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  1. I own FF9 on several platforms and have completed it several times. I'm also happen to be a fan of trophies. They're a nice little digital stamp that say you've beaten something. They've also helped me get good money out of my games, I think they make you play a game for longer period of time. The only reason for me to buy ff9 on ps4 would be for trophy support. But as the devs have implemented hacks inside the game I feel the plat is completely under valued. I'd feel the same way if no one else owned a ps4 and I was the only one collecting trophies. Although I'd be strongly against it if DS devs added cheats ( as I'd imagine most of the fans would be). I would still play a new dark souls because they're incredible games and it would be fresh content.
  2. Levelling up, learning abilities, looting items is the whole essence of the game! Why would you want a button that negates all of that?? It sounds like you found most of the game boring and time consuming. Would you want cheat buttons on all games? And the speed x3 fuctionality is NOT a game breaking cheat. I personally wouldn't use it that much but it has no bearing on the difficulty of the game. OP battle assistance IS game breaking. It negates the whole process of character development which is the addictive /enjoyable element of rpgs.
  3. I couldn't care any less about what others think about my trophies. I never look at other peoples trophy lists either. But if a game has such a non-legit way of beating it, then the platinum is kinda worthless to me, even if the non-legit way is optional. If any of the Dark Souls games had a button on it that allowed you to kill enemies in one hit... I really wouldn't waste time trying to plat them. Beating the game wouldn't be any kind of acheivement regardless of whether i used the cheats or not. I really don't care for people who 'just want to enjoy the story' and worry that they might get stuck. Just watch the cut scenes on you tube or read the plot on wikipedia.. don't let that type of audience ruin the game for everyone else.
  4. I'm specifically talking about the battle assistance cheats. The speeding up button I don't really mind. I also think that the trophy list stinks.
  5. The same beef I had with FF7 for ps4. Was really looking forward to getting trophies for one of my favorite childhood games. A few years ago we were told that they'll never be able to program trophies for older games and now we're seeing them pop up every where, which I think is great. In the case of Final Fantasy 7 & 9 however, it's a huge disappointment to discover that they've added a button on it that makes your characters practically invincible. This (for me) eradicates the entire role playing element of the game. I'm not saying FF9 is particularly challenging. But with this feature there's no reason to level up, grind, upgrade weapons, learn abilities, loot items, develop characters etc to overcome boss fights. Nope. Just press L2 and deal 9,999 damage right from the very start of the game. What a waste. I'm well aware that these buttons are optional and I wouldn't use them. But with the implementation of trophy support, these cheats should at least disable people getting them. Otherwise it completely defeats the purpose of trophies. I wont be getting trophies for these games. At least they haven't done the same with FF10 & 12
  6. Looking to boost online trophies Id: palegreenghost
  7. I don't really care how good or bad other people think magic is... The issue I was raising was that I'm not seeing any damage increase with my spells after investing a jugg load of stat points in intelligence.. Where as in previous soul games I would see a clear increase in spell damage. Can anyone clarify this issue?
  8. I'm pretty sure in previous soul games if you're a magic user and you increase the intelligence stat, your spells slightly increase in damage... hence the whole point of upgrading the stat. I'm about 4 hours in. Gone for my usual dex/int build. I have the sorcerers staff and the standard soul arrow spell. With that spell I was consistently doing 63 damage on the hostile villagers in the undead settlement area.. then invested about 5-6 points in the intelligence stat. Did absolutely nothing. No increase in damage whatsoever. I then upgraded the staff to increase the scaling. Also did nothing. Anyone else having this issue? I feel I've wasted 6 levels. Is there any point in me investing more? my int is at 17 Have the intelligence mechanics changed?
  9. Need help with all online trophies, particularly honest mistake add me: eatmyeyeballs
  10. The game does offer a certain degree of challenge. Ok, maybe not to the veterans of the genre but certainly when you get to temple of the ancients the enemies and bosses get significantly harder, you can't just breeze through the game. You have to grind at certain points. Level up your team, upgrade materia, learn new limit breaks, buy better weapons to progress the game. That is the very essence of the genre, especially within turn based games. Get stuck, level up. It's the most important gameplay element and is what makes these kind of games so addictive and fun. I genuinely can't see how people don't understand how this button completely hinders that experience. Yes, I am fully aware that I don't have to push this button (although on several occasions i've accidently pressed it in significant boss battles, which has led to me rage quitting the game). But knowing that it's there makes your efforts feel somewhat invalid, also makes the platinum feel pointless. And I hope there's no first time players playing the game because it'll just ruin their experience as well. I don't why anyone would even want to play it in god mode.. It's incredibly boring with it on. And if you want to just rush through the game and platinum it as fast as you can, then you're playing it for the wrong reasons. And thanks to all the posters who've reminded me that "people have different opinions". Thank you so much. Give yourself a pat on the back. Well done you. I'm criticising a feature that the developers decided to put in the game that I believe hinders the players experience. Your non-conformist view means so much to me. @maTTY1987 So what your basically saying is that because the game gets easier towards the end for players who've made the effort to level up earlier with the aid of double ap and exp and that there happens to be an in game glitch in the second half of the game that players can avoid quite easily... Square enix should just stick a button on the remote that says "cheat cheat cheat, infinite health, infinite limit breaks, complete the game faster than you normally would" Wow. In that case just stick cheat buttons on every game. It'll save you hours and hours of your precious time.
  11. There's a very big difference between an in-game glitch that you can exploit much later on in the game (after completing most of the story) and a god mode button that gives you infinite health and limit breaks right at the start of the game. Demon's souls and Dark souls had glitchable boss fights as well as in game glitch cheats. Still brilliant games and very challenging. They didn't have buttons on the remote that make your character invincible. If they did they'd be ruined.
  12. You don't start with W-item. You get that much much later in the game and you still have to earn and combine it with various other powerful materia (again gained much later in the game) in order to beat the weapons.. There's a big difference between that and "push this button and win" from the very beginning of the game.
  13. Quick question for the people who've replied with things like: "I've completed the game 20 times already so I think it's great that they've added a feature that allows me to skip and cheat through most of the game so I can get it over with as fast as possible without any difficulty. They should have boost buttons on all games" If it's that much of a chore then why are you playing it? Boost buttons would ruin any other game. There's no reason why they don't ruin this one.
  14. ^ you're an idiot. what's the point in playing games if all you want to do is skip through them as fast as you can and iradicate any form of challenge and testable skill. A game that i've always wanted to get trophies for is Crash Team Racing.. I know that probably won't ever happen.. But I'd be pretty upset if it did and the developers stuck a button on the remote that just allowed you to immediately win races and beat the game.. It's no different with FF7 or any other game
  15. Obviously I'm going to ignore this feature and play the game the way I want to play it.. But my point is that it makes the platinum feel completly meaningless There's no longer a sense of achievement for the people who've earnt it the proper way when other people have earnt it by cheating. The toggle feature should have been on the main menu and there should have been a trophy for beating the game without it switched on. Instead it's just sitting under your right thumb throughout the whole experience, which makes the game feel somewhat hacked/beaten already even if tou choose to ignore it.
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