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  1. Looking for a coop partner to obtain the platinum together please respond if you wish to go from the beginning to the end with me
  2. By quickly glancing over the trophy cards posting in this thread......am I the only one who is level 30+? Reason I ask is because from level 1-25 I was loving the idea of trophies. 120 plats reallly burned me out and I saw the real picture. If I were to get a plat every two months over a 3 year period Id certainly see it not impacting me as bad. Throw in 100+ psn games on top of that........moderation is good BUT were only hearing from people who are relatively lower in regards to trophy levels. Lets hear from some high level trophy collectors and see if they are as happy in their lives as they were at level 10 or 15 or 20
  3. I have a few things to say on this matter Ive lost 3 years of my life and you need to ask yourself how many years of your precious lives have you actually wasted? When you are old and laying in your death bed............wishing you had one more day. Think about it. Life is too short to brush family, work, gym and other things aside for trophies. Another note on trophies. Once you start researching games on these trophy sites BEFORE you purchase something. Then there is a problem. If you dont see it you are as addicted as I was. Endless grinding. For what? A friend on PSN to send a "Congrats on your klatest Plat" and the only reason anyone gave a shit to send you a message is because you had to put it into your comment? Another note. How many times have you used youtube or the guides here to get a trophy? Dont say never. That ultimately means you are taking credit for another gamers example in the form of a trophy and passing it off as your own. All we did was "copy" what another has done. No pride in that. I recently did a mass delete keeping only a handful of my oldest, faceless PSN friends to occasionally coop with. if that even happens. I was so addicted and so CONSUMED with my next plat that rarely did I enjoy the game I was currently playing and to be honest with you endless grinding and boosting (im guilty of both) is pathetic. Forcing yourself to waste countless hours for a trophy. Dont forget life is short and play games that you love regardless of trophies. Quit the whoring. Seriously. Its ruined gaming. If I hear another person say "Im getting my moneys worth" because of trophies Ill just sit here and laugh. If a dev puts in an achievement for hitting "X" 350 times.......are you getting your moneys worth? No. Ive played Deus EX 5 times since plat. As recently as yesterday. It was nice to speed run on easy and really take in the world without having to dig thru every corner or turn over every box looking for the hundreds of collectibles that have been injected into games. Or having to make a thread on here to get 9 other people to boost pistol kills for 3 nights in a row only to then move onto every other gun in the inventory. Moneys worth........please. Its lame and I had a horrible addiction, one that I have broken and moved on. Im not preaching as each person will have to hit bottom before you realise it. I just didnt want to get old and regret wasting my life collecting trophies as Im taking my last breath. Im sure in no way is "trophy hunting" in anyones bucket list. I quit and will only play for fun and if I get trophies along the way itll only be a reminder of how pathetic I was
  4. This happenes to be one of the most informative threads on this site due to the fact that it contributes and aids SO many trophy hunters from beginners to veterans. Im hoping that itll be updated at some point as it seems as though there hasnt been any additions to it in quite a long time. Anything I can do to help? Needs some updating and Im offering my services =)
  5. Thanks for the input everyone. All challenges are now complete and have 2 trophies left for plat. Level 50 and Zeros cloak for 10 secs Itll be easy since I have Tiny tinas party active on TVHM and Ill bring zero in as second controller. As for Jimmy Jenkins. Its weird, alot of people aree reporting that they cant get the loaders to appear from those boxes. I for one can attest to it not working, at all. Others say the same. Then there are people like the youtube videos and people on these forums saying its 3/4 boxes! Somethings not right. I asked a friend on my list if he had trouble finding him. He said, "Ill invite you in a minute". Sure as hell I get an invite and its in Wildlife Preserve and there is that little shit Jimmy Jenkins staring me in the face. Couldnt believe it. Like others my friend is able to get those loaders to pop ALL the time. I could never get them to appear. Regardless its out of the way but not everyone is able to get them to spawn, not sure why. As for my misses playing, yes its a blessing because in 4 years shes never said squat about me playing. It started out as both playing on 2 PS3s and we would boost, share games and it was cool. But heres the catch, she asked for a 360...........now shes on that all the time and yes were now buying the same freaking games on 2 systems. Whatever, shes my wife how can I say no to a gamer wife? Since her gold expired (lame xbox sub) she wasnt able to patch her game. I was pissed when she found Michael and Jimmy in 1 playthru and I spent DAYS farming these 2! Matter of fact her EXACT words were "Baby, it was chaos in that room! Loaders EVERYWHERE! I was heated. I couldnt replicate it no matter how hard I tried! I know people keep saying, the patch only did this or only did that and Im sure they know what they are talking about but I couldnt find Michael until I deleted 6gigs of game and dlc and then he appeared.........soooooooo even if im wrong I know what I know and I know that he was nowhere to be found until I was on V 1.0. Thats with 3 characters too.
