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  1. trophy glitched. did it all 4 times already. no trophy
  2. needing and willing to help with all online trophies psn Samuray1980 Eu Region
  3. looking for peeps to boost all mp trophies. make it painless. psn Samuray1980 timezone uk
  4. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/news/boosting1.png Trophy Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone To make everyone's life easier during boosting, please ensure you're familiar with the methods used to boost this game before you start. If the boosting method requires a group to be organized and set up, please keep all discussions and planning in the boosting thread. Please do not create another thread. __________________________________________________ Boosting Method: __________________________________________________ I hope I can get interested in doing so, because cause I've seen the trophies and they will be boring to do. At least boosting we can have some fun. thx Please add me: Samuray1980
  5. im in. add me on psn Samuray1980 and im Uk time
  6. looking for people to farm exp and items. just started playing. glad to work with you.
  7. im currently playing this game, and through trial and error i concluded that the relic is the one glitching the game. if you dont get it during normal playthrough DONT replay to get it. it will glitch. you can replay to do everything else except relics. replay the missions once you finish the game.
  8. can anyone confirm something? i completed gwent big city players before knowing sigi reuven. does it mean i will miss those 2 cards? from sigi and the merchant. thx in advance.
  9. anyone on the EU version wanting to boost: overthrown buddy system streak ender holy knockout batman hit me up. psn:Samuray1980
  10. hello all, i would gladly boost this online trophies. add me for boosting. psn Samuray1980. just put down fear 2 boost in the message. thx.
  11. i wanna boost aswell. add me if you still need people to boost. psn Samuray1980.
  12. im sorry if this isnt the place to be writing this, but i think its the right place. the trophies from assassins creed revelations ( the loop & breaking the loop) dont add up to the total. in the list it will always say im missing 2 trophies which i dont. can you plz see if theres a problem with those 2? thank you.
  13. hello everyone just add me so that we can help each other boosting the 50 wins. im from portugal so the time is europe gmt+0. thank you all that reply to this help. psn id - Samuray1980.
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