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  1. #235 (1st PS5 Plat) - Astro's Playroom: #239 - Rebel Galaxy #240: Ratchet & Clank - Rift Apart #243 - Mass Effect: Remastered #246 - NASCAR Heat 5 #247 - Biomutant #248 - Watch Dogs: Legion #252 - RetroMania Wrestling #259 - Far Cry 6 #261 - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure As you can see, I skipped a few. They were either black screens or just very nothing screens not worth posting.
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the teenagers were out of place. They gave me straight up Power Rangers vibes...even the aesthetics of their enhancements looked almost plastic and from another franchise entirely. Really enjoyed the first two episodes...this one was on the weak side. Black Krrsantan was a bad ass though...we need more of him.
  3. I had to look these up, apparently neither of them are here in the US although the Zinger is supposed to be coming soon. However, KFC has changed a bit with the pandemic. We got a 12 piece bucket and some mashed potatoes with gravy a couple weeks back and the chicken was extremely lackluster and the gravy might as well been brown water, it was so thin. And before that I had tried their new chicken sandwich that's super late to the competition and wasn't impressed (Popeyes spicy is still king for me). But this is how it is everywhere. No one is trying anymore, portions are getting smaller, prices are raising and no one cares about their actual product anymore, and lord knows employees don't even want to be there. I've had very few great meals from places since 2020.
  4. Started on Guardians of the Galaxy on PS5. Pretty good so far, but I had to restart the damn game 3 times. It's one of those games where you need to follow a guide for collectables and I kept missing some.
  5. Yep, it's a known issue. Trophies are supposed to auto-pop, there's even a patch with the notes that state this. But it's random who it works for. Sometimes you can do certain tasks that get them to pop, but even then it might not be all of them. Mine took forever to auto-pop, and it only happened after doing several daily contracts for Reda. And not everything came in, the ones I'm missing are the grindiest trophies in the game and, as far as I can tell, I'd have to start a whole new game to get them, and I just don't have that in me. Now a couple weeks ago, I reinstalled the PS5 version to check something, did a couple of things and a few of the DLC trophies started to pop, but again it wasn't everything. So this tells me there's a coding issue with Ubisoft and they just don't care to fix it.
  6. I already renewed for another year about a week ago. So I'll be interested to see how they handle people who are already subscribed.
  7. I used Female Dani and she absolutely rocks that "My heart is in Havana" song lol.
  8. I have a Galaxy S7, a bit old, but a normal size phone. It's not one of those Tablet phones or anything. I can see everything in Desktop mode, but....that's cheating.
  9. Nothing changed for me.....other than, you know...everything being wider.
  10. The Matrix: Resurrections 6/10 Pretty much echoing above. I really like what they TRIED to do here, there's some solid ideas and even the movie going SUPER meta, kinda worked. But it was poorly executed. There's some moments in this movie I really enjoyed like Neo and Niobe, and I thought NPH's character was pretty decent. The biggest area it falls flat for me is the action....nothing about the action felt like The Matrix. And honestly...Keanu wasn't the highlight of this movie, it almost felt like he didn't want to do this, there was something off about him, he didn't have that same magnetism that shined on screen like in the original trilogy. Trinity really stood out more than anyone. I also like the new character Bugs...I thought she did a fantastic job. This doesn't need another movie though, just let it die.
  11. #262 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection The Ultimate Warrior Ask any Dragon Ball fan what their favorite DBZ game is...and you're likely going to get one of two answers. Tenkiachi....or Budokai. I've always been the former...Tenkiachi 3 remains one of, if not my favorite fighting game of all time. I had played this a bit in the past, I was living with friends back in 2006 and they played the hell out of Budokai 3. But once Tenkaichi 2 came out that became my franchise (Tenkaichi 1 wasn't very good). So I decided to play Budokai 3 on my PS2 again to put some actual time into it, see if my opinion would change or not. Obviously the big thing working against it would be lack of nostalgia and no one else to play it with. But then I remembered this collection and figured...might as well get trophies for it! So since I was already playing Budokai 3 when I ordered this, I started with that on this collection, then went back to Budokai 1. With Budokai 2 being famously missing from this collection for some reason. Budokai 1....I did not like, at all. I beat the entire game just today and it definitely suffers from "great idea in a first game that's massively improved in it's sequels". The fighting mechanics would feel familiar if you played B3 first, but less refined and most characters have very similar moves that are just named something different. And I found combos just really difficult to pull off for what should be very simple button combinations, the AI is programmed to block the whole time, so you can never just enjoy the battle. 99% of the game is super easy though....it's the mind numbingly horrible Advanced World Tournament that raised my blood pressure through the roof. In this mode the AI is only programmed for two things....blocking everything and knocking you out of the ring. Even using the Kid Gohan exploit you find online, and using the 30 second clock exploit it took me more time here (which was my last trophy) then playing all of story mode. Speaking of story mode, I know it's a PS2 game...but man are the graphics jarringly bad, MUCH improved in the sequels. And the cut scenes are pretty bare bone (though fully voice acted) a lot of the energy attacks just look wrong (Kamehameha being yellow for example) and are poorly animated...you can't even barely see auras around the characters. Budokai 3 on the other hand was a massive improvement and an all around solid game that still holds up today. However, the World Tournaments are still a pain because, in this game, the AI is programmed for one thing and one thing only....FUCKING DRAGON RUSH! For those that don't know, Dragon Rush is a mini-cut scene during battle you can't escape from where, you have to press one of the face buttons in a rock, paper, scissors like mini game...if you choose the same button as the AI, you win the defense. If not, and choose wrong 3 times in a row...it causes massive damage and wastes a lot of time...and the AI will do this constantly, and because its the computer they can make the button press what ever they want anyways! It becomes mind numbingly repetitive after awhile. And a major thing that brings this game down below Tenkaichi 3 for me...is while it is solid and a lot of fun, the combat gets repetitive, you see everything pretty quick, Tenkaichi 2 and 3 always felt like I was getting a fresh and intuitive battle, where I have to model my strategy after what my opponent is doing. Budokai is definitely a game made to play with friends to get that same level of randomness only a human player can give you. Dragon Universe was also more fun here, though mostly told through static text based images. But flying around an open map (which is very small by todays standards) was a lot of fun. Overall, I have more respect for B3 now. But Tenkaichi 3 is still my go to.
  12. Viper

    Dirt 4

    As iLion said, please use the dedicated boosting thread.
  13. Please use Dedicated Boosting thread.
  14. Meant to post this Wednesday night. Can't believe that he walked away from this with nothing more than a dislocated elbow. This shit looked almost as bad as Sid breaking his leg.
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