  6. I think I need more sleep because yes i need the RL to level 5 as well. Going to bed, maybe........ This community is the best, hands down
  7. Fuck you! ROFL me and the wife both are cracking up over your comment. Ok My game is FUCKED, let me explain I have a 2nd character, lvl 20 commando, ON Doctors quest (Active). I get to the cardboard boxes like in all the videos. Salvador lvl 42 and needs jimmy for gold joins. lvl 20 commando, who only has the 1st echo picked up, opens 4 cardboard boxes and guess what? Ammo, Ammo, Ammo, Ammo A friend on my friends list spawned him/invited me and we killed him! TY DividedbyNight!. It was my last challenge for gold. No trophy for that,exited his game and went back to my game, finished ANOTHER challenge which is sugested/NADA, Zip, Jack Shit...............MY GAME IS BUGGED Oh well. LoL Got Michael by deleting all 6 gigs/refusing patch/Son of a bitch was playing with himself in sanctuary in a corner. The life of a trophy hunter is one of disappointment and letdowns
  8. rare spawn or not, no Minis, at all, are exiting the cardboard boxes in W.Preservation ppl are guaranteeing Minis there and im saying in V 1.02 its spawning ZERO
  9. I purchased the PSN edition of BLands2 with all DLC and noticed that I do not have the option to remove the patch. Its bundled into the game, forced patch I suppose. I still deleted Captain Scarlett to give it a shot and its still V1.02, thinking it might be bundled with the DLC My wife has the game on Xbox360 and has both of these characters found. She is unpatched since gold had expired. She found Michael several times in scooters and also while being in wildlife preservation she remembers being overwhelmed when opening the boxes to get the echo for Tannis. Hence she found Jimmy there. She got him 1st try and remembers 3 or 4 robots at that point. Ive been doing this for 3 days with no luck. I can confirm this: 1. 2 playthrus/2 characters and still no Michael before Sanctuary flies away 2. I have gotten my 2nd character to the point of accepting "Doctors Orders" and am on split screen with 1st character as well. Not a single robot comes out of the boxes where the second echo is located. Im at a loss and have no idea what to do. I have done maybe 30 Opportunity runs-50 W.Preservation runs and have seen 2 mini robots. thats all..No Michael and no Jimmy. Do I really have to buy a used copy in order to find these 2 characters and dont patch it? I understand the whole "rare spawn" thing but 3 days, 20+ hours of just this seems strange to me when my wife had gotten them both, 1st playthru, unpatched. Its really dissappointing and has completely taken the wind out of my sails. All I can suggest if V 1.02 is the culprit which Im thinking it is.............buy the disc version and dont patch. Any ideas knowing I have a forced patch?
  10. Again thanks for replying I was bored today and went out. Synced while I left and came back 3 hours later, it was at 99% and did finally sync Im leaning towards vita integration tomorrow screwing me up because I do have vita trophies and there might be an issue. Servers are ready to integrate the two but the update hasnt been released yet. Ill update tomorrow but have a feeling its that Lets see
  11. Thanks for replying everyone. Here is the current situation Its syncing at 1% every 3 mins and fails at 20% with no error code-to do the math its an hour for 20% Cant check my card or compare with friends since it wont sync Last 2 played games: GB Sanctum of Slime - All collectibles trophy popped for me and noone else during that weird glitch in lvl 10, where I was host and became invincible and everyone else couldnt move Monster Hunter 4 so weird and to be honest frustrating seems like it might be my system, all devices on wifi work great DL speeds from store are exactly what they have been for 2 years-no dip in speed for tests either feeling like that trophy-in that specific glitch situation, did this but Ill post back tomorrow?
  12. For some reason my trophies are syncing so slow the last 2 days and have no idea why. Its causing me to cancel out of the sync because Id rather get back to playing. I restarted modem, restarted PS3......all network tests show great speeds Stuck at 1% increases every 3 minutes Whats the deal? PSN Network with new store issues? Or is it just on my end? Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?
  13. A few friends and I just completed this game and YES level 10 is causing glitches with us as well. Not sure why. We each froze up on seperate attempts. Regardless we exited game completely aand restarted. Seemed to fix it? I experienced the invincible glitch as well. Weird. It was in the graveyard area where there were yellow hands around the perimeter trying to hurt you if you got too close. I was host and I couldnt die for some weird reason.
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