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  1. I would actually say as a whole the licences are a bit too easy and it would’ve been nice to have more challenge to them as an average. Outside of S10 and the Mercedes (think IA10) none have stuck in my head as being tough or taking anymore than a handful of attempts. Given the trophy for earning gold on all licences is realistically the toughest trophy I really would’ve liked to see PD put in some trophies for completing CE’s or maybe missions. Having to earn gold on all CE’s would’ve been a really good challenge and a fun challenge to overcome.
  2. Finished off S10 yesterday, managed it on my 5th completed lap. Would certainly say that was the licence I spent the most time on but overall there wasn’t anything too bad and would say they were easier than previous titles I’ve played. Back to building up credits and sport races now.
  3. How many cars are you up to now in the collection @thedarkness91?
  4. Couple more CE’s done with Tokyo Expressway South Clockwise (damn sensitive walls) and Sardegna Road Track (Audi is a comfortable drive) so only need to complete a couple more to be covered for credits for the remaining legendary cars. Also finished off the events in the third mission.
  5. S10 is a bit of a stinker isn’t it. Decided to give it a go as I just did the CE for the track and the water is pretty frustrating. Been driving on TC2 so far which feels pretty comfortable but I keep screwing up runs by clipping a bit of water and it sends me spinning. Going from the demonstration I believe my time is good, just need to pull a full lap together.
  6. Having seen both you and @The Alchemist talk about this game I checked out some videos on YouTube. Looks like a really fun balls to the wall piece of chaos. Congratulations 👏
  7. Glad that Leicester v Norwich doubler came off for me given the points Martz has got so far this game week.
  8. Just been looking at that thread so it looks like towards the end of May is when they’ll both pop up again. Should be enough time to gold enough CE’s for the money.
  9. That’s enough credits in the bank for the Ford but need another 7.3m to make sure I’ve got enough for the Jaguar. How soon is it roughly until the Jaguar will show up based on previous timings? Do you get any decent money for finishing all events within a single batch of missions as I can’t remember?
  10. I better get some credits then as I currently don’t have enough for both cars and it’d be annoying to miss one and have to wait another full rotation.
  11. I started throwing Hail Marys out for doublers mid season when I was in the lead and that is why you’re now 30 points ahead 🤡
  12. Good read as usual and always nice to see some site updates going live.
  13. I’m only on about 94 cars at the moment but while saving for the legendaries I’ve started to purchase any cheaper cars which pop up in the used dealership. Part of me wants to collect as many cars as possible but I also know that when the pops I will likely move on and only come back if extra content comes out which I’m interested in.
  14. Finished off the CE for Deep Forest Raceway. Sector 2 still took me a number of attempts to get the gold but after that I did sector 3 on my second attempt along with the lap on the second go. Also earned gold for S9 so just S8 and S10 left to go. After going through a reasonable amount of the CE’s the licences now seem fairly straightforward.
  15. Finished off the last two menus earlier, two laps of the 24hr Nurburgring track required quite a bit of concentration. Was awarded an NSX with my 6 star roulette ticket and I also got a car from a 3 star during the same session so after going since release without being awarded anything decent, I then go and get 2 cars in the space of 2 hours. Now going to shift focus back to CE’s since I’m on just shy of 7m credits so need to build up quite a bit more to ensure I’m ready for the legendary cars.
  16. The Red Bull Ring is really easy and you get over 1m credits so would recommend that one to go for next.
  17. Pole: Leclerc 1:21.1 1. Leclerc 2. Verstappen 3. Perez 4. Russell 5. Hamilton 6. Sainz FL: Leclerc
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