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  1. RNG only applies after the first playthough once you start up the game. The first time, you can expect the same pattern.
  2. Definitely some Vita stuff I've been trying to take care of, so this is on my radar now. Also, a heads-up for anyone who bought Battle Rockets on the Vita before March 31: the game got delisted and relisted with a new trophy stack, and anyone who already bought the original can download the new one free of charge. That's a quick and easy 180 points at no charge.
  3. A heads-up for those who bought this game before March 31: the original version has been delisted and replaced with a new one which has its own trophy list. The two new stacks are the NA and EU versions. The new version is a free download for anyone who bought the original, so you may as well snag a second easy plat.
  4. About 6-10 hours or so to complete, and not super difficult. That said, it's more challenging than the Smobile breaker games, and some of the levels will likely take a few tries.
  5. Easy stuff here, as the AI is almost willfully stupid. You can wrap this up in a couple of hours.
  6. So long as you know the basic controls and strategy, this takes just a few minutes and is very simple.
  7. Heading into the finale of Yakuza 6, but there's a lot of screwing around to do first.
  8. Keep in mind that we're talking about the Democrats and Republicans, and only in the United States are they believed to be a left party and a right party. Everywhere else in the world, they are more accurately recognized as a center-right party and an extreme right party. The term "extremist" therefore doesn't quite mean what Americans think it does when it comes to the two parties, e.g. the American media presenting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a "radical leftist". Meanwhile... Kinda surprised this wasn't the plan already, given that the pandemic is still raging on. I think it would be perfectly understandable under the circumstances.
  9. We actually did end up getting Platinums Earned on High in the final hours. Sadly, not so much the speed run. Well, we didn't quite make it, but I agree that we made a damn good dent in it. No shame in losing as long as you go down swinging.
  10. Earned 4,261 this year according to PSNProfiles, and most of that is due to this site. Between the Trophy Celebration, last month's bingo, and the Completathon... yeah, there was some serious trophy whoring going on in 2020.
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