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  1. 3/10 maybe a low 4 due to some sections.
  2. This part seems to be a thorn on a lot of players backside, with some even saying it ruined the game and they since deleted it off their system. I was able to get through it but not without a lot of frustration, trial and error and just restarting the level over again. First things first, try and get through the level with lots of ingredients for Sumnom so you will need to try and get through the initial level without using too much of your resources. (I had resources to make about 3). When the cart part starts, just bolt it to the steps and stand about 2 steps down. Now aim but do not charge your sling at the guy opening the gate, wait till the gate opens and then start charging your sling, wait till your aiming reticle turns from diamond to a sort of "X" then kill him, do the same for the next two guys that follow, try and kill them before they start descending the steps. It's harder to hit them (not impossible) but you'll likely miss. Now run down the steps and pick up rocks to the left side and up the next set of steps and stay about two steps from the top but stay as close to the fenced wall. Turn around and start aiming slightly above the steps you were just at, you'll see two enemy markers, do the same as before aim don't charged, wait till your enemy reticle turns white start charging your sling and make sure the reticle turns from a diamond to and "X" and try to hit them before they descend the stairs. If you miss, don't worry that's where Sumnom comes in handy, just make sure you quickly craft another. Because after you kill the archer that runs towards you, two enemies very close together will start running towards you, if you are lucky you can kill these guys with two rocks, but its likely you will kill one and not have time to reload your sling, charge and kill the other, so it's important to have Sumnom on you. Once all enemies are dead and you've made sure no more are coming, turn around and just listen for arrows from the archers who have been constantly harassing you, if you run out now you will die, so just listen and wait for about 3 arrows to be fired and then bolt it to the cart. I hope that helps. Even with this strategy, the nature of the aiming and lock on system is very finicky, even when locked onto an enemy sometimes you miss, even when behind a wall or the cart, sometimes you will get hit by an arrow. This part is frustrating as all heck and it is no wonder there are a lot of post on other platforms with people looking for help.
  3. Probably running close to about 50 hours for me, tried to do everything in one playthrough but missed a few. Played NG+ for clean up and got everything except Foxiest of the Hound. So played another NG+ being super careful and still did not pop. Being super frustrated decided to play a fresh non NG+ game doing everything i did previously, no kills except bosses, not alerts or alarms unless the game had it happening and it finally popped.
  4. 5/10 This game would have really benefitted from having a stats or progression page. If you going for one play through then you really need to read a walkthrough thoroughly as there are many instances that will nullify your trophy. The game is amazing if you want to just play and go about figuring your own way to get through rooms or complete tasks, but if you want to get as many trophies with out a lot of subsequent play throughs, it really becomes a slog of being really mindful of where you are in the game, so as to not miss a trophy. First play through i was able to get the majority of the trophies but for whatever reason Foxiest of the Hounds alluded me, played on NG+ for clean up and tried to be extra careful, but still missed Foxiest of the Hounds, so played a third time on NG+ no kills no alerts whenever could help it, but still did not pop. Very frustrated and unsure what i could have done different decided to play a brand new game (non NG+) and focused on abilities that would help me be stealthy as well as maneuver my way through the environment, and it finally popped. So i am guessing the game might of brought your hidden stats from previous game into NG+, but that's just a theory.
  5. I think my last time stamp was about 160 hours, but i left the game for about 2 years and came back to it an spent probably about 10 or so hours getting reacquainted with the controls and the games from wherever I left off.
  6. About 30 hours for me, most of that time was trying to navigate the map and doing boring collectibles.
  7. 3/10 Game isn't hard, but can get very tedious the map system is dam atrocious its hard to navigate your way to any where and you can find your self doing circles around the map. There so many collectibles where you have to come back to getting abilities that give you access to new areas, if i have to go back to Dathomir, or slog through Zeffo again my god. The game started out amazing, i thought i was in for a treat, lots of action and great set pieces, introduction of the main antagonist, but other than a really cool part at the end, the game is mediocre.
  8. Just wondering how do you use the incandescent knife on yourself.
  9. Took me about 6 hours, 4.5 hours for my initial play through and 1.5 playing again to find missing collectibles.
  10. About a 2/10 some sections can be annoying which can make you restart sections over and over, but luckily the checkpoint system is pretty good. Fully recommend using a collectible guide off the bat, yes you can go back to different chapter and sections to redo them, but the game doesn't tell which sections are missing collectibles from, also some collectibles can be seen very early on, but you wont be able to get them late in the game, so you can spend ages trying to find your way to something you cannot get. When i had finished the game i was abut 90 percent complete so i decided to watch a collectible guide and basically ended up playing about 80 percent of the game a second time to grab them all.
  11. Having played the entire trilogy one after another i felt Mass Effect 3 was the hardest by a small bit, probably a high 4/10. Im not sure what it is but the entire Legendary edition overall felt a lot easier then when i initially played it. I'm un sure if it because of memories of what to expect or EA polishing the controls AI and over fidality, the play through this time while was a lot smoother, not to say i didn't die, because i did and there were many chokes point. But not the same struggles i had in prior play throughs. A roughly 40 hour amazing and satisfying romp.
  12. 4/10 I found my playthrough on the Ps4 was a lot easier then my initial insanity play through on the PS3, in which I would have given a 6-7/10 The spots like The archangel mission, Horizon and Collector ships, from previous experience i was expecting some real moments, but passed them with ease.
  13. 3/10 I found playing this on the the PS4 a lot easier then my time on the PS3 and X360 I remembered I always struggled with the the Dig site, first Saryn encounter, and Matriarch Benezia. But i was find this time round, may died once or twice, but it wasn't a struggle like I remembered.
  14. Looking to get the online done for this game PSN: VaNiDgE TimeZone: NZST GMT12+ Can chat over discord or PSN Can make a time to get on and get it done.
  15. 3/10 not difficult at all even ultimate wasn't bad with NG+ the only really hard parts was near the end on ultimate difficulty before the Li fight, those dam jet pack mofos combine with rocket launcher dudes is Dam lethal. The screw ball mission were the only real challenges that I had to start over a couple times and that final mission wow just don't ever slow down.
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