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  1. PSN ID: BumperSticker Trophy needed: Rookie (pro clubs) Timezone is GMT+2
  2. So there's no way to get the trophy at the moment if you don't have Forsaken? I see people are still unlocking it as of today, so it shouldn't be completely bugged.
  3. I'm having troubles unlocking "Challenge Accepted" for some reason. I'm more than certain I've completed more than 30 bounties. Was anyone able to unlock it and can tell me which bounties count for it?
  4. I'm down. PSN is BumperSticker, add me if you're organizing a team.
  5. Looking for someone to boost Sunlight medals with. Current Soul Memory is around 1.3m, soul level is around 130. Still on my first playthrough. PSN = BumperSticker
  6. Thanks for trying to help Now go enjoy your holiday, while I try e-mailing Bethesda
  7. Oh, lawd... This is going to be tedious. And, yes, I do have 1.07 installed. I've tried looking for some work arounds, but haven't had any success
  8. I have tried reloading a save I made prior completing Powering Up several times, but I still end up facing the same bug. When I get the task from Z4 to warn Desdemona, she pretty much ignores me. Does anyone have a workaround for this?
  9. July's IGC game. Should revive the online community. If anyone wants to boost online trophies, add BumperSticker.
  10. Looking for people to complete Heists / Missions / Boost levels with. Preferably with mics. PSN - BumperSticker Timezone - GMT+2 If you send a request, make sure to add PST.Org in the title.
  11. Looking for someone to boost supply boxes with. PSN ID: BumperSticker Timezone: GMT+2
  12. Looking for someone to help out with Ammo crates. Will return the favor, of course. PSN ID - BumperSticker Timezone - GMT+2 If you're up for it, send me a friend request with "Killzone" as title.
  13. we had a few good releases on ps plus this month. it's almost a shame that i bought metro and bioshock infinite retail a while ago.


    oh, and bf4 is still dung btw. though if i were you i'd go on the psn store next time you can to grab the handgun shortcut pack which is free atm to save yourself a big grinding trophy later. ea is sliming a lot with bf4 freebies recently because the fans are mad that dice screwed up the game for them.

  14. okies. i just wanted to mention that on origins they released the full pack of the command & conquer games for 30 bucks. about 17 games + their expansions in total


    and thanks, the picture was made by my ma at the local store to send to the rest of the family. you can still see the pricetag slightly hidden behind the tie :p

    i needed a recent photo of myself for on communities and when i saw this one i knew i had to use it.

  15. Not familiar with that second game you mentioned, but I used to play Red Alert as a kind :)


    By the way, you're looking sharp in that picture!

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