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  1. My video has over 41,000 views, and even if only half of those views were people who did the glitch and were branded as a cheater by PSN, I'm sure some would have mentioned it in the comments. Pretty sure you are safe man. BTW, I didn't even know PSN did that sorta thing.
  2. Thanks man. Yeah, you can get them cheaper online, but shipping makes it out to be the same price. Them Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars though!
  3. GNC has always been over priced. Better just to use them in a pinch and get your stuff cheaper online. I've had those Quest bars though. I wish they made a vegan one. So, this happened the other day: https://www.facebook.com/STARKILLERx1138/videos/1705216146404645/
  4. Hopefully that's all they ever are though, close calls. It's a nightmare having to deal with the aftermath of a crash. Can't recommend a dash cam enough. I have'em in all my cars and of course my helmet cam. Wish these things were available back in my 2001 crash. Would have saved me a couple years of the whole my word vs theirs BS.
  5. LMAO! Besides! Stopping at STOP signs is so last year. I don't think the guy has any knowledge of what nearly happened. This is the worst kind of rider. Probably. THANK YOU! Was wondering why it wasn't doing that. Thanks! Thanks man. You're just a few hours north of me. No, I'm in Washington State a couple hours south of Seattle (close to Mount St. Helens) but I've heard that. I'm sure Seattle drivers can give them a run though. I'm sorry man, LOL! Riding a bike is awesome though even if every now and then you have to deal with this kind of stuff. Warmer weather brings these people out. During the Fall and Winter months, I have no close calls. HAHA! I saw that! I have tons of bad driving footage so I may make a compilation video to share later on.
  6. Another event caught on camera. Enjoy! LOL! [ame] [/ame]
  7. I didn't know SW scrubs were a thing. I would totally get my wife some.
  8. that's that Should've worn my Star Wars Vans out today, but I'd probably get called a hipster or some shit, so I'm sporting a T-shirt with a pic of Vader on it made out of Tie-Fighters. May the 4th be with you all. I watched TFA very early this morning followed by my favorite SW movie, ROTS, and a bunch of The Clone Wars episodes. Took MAUL out on a long bike ride with some friends, and came home to some Boba Fettucini for dinner. Was going to watch TFA again with the fam, but will probably do either Jedi or Menace. Saw alot of people with SW shirts on today while I was on my ride. Sadly, my Drift camera died and didn't get any of it.
  9. How will you be celebrating Star Wars day? http://45.media.tumblr.com/01ad6982337f357d81fd36dc880afb85/tumblr_mm9z9vFvsg1rtthw6o1_500.gif
  10. It's irrelevant, but it is clear that I was slowly closing the gap between me and the white truck in front of me in the video. If you're watching it thinking I'm going the same speed as the bus on the right, you might want to get your eyes checked. The bottom line is, a merging vehicle cannot just shove their way into the lane when that space is occupied. Not only is that a serious violation, but it's common sense for anyone with a brain.
  11. HAHAHA! He's gotta be trolling. Although, I wouldn't doubt he's really that dumb.
  12. LMAO! Obviously he didn't have a choice but to nearly run me over. The internet never ceases to amaze me with asinine comments from you types.
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