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  1. Yeah, what a pain this level is!! The rest is pretty easy, but this one is just bad level design from top to bottom brick. I'd also like to know how you launch the ball straight up. I keep seeing this in videos, but no one is saying how they are doing it. So I'm guess it's a secret. What are the best ways or levels to play to rack up extra lives for level 39?
  2. It definitely still works with the latest patch (1.1) as of July 8, 2018. You can also get one of the characters to walk off the screen about a minute into the game. I made a quick video showing it working.
  3. OK, last question, I promise. I noticed my disc install of Rock Band 4 was over 8GB, but the Rock Band 4 Rivals Bundle says it only requires 3.8GB. You are positive this will include all of the Rock Band 4 music tracks originally included with the retail disc version? And in addition, I will be able to import all of the music I would be able to import with the stand alone RB4? (OK, technically 2 questions). The description says "Download now and get Rock Band 4 and Rock Band Rivals Expansion Pack, FREE songs and access to future feature updates." 3.78GB Required. That description is not great! It doesn't really tell you anything about what you are actually getting. "Free songs"?? How many, which ones? That info would be nice to know. Hehe
  4. Thanks! So there's no advantage to using the disc version of Rock Band 4 + Rivals DLC then?
  5. Hey guys, I see that Rock Band 4 Rivals Bundle is now on sale on the North American PSN store for $35. Does this contain the full 100% version of the RB4 disc? So all of the songs fron the RB4 disc, along with the Rivals DLC? The reason I ask is because I own the original disc, and I've installed it, but haven't played it yet. For $35 I think it's worth the convenience of not needing the disc and the online mode seems fun.
  6. This was driving me crazy! The boss would open it's arms once and then it closes and that's that. It just keeps shooting the slow shots and never opened again. I tried restarting around 10 times and it did the same thing. Hello, I was playing Xenoraid on the PS4 and when I made it to the Moon boss the game became glitched. The boss opened the arms once, but then never again. I tried starting over about 10 times and it did the same thing every single time. I finally came up with a way to get past it by beating the boss in just a few seconds by slamming it with every I could! Has anyone else come across this bug?
  7. it's a pretty fun and easy game until you hit the second level where you have to throw a soccer ball into a fishes mouth 10 times (UNICORNS VS BUTTERFLIES). It's virtually impossible to do with in single player mode. I've now tried this about 15 tries now and the CPU cheats like mad. They always start with the ball and if you knock it out of their arms another CPU player takes over immediately. Yes.. that's right it's 4 against 1!!! Why wouldn't they at least make it 1 on 1?! Deleted the game and that's that.
  8. Well, there was an update for the game. If you deleted it and reinstalled and then tried using a save which was made on 1.0 it might be causing issues. Replay and save are just ways to record the stage and play back your performance. All I can say is to try pressing the buttons a half second earlier than you think you should and add extra button presses on the beat to get into Cool mode.
  9. Do you mean while in COOL mode? At that point I was just button mashing. I wasn't really going for points. I was just trying to keep the COOL rating until the song ended. The game scoring may in fact be broken... I really can't say one way or another.
  10. Once you finish with a COOL rating in all of the 6 stages the KT & The Sunny Funny Band stage will show up in the stage select area.
  11. I gave it a 2. It's an easy platinum once you learn to start pressing the buttons earlier than you think you need to. It took me only a couple of hours to get it.
  12. Unfortunately I've already deleted it from the PS4, but it's pretty much the same for the last 2 levels as I did for the first 3 levels. Basically just press the buttons a half second or so early and you should do OK with the Cheap Cheap level. To get a COOL rating you need to "freestyle", which means you need to press the button(s) on the starred sections during the verse. You also need to press one of the same buttons which are being used in that particular section. For example, if the verse is X, X, X, L, X... You need to press either the X or L buttons on the starred sections. Pressing anything other than that will count against you. As you can see by my video I did some rapid fire style button pressing during the freestyle parts and it seemed to put me into COOL mode much quicker. This may or may not be true though. It seemed to work for me so I kept doing it. The Cheap Cheap area gave me the most trouble with getting the COOL rating. There are very few opportunities to freestyle, along with the timing issues. It'll possibly take multiple attempts.
  13. The audio is definitely buggy and the reason is because it's a port of the PSP version. To beat the Cheap Cheap stage 4 part you have to make sure the sample finishes playing in time with the music. So basically press the buttons earlier than you think you should. To get COOL you need to freestyle on the marked areas. I found that in some cases you can just button mash to get to COOL. Check out th video above to see how it worked for me. Good luck.
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