggle characters, do I have to beat the level for it to acknowledge?? Thanks, and I apologize if this has been asked before. Nevermind. Got trophy in the 3rd movie levels. I was making it more difficult than it really was.
  5. My thoughts exactly, and this is exactly what I have been doing as well. This is really destroying the replay value to this game as well. Hell, don't know how interested I can possibly be in playing as a different character when I've already done some of the quests 3 or 4 times (no exaggeration).
  6. After my last reply I turned the ps3 on and the patch was up for download. Downloaded that and all was well for a couple trophies, and the bio-hazard symbol was appearing, now ONCE AGAIN, the trophies are fucking up. Karma-geddon already hasn't popped so I just turned the damn game off. This is some serious bullshit. Why are they so apologetic about a God damn line of code about Whore Monger, which most people won't even be able to see, but they can't even get a fucking update right?!!!
  7. I can see why, yet another half-ass finished game released to the public. I'll take a delay on the release anytime, if it means them getting the bugs worked out. I've seen plenty of apologies from them about some line of code mainly found in the PC version, but I don't feel enough about the trophy/achievement problem. Maybe that's cause I haven't been on their official site? Either way, I'm still scared to play the game, I don't know what we are up against when they finally do fix this issue.
  8. Very true. Even Fallout 3 wasn't this bad, granted it would freeze, but at least it let me get my God damn trophies. There's another annoying ass glitch and it has to do with trying to get into a vehicle. Don't know how many times I tried getting into a truck on the driver's side, and it has me enter the vehicle and magically I'm on the passenger side. Nothing to do with the trophies, but when you're already fuming about the trophy glitch that hasn't been addressed by Techland.....everything has a tendency to piss me off.
  9. After realizing last night that multiple trophies weren't popping for me, I gave it a rest and decided to play again today. I put the game on 'single player' mode, and everything was going fine. Several trophies came up for me, now it's going back to the same old bullshit. I quit again and started it back up, thank God it didn't let me lose any game time like yesterday. Like somebody else said, I guess I'll save those trophies that didn't pop for another play-through, but it would sure be effin' nice to have a patch that fixes all this shit. Don't know who wouldn't agree with me there on that note.
  10. I deleted the index, and it brought me back to last night's progress. Somebody else was talking about this too, it takes you back to before the trophy glitching was actually happening. It sucks, cause I lost alot of hours today, but I'll just wait and play it tomorrow and keep an eye out for the HDD symbol and see if my trophies unlock or not.
  11. I had several trophies not unlock for me either today. I shut off the game and restarted the system and it did reset my game back to when I had stopped playing yesterday. I'm going to delete the save index file here in a minute, but there is something else I noticed on my XMB. Under the game section, down below all my PSP minis, PSOne classic folders is another folder with no picture. When I click on it, it just says corrupted data for the contents. I only noticed this today, and it makes me wonder if it has something to do with Dead Island. Was just wondering if anybody else has noticed this or not? Thanks.
  12. I will get on there here in a few and get you squared away.
  13. You have to tell us your answers, when we know what you put for your answers for us to do the assessment then we complete it and you get the trophy. Post your answers here so when myself, or someone else does it, they match the way they are supposed too. Let us know, bro.
  14. I really appreciate this list. There are some titles I own on the list that I had no idea I could play my own music. Kudos
  15. I just bought this off the Store over the weekend. Me and my 4 and a half year old son were playing split-screen on it. He was driving around and finding some of the rare artifacts in the city, but what really helped is in the races. He would inadvertently drive around and hit the other cars, causing them damage and destroying some of them. There were some races I finished first place in with just us two and two other AI cars. All in all, even if you have someone with you playing split-screen, you can have them take out all the other cars while you focus on beating the races. I know this doesn't amount to any significant difference towards getting all the trophies, at least I don't think there is one it does, but after the other person takes out as many as you can, and you finish first, they can simply drive up to a group of zombies and let them beat your car til you explode, or simply destroy yourself. Game is pretty fun, but gets old after a few hours. I probably should've waited for it to come around at a discounted price in the Plus section.
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