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  1. Looking to knock some of the online trophies and the Hazard Zone as well. -Playing on PS5. -Time Zone is Eastern Standard Time U.S. (EST) -PSN ID: Cory_Baumann Shoot me a message and feel free to add! Thanks!
  2. Looking to take out the online trophy:“Learning To Work Together”. I’m online daily and nightly on PS4 and PS5. PSN ID: Cory_Baumann United States; EST
  3. Just started the Legend's Mode. I’m looking to get consistent partners for Raids, Survival and Story. Playing on PS4 and have a Mic. PSN: Cory_Baumann I’m online daily. So send a Friend Request. US Eastern Time
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Super great guide! Love this game! Tackling the DLC and going through New Game + now!
  6. Damn good find for the exploit! I played it regularly back in the day!
  7. That is pretty awesome! Although I hope you pre-ordered it, because the prices on this thing is absolutely ridiculous! I pre-ordered and have the Leon statue with Resident Evil 2 Collectors Edition, one day I’ll grab this one with Jill.
  8. Just got my 100% on The Sims 4, been playing Resident Evil 3, and finishing up GT Sport.
  9. Yeah having the Minigun come back would’ve been good, or having that fun you build from Nemesis in the original. I like Jill’s Samurai Edge too, although wish that one was infinite one.
  10. That’s awesome! Yeah that’s one thing I like from RE2 and RE3 is that you basically have an infinite knife.
  11. Man might be doing this with my run, been trying Interno using the infinite AR, and flame knife but this is so much harder than Nightmare.
  12. I would say start to finish; 20-30 hours, depending on playstyle and skill.
  13. Awesome job with the guide! I just need S Rank on Inferno and the No Box Run!
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