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  1. check the video I linked for u in my previous post
  2. oh.. didn't know u already had a one x... in that case just install an ssd it's graphically superior to the series s anyway get a series x whenever u can afford/find one
  3. with game pass u don't need physical games anyway unless of course u have shit internet.. then yes I can see that as being a deal breaker
  4. I would say yes as a matter of fact, I'd go so far as to say there's no better value for money for next gen gaming experience than a Series S ($299) and monthly game pass subscription ($15)
  5. PS5 and Xbox Series X owner here always been a playstation gamer, but decided to give xbox a try solely because of gamepass
  6. I'm shit out luck then. I never downloaded it but its been more than 14 days for sure lol
  7. this annoys me since I recently bought it on sale can I get a refund?
  8. took me 39 mins to get the plat but to be fair I practiced the 100% speed run on an alt account first
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