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  1. In need of 5 online wins and online championship trophy. Will boost in return. PSN: Papalaz Timezone: GMT
  2. yeah I do. Add me and join my league and we'll have a game, you get the trophy, then you set up a league and I'll get the trophy, yeah? I need: 1. Top of The League? - Win a match in a Friends League To do this simply enter a friends league by going to ONLINE GAME MODES and choose FRIENDS LEAGUE. And search for your friends club, and they need to let you win. 2. Good Friend - Create a goal for a Friend with a cross This can be done in two main easy ways. 1) Online, playing with a friend, Cross the ball in and have your friend slot it in. 3. Underdog - Win an Online Head to Head Ranked match using a weaker team than your opponent 4. Gutsy Call - Take a Head to Head Ranked match to extra time when playing as a weaker team I can be on anytime really, masters student so always have my PS3 on while I 'work'!!
  3. Hey I'm up for boosting this and I'm free at 7pm GMT. Add me on PSN. My PSN is my username <<<<<<<<
  4. my psn id is my username, add me. need both trophies
  5. anyone to boost with? add me and send me a message
  6. played it for part of a day and got 25%, the challenge mode trophies although 'look' easy will take alot of time, it can be a bit tricky but not difficult if you drive how the game wants you to and not like your playing Need For Speed. I'm giving it a 5.
  7. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/news/boosting1.png Trophy Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone To make everyone's life easier during boosting, please ensure you're familiar with the methods used to boost this game before you start. If the boosting method requires a group to be organized and set up, please keep all discussions and planning in the boosting thread. Please do not create another thread. __________________________________________________ Boosting Method: If you feel that there's a much better and more preferred boosting method for certain online trophies not found in this thread or in the Trophy Guide, please post it in the Feedback Forums. Please do not post here, as it will be missed. __________________________________________________
  8. I've literally used the pad for 10 minutes. But now the D-pad seems to be stuck in 'up' it is as if the d-pad is always being pressed upwards, even when I am not touching it, so when your playing SF IV your characters jump all the time (without any buttons being pressed) and cannot be controlled. Same with menu's, its a case of luck as the screen selection bar is constantly going up. I might have hit the turbo button, so tried doing all the 'reset' steps but it hasnt worked, anyone got a method to reset turbo and/or is this a common problem?
  9. I have purchased an Iomega 500GB external Hard drive, this one: Buy IOMEGA 500GB EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE | 500gb gb hard drive usb 2.0 - Specification | Comet It is formatted to FAT32. Over the past few days I have been converting and loading video's onto the hard drive for use on the PS3. I used Handbrake with the PS3 settings, 2000 bit rate, turned cropping off and made sure ALL files are 720 x 576 or divide by 16 resolution. I converted 5 films from DVD, put them on the hard drive and connected it to the PS3 - it recognised them all and I watched 2 films. All was fine. Over the last few days Ive added 45 films, Family Guy, South Park, Black Books etc all to the hard drive using the same resolution presets as above (bit rate for tv shows I have at 1500 for file size reasons) Now once Ive finished adding all files the PS3 says all the files are corrupt and wont play them. Ive tested the drive using an Apple Mac with Disc utility and scanned it - drive ok. Scanned with a PC - drive ok. I plugged the drive into my PC and all the files work using Quicktime, iTunes and VLC. I then plugged the drive into a Apple iMac and tested using Quicktime and iTunes - worked fine. Plugged the drive back in my PS3, corrupt files. Not one will work. Is there a setting on the PS3 I need to change or a way of resetting some preference file? Help would be really really appreciated.
  10. sony have also confirmed that you WILL NOT be able to transfer recorded video to PC, you can only send it via Remote Play to a PSP. "Sony has told Eurogamer that PlayTV will not allow saved video files be transferred to PSP, PC or Memory Stick. Instead, the PS3 TV recorder will only be able to stream live or recorded content to your PSP using Remote Play functionality. Sony Cambridge, the studio making the software for PlayTV, had told us there was no copy protection or time restrictions on the standard format recordings, which could be moved freely onto all manner of storage devices. No reason for the change of heart was given." PlayTV saved files no longer transferable News - Page 1 // PS3 /// Eurogamer - Games Reviews, News and More
  11. lol, good to know I dont have a ps3 on its way out, maybe sony could use it as a feature 'buy a ps3 and never need a radiator!'. Got a large fan to try and cool room down (or maybe it will just blow hot air around in circles) Ive got: Ps3 - very hot logitech z10 pc speakers - emit heat xps 420 - hot other electrical stuff - not bad just need to get 4 large posters of a caribbean beach, a 500w light bulb and I'm set for a simulated paradise. Infact its so hot that my nextdoor neighbours snake escaped a few weeks ago, headed to my room as a place of refuge and then left becuase it was too hot!
  12. in 'home' can you only see the people who are on your friends list ot can you see everyone when walking through the virtual town centre or arcades?
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