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  1. Does anyone know if disabling encounters from the Controls menu affects any of the trophies?
  2. OK, thanks! Appreciate the help - looks like this game is going to be on my list next for a clean-up.
  3. All I have left is Old World Gadgets, does anyone know if I'll have to start a new game and go for this again?
  4. Almost reaching the end of Sons of Anarchy S1, enjoying it so far!
  5. What do you do when you come back from time away from gaming? Start a variety of short but sweet games - or delve into something that requires more time?

  6. This is the last trophy for me but I've decided to put the game down until the devs put out a patch to solve the issues. As much as I could replay the start of the game again I just really don't want to 😂
  7. Voted 2 / 10. Easy and fun game!
  8. Voted 0 - 5 hours. It took me less than 2 hours to finished - shouldn't take more than 3 hours even if you need to go back to levels.
  9. Needed clarification on one or two things, so thanks for the guide! Overall a really fun game and it's so therapeutic collecting everything into holes! 😂
  10. Thanks for the guide (and video). Found this game in my library and I'm not entirely sure when I picked it up - might have been something to do with the developers on Twitter. Anyway, got this downloaded today and I'm going to get it played soon. Hopefully your guide will work the same as it has done with the other people here! 🙏🏻
  11. Currently playing Shadow of Mordor. Just completed the base game and I'm bouncing back and forth between both DLCs.
  12. I've finally got my first and second jabs booked in - end of this month and September. Waited so long and now I just want to get it over and done with, hopefully with hardly or no side effects.
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