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  1. Buy it now it's on really big sale at least on Poland Ps store(europe)
  2. I just want to say flappy goat still can suck my ass on ps4 just like it can suck my ass on ps3, shitty mini game based on even shittier game FUUUUCK I don't do this 3rd time on ps5 or something
  3. It's not that bad, I use only stone face too. First of all I used level 2-4, it first classic level and it's much easier compared to 3-1 It depends on a little luck to be honest, for start try to charge your tesla coils to 4/5 by turning pieces that are alone. Then try to do one really long chain 20x plus, this and fully charged tesla should do the work
  4. This guide is really good with describing the ideal place for saves I stick to them and got the trophy
  5. I know but in most cases it's just useless. I read some post and articles on the internet and I was surprised that most of the players think the same about this game.
  6. As a platformer the game is ok, even good, it got that old 2d feel(for me it's similiar to cave story) but the plot is bad written(I don't even complete the game) it seems that it was meant to be something deep and religion related but the characters are almost souless(the main character being silent won't help, I hate this) But the main problem with this game is the feeling that you never know if you going the right way, few times I was lost in a place and simply don't know when I need to go, what I need to do, something like a blink on the map in the right direction will be sufficient And I think that game lacks of weapons and skills I play for a few hours and only got two weapons and the skill don't do nothing great, it should be ton of weapons, skills preferably unlocked by leveling up It's an ok game but with that much potential it should be at least very good or even great game
  7. Did you too encounters glitches on vita version? Minimap won't work and the subtitles freezes, I downloaded and installled this game 2 times and it still glitched
  8. I just platinumed the game One playthrough on english to know the story and collect all ducks(I backup my save to the psn just to be safe then sorry), during this playthrough I don't encounter any glitch or something like that, all trohies pops when they should, no need to restore saves, no problem at all Second a speedrun in welsh(interesting language and I don't understand a single word) and getting all the viruses, this time on one sitting(not needed) again, no problem, trophies all pops when they need to pop, and voila platinum Nice game I think
  9. On the bitching thread I can add very annoying framerate drops at least on vita, it kills all dynamic. If you play the second game first then you are lucky, as you say, lot of boring backtracking too long levels, mind bugging from first game worked better than this phone puzzles Try first game, definitelly better
  10. If I'am only one who thinks this? I just almost platinumed the first game(half of coop only to go) and give the second game a try, I already completed the first mission but I don't like it that much as first, with first game I completed it in two sessions because I love it from start I prefer mindbugs then telephone jammer, I don't like the idea of shooting with right analog and it's looks like it was made with flash(yeah I know that the rocketbirds series started as a flash browser game but I still think that hardboiled chicken got better graphics)
  11. Good game, I think even really good(at least for the first playthrough) I advice you all to do hardboiled playthrough from the start because it's challenging but in the good way and fun(after you get the hang of it the knife is really deadly weapon) What I hate is using the back touch panel(I think all kind of the touchsreens sucks) it's really annoying during the last boss grenade fight on hardboiled What you may encounter is some glitches when you back out from the game and it's may happen to allmost all trophies, it seems that game lose counts for the trophies when you back out to xmb(on my first normal playthrough i miss stacking crates trophy, watching 4 tv lucky I get the mind control at the end of playthrough) So to be sure you don't got glitched trophies don't back out from the game, when you want to stop playing just go to the main menu than just quit the game, avoid backing out to xmb and then return to game The signs can be a pain in the ass in some levels too And the coop campaing is a piece of shit, missions are ok and even fun to some point but the connection system is crap, you connect on 1 on 5 try, there are some lags rather frequent and worse of them you can lost connection about anytime, it's good when you at least complete one level, two in a row is miracle
  12. Eh, yes, time and one life whole game challenges is the worst
  13. Nice dlc and without the bugs it will be even better >stalker scenario with finding artifacts great chapter, long, interesting, new mechanics, new ammo, no encountered bugs >red sniper scenario good and interesting stealt approach, many tactisc to apply, not linear, no encountered bugs >reich scenario laggy, buggy and too short for me, I'am ok with the concept but it's poorly done I think most people don't like this dlc because they start with the reich chapter and it's really crappy, the other two chapters are really worth at least checking
  14. pootas1985


    It depends what scares you, it got few jump moments but the enemies aren't scary for me, if they was spiders or something like that I probably won't even start playing this game
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