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  1. I've mentioned this before (I feel like this Boss Battle has been going on for years now...), but I just don't think either of these bosses was actually hard at all. In that both of them can be easily man-handled by bringing your team in properly prepared (Underwater Materia, Knights of the Round, etc., leveling up, etc.), the challenge here can be reduced to almost nil. As opposed to, say, almost every boss in Cuphead, where no amount of preparation makes them anything other than a f*cking nightmare. But, that's my opinion.
  2. MrMinderbinder


    Right... because childrens' toys are based on real humans and actual events... Next we'll see a Mr PotatoHead movie, not based on the character from Toy Story, but is the origin story of the actual potato that came to life and became an insult comic. Maybe it's my ever-expanding dyslexia, but I read this as "Why have the made Buzz Lightyear racist?" This misread wasn't helped by finding out that Buzz' co-pilot is black.
  3. Despite my last few posts, somehow I managed to be late on getting in my Round 2 picks (at least, for the Boston/Milwaukee series). However, given that I so boldly/foolishly stated days ago that I was calling Boston in 4, can I count that as an on time pick? Obviously, it's already incorrect, but if I stand by it, can we call it "on time"?
  4. Well, I've watched it now. I stand by my initial rating of 4 rubber chickens and 3 bushels of parsley - I just had no idea how over-stewed the feast would be. If nothing else stands out about this movie, the one truly memorable feature is that it is a complete and utter failure in film editing. I'm not inherently against the idea of a 3-hour movie - I've seen several in which I love and respect every scene and bit of dialogue included. This movie, on the other hand, needs an editor who understands removing (or at least shortening) long and overdrawn scenes and conversations that do not actually advance the story or develop the characters. The person in the cutting room never even took their scissors out of the original plastic wrap - everything filmed was left in the movie. Imagine watching somebody playing Fallout 3, who upon entering the Library of Congress decides to pick up every burned book in the building to run over to the recycling station. Now imagine that you are watching every second of them collecting these thousands of books. Wouldn't you find yourself saying... That complaint aside - the movie was fun, never campy, and well worth an afternoon. I did find myself hung up on one scene of extreme implausibility... You know the scene I mean. Anyway... enjoyed, but won't buy and probably won't watch again for a couple of years at least.
  5. Oh, I wasn't trying to give you sh*t about staying up to date. Really just excited for the Celtics/Bucks series. Sorry if I came across as impatient - thanks for all of the work you do.
  6. Can't wait for the form to get updated so I can rush in and predict that Boston will bring down those bastard Bucks in 4...
  7. Fair enough. But if FO3 and FONV ever get ported to the PS4 or PS5... well, let's just say that I won't be posting for a long, long time. Chances are pretty good I'll lose my job, my plants and my dog will die... but at least I'll get to mainline Wastelandy goodness for another year or so. Seriously, if you ever read an obituary about some guy from Utah who has two thumbs and was literally killed by Fallout...
  8. It's too damned good to skip because of crashing, etc. Get out your PS3, pick up a digital copy for $5 (or whatever games cost these days), and enjoy watching the next 4-12 months of your life slip away before your very eyes. Jebus, if there had been a new Fallout in March 2020, I wouldn't have even known there was a pandemic.
  9. I take it you never played Assassin's Creed 1? Not only did the collectibles give you nothing, but the game didn't even acknowledge that you'd finished finding them. There wasn't even some menu that said "All Collectibles Found", or some on-screen message of "Good job, son!" Nope... nothing. Oh, and did I mention that they aren't lying about in obvious pathways - they're all in extremely awkward-to-access locations at dizzying death-defying heights? Oh, and that there are 700 of the goddamned bastards?! Of course, AC1 didn't have trophies, so we never talk about it, but... I did 100% that game.
  10. Oh, sh*t... did I really miss the draft? Wait, what's that you say? The entire f*cking season? 😲 Seriously, I'm on board for 2022. I think I was avoiding this season just like the last one because of covid bullsh*t. I'm all about fantasy basketball, but I've been waiting for the time when my players weren't getting suddenly and indefinitely benched because of a positive test. If 2022-2023 somehow breaks free of CDC influence, I'm all over it.
  11. Booyah, Boston! Beating Brooklyn bitches in 4! By the way, is there any way we can use Google Forms to see what we predicted? I honestly can't even remember my picks at this point - that's how much thought I put into this. Alls I know is that the dream Finals would be Utah-Boston, so I can finally watch my boys win the big one live. That's why the best World Series ever was 2007 - I don't give two sh*ts about the Rockies, but they're close enough and cheap enough that I got to watch live as the Red Sox beat their asses in Game 4.
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