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  1. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/15250-uncharted-legacy-of-thieves-collection Interesting that they’ve got UC4 as the base list for the and The Lost Legacy is being treated as dlc, but then you have a trophy in the base list for earning all Lost Legacy trophies.
  2. Fairly dull month for me as none of the three titles would be games I’d normally consider playing.
  3. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of another delay https://www.gamepur.com/news/gran-turismo-7-media-event-reportedly-postponed-prompting-speculation-of-delays
  4. A Tim Hortons has just opened up near to where I live. Never seen one in England from what I can remember so may have to give it a go at some point. It’s a Canadian chain right?
  5. My stats for 2021 are: 618 hours played 582 hours offline and 36 online across 17 games 92 hours with PS5 games and the rest with PS4. I did play Mafia 2 also but obviously isn’t included. Trackmania Turbo - 119 hours Project Cars - 76 hours Dark Souls 3 - 68 hours Assassins Creed Origins - 64 hours Torchlight 2 - 57 hours 670 new trophies with 16 I added 36 of the 37 PS+ games.
  6. A little over halfway through echo mode in Bulletstorm and also finished off all the skillshots.
  7. I see no reason why there would’ve been a patch to remove the debug menu so I’m sure you’ll be fine.
  8. Didn’t realise how close Chelsea were in points to United, Spurs and Arsenal assuming they all win their games in hand. May actually make it a battle for 3rd and 4th.
  9. Finished my first playthrough of the Bulletstorm campaign. Will focus on the Echo mode next, then the Anarchy mode and then finish up with all the remaining campaign bits.
  10. Shame this is for US only as there are some great prizes on offer here regardless of which tier you look at.
  11. Signed up. Went up for a day 1 as I’m not afraid.
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