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  1. Got a 4th infraction lel

  2. Just went on my downloads and remembered I had Vietnam, so if someone could add All DLC to my name that would be nice
  3. Conversation are two way, you can not reply too you know...

  4. Why do you think I'm mad? Everyone but you are cool about the win. We all said it was a fair game, and we had fun. I'm even going to play with Gillies at the BC2 GN this week. Don't reply back to me or I will report it to the mods. I'm tired of it.

  5. lel jrpgs lel Hopefully some stuff shown at Eurogamer
  6. Don't really care, selling my ps3, but I will have plenty of disc PS4 games to go through
  7. Yea I agree another RDR game night would be fun, 2nd best game to play on PS3T for me, after BC2
  8. Owning Danish people on BF3 because they are all noobs mwhahhaha
  9. Who won the contest against, wait who was it? Oh yeah I remember, YOU! hahhahahhahaha Sit down noob.
  10. You should really stop following me and always quoting me to do with BF3. You got fucking owned and you're mad I get it, but don't take it out on me just cause you're mad. Maybe some time off the site?

  11. I guarantee pre-ordering those in a bundle if someone here puts one up for sale will be cheaper than £390
  12. Send off game night in October for Battlefield 3 before BF4
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