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  1. If anyone is after this trophy, please add me, Im online right now
  2. Online right now, willing to help with time travel will tell, but going for Small consolation. mssgme
  3. Done with TTWT but will help to do it if you let me get the shrink ray, as i nedd Small consolation. Mssge me or add me as friend, Im online right now and i know the steps
  4. I have TTWT but will help others to get it, as i need your help to get the Blinded by firght and small consolation ones. Just add me or send a message
  5. Need some help with blinded by firght and small consolation.. Most randoms dont like to open doors :S
  6. Still in need of Time Travel Will Tell, yesterday we almost got it.... Im online right now. feel free to invite/add me
  7. Add me to try the easter egg on shangrila, Im online Right now
  8. Add me for the Shangrila trophies, Ill be online tonight, 8 pm PDT
  9. Add me to boost this, Illbe online all Sunday trying to get The best There is.... PSNID: Yattzer
  10. Rocket Launcher is easy, as you got a middle free save, but that Linear luncher. If it werent for Wesker's (knive only) battle mode scenario, it would be so easy
  11. Chrono Trigger, Really likable characters, good battle system and THE MUSIC (To My Dear Friends )
  12. Need a Coop partner, Im online right now and will be for the rest of the day. PSNID: Yattzer
  13. Outland, seems to be great and waiting for LIMBO (really like Indie Games :>)
  14. JRPG, I like some WRPGs (like mass effect 2), but whenever I hear about a new tales/final fantasy/kingdom hearts I go nuts. :>
  15. Hey, It's up to us to take out Umbrella!
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