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    I love trophies. Well, the only problem is that i dont have many games.
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    Holland, Amsterdam South-East
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    Gaming, fighting.
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    Working in restaurant.

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  1. Ill help you, if you help me with an other trophy. Deal?
  2. Ahaha, lol. Have fun throwing your controller in the tv, that will be another 50$.
  3. I already have one and it is awesome.
  4. Oh, yes. Got it. Thank you so much!
  5. Haha, i used google for this.

  6. Im on chapter 12 right now and i have 99/100 substories. The last one is Murder at Cafe Alps. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, because i will get my trophy, golden gun. Oh, yes. Then i can fight Amon too.
  7. You would say imasu ka, over arimasu ka, as the term aru means have in terms of objects where as iru counts for people. Yakuza wa iru n desu ga anmari mitenai!

  8. Sokode ōku no yakuza no wa arimasu ka?

  9. oh...i'd rather have kenzan over any other yakuza game

  10. Which Minigames do you still need to do? Some games I can't give tips on because it kinda relys on luck. Others (like the baseball), check this link out for the idea of the speeds the ball gets thrown on Ex Hard: Extra Hard Baseball tips - Yakuza 3 Message Board for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs


    Just let me know which you still need to do, and I'll see about giving some tips.

  11. Can you help me with some tips?

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