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  1. Which God of War? Original or 2018? Because 2018 can be played on Easy so it makes the Valkyries....slightly tolerable (Sigrun is still a bitch). Original, I don't know...I don't have the patience for those Trials of the Gods stuff.
  2. 3 Keys, with an Unknown expiration date. Was posted on the 21st, so use it quick. 5ZWTJ-XXBT3-FXWRZ-XJJJT-96XZ6
  3. I'd like to think we get Man of Medan because I'm literally playing The Quarry right now. Works in my favor I guess, I was waiting for all of those to be bundled together one day...but I guess getting the Dark Pictures games through Plus works out. Crash 4 is cool too...though I haven't even played the remakes of the first three, but they were available through the PS+ Collection, just need Crash Team Racing now.
  4. If prices in this world were more reasonable, I wouldn't have to come up with reasons to be cheap. But this isn't really about the money in this case...it's about the service and its (lack of) value for me in the long run. I'd just be paying for something I barely get use out of. I don't need Premium just to say I have the highest tier of something.
  5. This is another reason I can't justify upgrading. I'm going to have all these games at my disposal, but they'll be leaving the service before I ever get around to them. Either it forces me to play something I don't want to play yet, or I never get to anyways. Better off just buying stuff and letting it rot in my backlog, that's already too big.
  6. Are you a new type of forum bot, or an old one re-purposed?
  7. Ms. Marvel S01E03 The Flash S08E18 Glad to be wrong about Ms. Marvel. The show is so much better than the trailers made it out to be. Not my favorite of the bunch, but it's been good.
  8. #279 Terminator: Resistance Enhanced No Problemo This game was way more fun than it had any business being. So on the surface this comes off like a very cheap cash in on the license. It plays like a PS3 FPS game and looks like a cross between Metro and Fallout. So much so, that it even has that camera zoom in effect you see in Fallout and Elder Scrolls when you talk to an NPC (then their mouths don't move right when they talk). But underneath that dated layer is a very fun, very good Terminator game. Frankly this is probably what Terminator: Salvation (the movie) should have been. It ignores all the movies after T2 and sets us in 2028 during the final months of the War, you play as a Resistance soldier named Jacob Rivers, who finds out he was "Marked for Termination" by Skynet after an Infiltrator unit wipes out his entire squad and has to uncover why that is, while working with civilians who are just trying to survive. The gameplay, at least on PS5, is super solid. You have a mild RPG system in place to upgrade as you level up which always felt intuitive enough that I hit the right level when I needed to. You get new and better weapons as you progress which can then be upgraded to make them more powerful. Although once you get the Plasma weapons (the ones Terminators use), the regular weapons are completely useless. You do have to play the game a bit defensively...it's not a run and gun shooter as T-800's will completely tear you to shreds in a matter of seconds...I died quite a bit, even on normal, so cover and medkits were my best friends. The story is really good, but the voice acting does leave a lot to be desired. The game also utilizes the Bethesda style lock pick mechanic, where you have to turn a pick just right and if you fail too much it breaks. Not a big deal to most, but I still absolutely HATE this mechanic...I don't like it in Bethesda RPG's, and I don't like it here. The Frogger style hacking mechanic was more fun. Also the PS5 version has the added Infiltrator Mode which adds 2 trophies the PS4 version doesn't have. In this mode you play as the Infiltrator from the story in the period before he finds Rivers squad. In this, you have to gather intel and kill an informant, but you can't save and it has to all be done in 1 run. If you get killed then you have to start over. But it's easy enough. It was fun but nothing I can see anyone wanting to do repeat playthroughs on. Overall, I think this is one of those games that was never meant to do well...someone just wanted the Terminator IP out there for a video game. But you can clearly tell, that low budget aside, it was made by Terminator fans. Made by people who love the first two films and wanted this to make some kind of impact...the best it could. So if you don't mind the dated feel of the game...I think it's a hidden gem everyone should check out.
  9. Obviously, no one can answer that but you.
  10. Working on a guide for The Quarry, if someone could make me a purdy banner that'd be awesome. As well as Headers for Introduction Walkthrough Overview Special Thanks!
  11. So funny little story with this game. This is like the only AC game I didn't own...I was going to get it on sale back in 2016 when it came out (specifically this version as it has a Plat). So not very long after it came out, I would check my wish list on Amazon every day and this game kept getting lower and lower in price. Eventually one day it hit $9 and change...mind this game was only a couple months old at this point. Anyways, my cheap ass was like "maybe it'll get lower?", so I waited...two days later it shoots back up to like $34 and didn't budge much from there over the years...it hit like the $20 mark a few times, but after seeing it at $9, I just couldn't buy it. Then I kind of forgot about it until a couple days ago where I found it for $9 lol.
  12. Should be noted though, if you got RE7 from the PS+ Collection, it's not eligible for the PS5 upgrade.
  13. Started on Terminator: Resistance Enhanced. Seems pretty cool so far.
  14. Definitely a you thing. Netflix said it was getting 5 seasons around the time Season 2 was coming out. Agreed with everything you said though.
  15. Impractical Jokers: The Movie 4/10 I honestly thought it was surprisingly unfunny. Not wholly, it had it's moments...but it was the usual challenges that were good, them trying to act in an actual plot to a film fell flat to me.
  16. It's part of the guide itself. (click the arrow in the top right corner on the link below)
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