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  1. Are you still alive?

  2. Correct. I don't think I paid less than $70 on any individual title to import from PlayAsia. And those are still some of the cheapest prices on Ebay at the moment. Not to mention if you read I'm giving anyone on PS3T a $5 discount offer .
  3. Hey all, I've got a number of Japanese and some Korean Vita games for sale on the cheap on Ebay. All bought from overseas and either never played or only played once for THL so in great condition. All of them are Visual Novels ripe for quick trophy hunting!! I've priced each title to be the lowest price that I could find on Ebay and also included a "Make Offer" feature. As PSTrophies members, I'm happy to disclose that my minimum accepted offer is $5 off the listed price (with exception of Rozen Maiden, which is $2.50 off). Consider this a special discount through this website only . Cross Channel: For All People (JPN, Vita) Fate/Stay Night: Realta Nua (JPN, Vita) Lovely Quest Unlimited (JPN, Vita) Memories Off: Yubikiri No Kioku (JPN, Vita) Memories Off 6: Complete (JPN, Vita) Motto Ane Chan to Shiyouyo Plus (JPN, Vita) Oretachi Ni Tsubasa Wa Nai: Under the Innocent Sky (JPN, Vita) SOLD Rozen Maiden (JPN, Vita)SOLD Steins Gate (KOR, Vita) Steins Gate (JPN, Vita) Steins Gate: Senkai Kousoku no Phonogram (KOR, Vita) Steins Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling (KOR, Vita) Tokushu Houdoubu (JPN, Vita) http://www.www.com
  4. So any idea why a counter would suddenly stop if you haven't moved from a building? My counter got up to 10.2 SOLs, then just stopped. I didn't leave the planet, I didn't get in my ship, it was literally sitting idle. And yes, I was refilling my life support continuously.
  5. My preferred lineup is Juggernaut, Black Widow (Modern), and Storm (either Modern or Mohawk). From a strategy standpoint, that gives you a powerful boost for every color. Juggernaut's Headbutt is the most powerful damaging attack, Widow can steal AP/stun enemies to buy you time, and Storm is awesome at reshuffling the board and getting rid of those pesky countdown tiles. Even if I wanted to change things up, I kept Juggernaut in and got him to 300 pretty quick.
  6. So I've given up on the historical collection, but is it even possible to do the 14-15 one? Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Dennis Schroder do not show up EVER on the auction block. Are they even still in the game?
  7. ?!?!?! Lucky would be an understatement there buddy lol.
  8. Level 14 is a good level to grind once you get to ~level 4 on all your upgrades as there are two different tower sections and the enemies compared to level 4 guys are fairly easy to handle.
  9. Where are they releasing codes this year?
  10. Got 2 notifications from Sony, one for a Pre-Order Bonus that was supposed to have VC, and another for the KD pack. Redeemed the VC code in the store, didn't get squat for it in-game. The KD pack actually worked since you input that in the game. Kinda pissed I didn't get my 10,000 VC though. Edit: Finally got it to work. The VC showed up as services on my account, so I restored licenses, then went in game, tried to buy VC and backed out, which did something to make the VC from the preorder show up on my account. Don't understand it, just accepting it.
  11. I planned on trying to make a popular course from where I live, but it would a lot of time and a lot more design skill than what I have to accomplish. The terrain editor can be fickle. If you're just wanting to create a random fake course, you can do so very easily. But trying to replicate something? That's a challenge.
  12. Yeah, I'm not understanding putting either. Or their math. If I'm 9 yards away, and my club distance is 35 yards, how is it that I swing at 54% and still end up short?
  13. Yes, I am having issues with it as well. I was boosting with someone, they got it on their first try (right at 10 kills). I had a round of 16, then 13 and never got it to pop. All the other ones are working fine and we were doing the exact same method.
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