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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  2. Countless game playthroughs and game restarts etc. but I just can't get the no gun or meet Goldie trophies to unlock. I give up. Piece of shit game.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  4. Your heart was in the right place dude, don't beat yourself up about it. If you're enjoying the event, don't feel like you have to step away just because of the message. 🙂
  5. @Slamma I went back and forth in my head whether to submit that one haha 😁 Top giffing also!
  6. What a joke. Nothing wrong with the initial save in common sense's book. Technology ruining the game.
  7. Welcome to the site, glad you decided to take the plunge and sign up! 😃
  8. until

    PSN: hmmPuzzler
  9. 🤣 😂 Cool that the ranks are coming back. I think Viper made a good point earlier in that it would be good if the higher ranks felt more prestigious than the lower ones, and that previously some seemed a little random. I think the trophy pictures are important to have along with the accompanying titles, might seem a bit odd having just the text title with no real context.
  10. Who do you think generated all the content and guides that are available to view and use on the main site? Without the forum regulars/staff that you're having a pop at this site would have ceased to exist years ago. Given that the features that are being constantly referenced are coming back, it makes it even more irritating to read the same whinging over and over.
  11. Cool ghost avatar Puzzler

    1. Puzzler


      Thanks Hloody! Hope you're good and enjoying the new site upgrade mate!

    2. HloodyBell


      I am, it's a "radical" change but I'm getting the hang of it

  12. I haven't been able to log into XBA since the update either - I'm 100% putting in the right password.
  13. Crazy eh! Seen them skip balls over water before like that, but not with that much success!!
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