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  1. Ill help you, if you help me with an other trophy. Deal?
  2. Ahaha, lol. Have fun throwing your controller in the tv, that will be another 50$.
  3. I already have one and it is awesome.
  4. Oh, yes. Got it. Thank you so much!
  5. Haha, i used google for this.

  6. Im on chapter 12 right now and i have 99/100 substories. The last one is Murder at Cafe Alps. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, because i will get my trophy, golden gun. Oh, yes. Then i can fight Amon too.
  7. Sokode ōku no yakuza no wa arimasu ka?

  8. Can you help me with some tips?

  9. Well, its not my type.

  10. Hey, do you have the gold trophy of Yakuza 3? I mean the one where you will have to complete all minigames.

  11. Haha, but i dont live in Japan. So is that a part of Tokyo where you live?

  12. Kenzan? I dont like that, but do you know the story of Yakuza ?

  13. Why dont you make a poll about this? I should say Gran Turismo 5, its so awesome!
  14. I have Yakuza 1, 2 and 3.

  15. Im searching really long for someone who loves Yakuza too.

  16. I work in a restaurant, pretty much people are coming and then i'll have to give them what i want. I also saw really fat guys. Ahahahaha! But i earn pretty much for my job : 2000 Euro ( We, Holland use that type of cash ) every month. But im doing this allready 3 years, almost 4. I started whit this job when i was 16, it was pretty hard to give everyone what they want. When i was about to stop with this job, because i was really bad, i just wanted to try it one more time. And, yeah. Then i was a bit better.
  17. Thank you for adding me, mate. :)

  18. Actually... Uh... How do you add someone as a friend?

  19. I have no friends yet. :(

  20. Thank you, im searching the hole time for a good thread where i can easy make a post.

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