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  1. add me for fire control boost have a few already so just need a few more so we can start a room ( Got it thanks)
  2. looking to boost ctf and relay race got 1 or 2 others need 4 to start the match, GOT IT THANKS
  3. looking to boost have a few boosters ready too also
  4. looking to boost i have one other boostster - u.s version
  5. Me and my bro are looking to boost the online trophies!!
  6. anyone else expierence this, i go to give ann the spider silk and she keeps saying she wants more but she doesnt take the ones out of my inventory, ive tried reloading pressing it multiple times any suggestions?
  7. Hey got 2 booster!! 3 including myself need one more add me leave a msg for the add thanks
  8. hey anyone want to boost online trophies add me same name on psn leave a reason for the add thanks
  9. thanks for the awesome guide I would have never 100% without you:dance:
  10. add me too !!! alot of quiters now a days tried 50 matches and only finished one where someone didn't quit!!
  11. add me for the war party trophy leave a reason for the add thanks got it but will help
  12. add me also got some peolpe already leave farcry2 in subject thanks!!
  13. U can do this by yourself with one controller just choose 8 ppl and 8 rounds u dont even have to win just finish 8 rounds!!!!
  14. Yes you can just host a game and choose max private slots!!!
  15. I need help with fly the coop trophy!! getting heli down!! add me
  16. I own death spank and I also liked trine!!
  17. I had this happen but had it backed on flash drive. then just re copied!! try to recopy in save menu, hope this helps.
  18. this is one of my favorite games although I haven't plat. it but will soon.
  19. very fun playing it right now. even more fun in co-op
  20. not as good as the old one but challenging due to camera angles.
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