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  1. Went back to this game again. Got stuck on 23 for over an hour. Now after 4 years this game gets the biggest middle finger ever
  2. Better light flares. I hate when they bring a sunrise in and you cant see anything due to the "light flare " they are trying to achieve
  3. My main goal is get under 9000 on unearned trophies and I do have a possible list to get me there the easiest. Even though I have alot of unstarted backlog, dont start many and do backlog. Dont buy so many new games and never play them on ps5.
  4. Remember there is a day 0 patch and apparently it's a big one
  5. Another game ticked off the backlog. Got 100% in Uno ps4 edition. Nerves of steel can suck a big one. 4 years and 3 months. Woot I been using my ps5 to do a lot of ps5 boosting than actual ps5 games. Kinda funny but sad too lol. Next up is boggle and battleship
  6. Got first ps5 plat and 100% from none other than Astro playroom. Was fun and all the Easter eggs were cute.
  7. Thank you psnow and my new playstation 5. Psnow gave me the ability to be lazy and install injustice 2 so I could finally finish the 100%. And the ps5 let me boost mortal kombat x for the lame ass lands down trophy which has eluded me for some time. If this was spring clean time that would have almost been 9 years added lol
  8. Darn. I would have no problem doing the game again. I dont care if anything auto popped just for sure gives me a reason to do a new character
  9. Do you know if I bought the super deluxe on ps4 launch do I get the ps5 version trophy list when I insert the disc to the ps5 or will I still be getting the ps4?
  10. Got plenty of dlc and 100% trophies you can do to keep yourself busy until then
  11. Hue 100% Attack of the toy tanks x2 platinum Pic a pix color platinum Mahjong 100% Been backlog cleaning and this was from past 3 weeks. All have around 2 year completion times. Hoping to get more done. Trying not to start or buy too many to add to the long list
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