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  1. hey, still looking for squad member? i have a mic and i kinda know my way around the game but playing with randoms with no mic is no go eheh. Im on BST so your time will be kinda limited but we can make it work i think.
  2. Yoo if you guys need anyone, im free most of time now since im on vacations. HMU on psn: ValtermcPires my time is BST
  3. Anyone got the shiny pokemon codes extras for trade? i have the newsletter on but dindt get the email, and would like to add them to collection.
  4. I still have a couple main mission to do but have the 100k ready, not sure if spend now or wait. tks
  5. i cannot send you fr, but were online right now and we missing one
  6. For the Jack OF all Trades i just need to be level 10 in each class?
  7. Looking to boost the following trophy: [quote]Death from Above In Multiplayer, destroy 5 manned stationary weapons with a Airplane[/quote] I'm online all days from 20h to 24h (BST time). PSN ID: ValtermcPires (if you add just say you wanna boost in the FR pls).
  8. Hiii Anyone can help me boost the last trophy 'The Tower of the Elephant'? I will be home in 8h from work, we can do it then. PSN ID: ValtermcPires
  9. yup that is my last trophy I'm missing and atm I'm at 10M, still missing more 10. i guess i will keep waiting for those daily login bonus they give out from time to time and when im bored i make some fights using that method you show on your video. im not very fighterz player but i think i can beat the AI. Gratz on plat buddy
  10. Looking to boost this: casual and arena matches. PSN ID: ValtermcPires (if you add to boost write that in your message please). I have mic if needed. BST timezone.
  11. you have to keep logging in the game. ATM they are giving 200k per day until the end of month.
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/DBZDokkanBattle/comments/lzboop/this_is_what_the_dokkan_devs_think_are_good/
  13. I'm still missing 15 milion zeni to get the trophy and grind is hard af.. any tips?
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