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  1. I've never played any of these but my friends tried hard to get me to do it. I wanna play and I wanna like it but at full price I'm hesitant.
  2. Hey guys I'm just wondering how we know if games have stacking lists. Is there an easy site to check this on? I specifically ask because I buy a lot of physical copies of digital games... The small publishers that do tiny runs of a few thousand or whatever. A handful of these have had separate trophy lists. Nobody ever really seems to know which games will have new lists or not. Back when guides were written these stacking lists may not have existed. I'd love to get some double platinums on some of these games. Thank you.
  3. I know it's been a while but I got my disc copy from gamestop for $8 the other day and it includes both games.
  4. Definitely a 10. Normal mode is fun and just challenging enough to not be overly frustrating. I personally could never beat the game without dying, but I guess maybe someone who was dedicated enough could do it. But beating the game with the jacket on (aka flawlessly finishing the final boss) seems impossible to me. Shame more people haven't played this, and honestly, the trophies would scare off some who care about completion percentage, but it's a really fun little game. Probably one of my favorite from LRG so far.
  5. I have like 2500 games in my collection and I'm seriously considering selling my copy too. Only because I know down the line this will be like $10 because they sold a billion copies and I can rebuy it for a song.
  6. I know I'm late with my post, but I've been gaming since the early 90's casually, and a lot more actively since 2005 on...I just wanna say, I know a game of the year when I play it, and this is the most I've ever felt that playing a game.
  7. Huh. I absolutely loved it and I thought it was awesome. Didn't expect to hear that from people at all, and I'm cynical af.
  8. Just got the physical copy ordered from lrg, will definitely be coming back here to help with my platinum. Also awesome avatar and signature. Thanks for the guide!
  9. I can't be the only one playing this game.
  10. *almost a years worth of crickets* Well I just got it today... Umm, I guess I'm on my own haha.
  11. 2 crashes so far and in chapter 2! Im glad I won't pay for these fucking games anymore. What a joke.
  12. Haha love it when I have my eye on a relatively obscure game and I come here surprised to find a trophy guide already waiting for me! Thanks so much, this seems very doable! Looking forward to UPS dropping this one off to me tomorrow!
  13. Can someone explain like... Any of the trophies? Wtf is this cheer system?
  14. It's happening with 2 different controllers, and it's significant she's not even walking she's running. Hmm thanks. It doesn't happen in any other games.
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